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****F.E.D.E.R.E.R. E.X.P.R.E.S.S. **** Flight II

Roger Federer

Born August 8, 1981 is a Swiss professional tennis player, ranked World No. 1 for a record 234 consecutive weeks.

Federer has won twelve Grand Slam singles titles (three Australian Open, five Wimbledon, four US Open), four Tennis Masters Cup titles, and fourteen ATP Masters Series titles. Federer holds many records in the game, including having appeared in ten consecutive Grand Slam men's singles finals (2005 Wimbledon Championships through the 2007 US Open) and 17 consecutive Grand Slam singles semifinals (2004 Wimbledon - present). He also holds the open era records for consecutive wins on both grass courts (65) and hard courts (56). He has a storied rivalry with Rafael Nadal.

Federer's success has prompted a number of tennis critics, legendary players, and current players to consider him to be one of the greatest tennis players in history.In 2008, he was named Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for a record fourth consecutive time.



  • Vickai wrote: »
    csi...i thought you're suggesting this title:grrr: hehehe:rotflmao:

    pwede din..... :laugh:....

    kinapalan ko na mukha ko ..ako na gumawa.... sensya na kayo sa title wala akong maisip ...... :laugh:
  • (1) FEDERER, Roger SUI/BYE
    ANCIC, Mario CRO v ACASUSO, Jose ARG
    BELLUCCI, Thomaz BRA v (16) KARLOVIC, Ivo CRO
    (12) ROBREDO, Tommy ESP v FISH, Mardy USA
    BYE/(6) RODDICK, Andy USA

    (4) DAVYDENKO, Nikolay RUS/BYE
    TIPSAREVIC, Janko SRB v MOYA, Carlos ESP
    ANDREEV, Igor RUS v (15) STEPANEK, Radek CZE
    (11) GASQUET, Richard FRA v LLODRA, Michael FRA
    TURSUNOV, Dmitry RUS v (WC) SAFIN, Marat RUS
    QUERREY, Sam USA v MATHIEU, Paul-Henri FRA
    BYE/(8) MURRAY, Andy GBR

    (7) BLAKE, James/BYE
    KIEFER, Nicolas v SIMON, Gilles
    NIEMINEN, Jarkko v GULBIS, Ernests
    JOHANSSON, Thomas v (9) WAWRINKA, Stanislas
    (13) GONZALEZ, Fernando v BERDYCH, Tomas
    LOPEZ, Feliciano v SEPPI, Andreas
    BYE/(3) DJOKOVIC, Novak

    (5) FERRER, David/BYE
    LAPENTTI, Nicolas v CILIC, Marin
    QUALIFIER v (10) VERDASCO, Fernando
    (14) YOUZHNY, Mikhail v HAAS, Tommy
    MONFILS, Gael v (WC) YOUNG, Donald
    QUALIFIER v SERRA, Florent
    BYE/(2) NADAL, Rafael
  • uyyy pangalawa ako...sa bagong bahay...

    anyway csi...cute naman un title F.E.D.E.R.E.R. E.X.P.R.E.S.S. FLIGHT II :bashful:

    Its good that roger will be playing at cincy...new day, new beggining, new hope for us. Goodluck Roger, just give your best, we will love you whatever the outcome*okay*....:love:
  • hope he bags the cincy title! di ko man lang siya napanood maglaro for the roger's cup. :(
  • Hi all! Nag-parting shot lang ako sa old thread.

    Nice title *c.s.i.*. Bagay na bagay.

    Nag-change na din ako ng avatar para sumabay sa title. Hee, hee.

    may bagong thread na pala. how fun!

    baka dapat mag palit na din ako ng avatar? baka malas si grumpy smurf kay rogi.
  • ^ cge new home...new avvy tayo:rotflmao:
  • Nakakatawa. After all the bickering na-jinxed tuloy - Djoko lost and Nadal in the final.:lol: Anyway, ma-defend lang sana ni Roger ang mga titles niya in the remaining tourneys, for the confidence lang going into the next season regardless of the No. 1 spot which I think will be fickle pa. Meron na bang ATP points ang Olympics? Does anyone know? Ilan kaya if meron?
  • ayan, bagong thread, bagong avatar. sana swertehin naman sa sungit-sungitan picture ni rogi.
  • Not to be KJ - but can we have the title of the thread changed? Having the title spelled out makes for easier searching/archiving...

    imogen: Wicked avatar you got ;)
  • up ko lang thread....

    did you guys read this already...i'm crying while reading this...:mecry:
  • monsterboy wrote: »
    Not to be KJ - but can we have the title of the thread changed? Having the title spelled out makes for easier searching/archiving...

    imogen: Wicked avatar you got ;)

    actually onga. medyo nahihirapan ako hanapin. maybe im getting old.

    tenks monsterboy. it's somekinda "im masungit, why do you keep on picking on me, i will just make punas my pawis and prove you all wrong."


  • :bop: haay walang kagana gana panoorin yung sa toronto la kasi mga paborito ko :bop: go go go rog sa ciny dapat mega bawi ka!!!!!!!!!!:):)
  • ^Same here, galaxxy. After natalo si Roger, hanggang 1st set lang ako sa mga remaining matches.
  • LOL. Grabe ang vibes nyo Imogen and Vickai - both Roger and the Federbear drama-queening.:lol:
  • My first post on this second thread wahoooo!!!

    Im being optimistic here,
    comes with the new thread is the "revived" "continuity of winning titles and grand slam of our Fed!!!"

  • Rogi will play against Ginepri tonight...ay bukas na siguro yun...bka madaling araw...tulog muna ko maaga tapos gising ako mga 3am...:depressed: pang 3rd game pa sya:bop:

    Go Roger*okay*

    hihihi...oo nga louise...katuwa naman, nakatalikod din si federbear:lol:
    its kinda: "I'm not playing tennis muna, I'm busy pex-ing. I am monitoring Roger's performance...I don't want to change my no. at my back. Anyway, he said a while ago that he will be masungit for a while and prove his detractors wrong.":bop::rotflmao:
  • roger fans :wave:
  • Si Robby Ginepri kalaban nya sa opening match nya in Cincinnati.. Sana manalo si Roger. :D
  • My sentiment spot on . . .

    Federer, it pains to see you like this
    Tennis Planet, July 28, 2008

    You have no idea how your fans are suffering through this tunnel, the light bulb at the end of which appears flickering. We are still holding out hope that you will flip the switch and return to your usual dominant self, to squish all these pretenders raising their head just because the king is away.

    That superb game cannot just vanish so suddenly at 27 years. We have had a scintillating ride with you. We took each of your victory as our own, gloating over it for days at a time. It’s as if you became part of our family. We were proud to be called your fan representing every thing good in this world filled with arrogance, pride and pettiness.

    How we wish If we can somehow come together to lift you out of your slump, or wave some magic wand to bring you back to those glorious days when you dispatched clowns one after another without even breaking sweat.

    We feel sad to see a genuine person and a great player go through this tough stretch, when we know all the good times you gave us year after year. You brought us all together transcending race, color, gender, nationality, religion, you name it. It’s like we became one nation in awe and gratitude of your brilliance on and off the court.

    Many players have travelled the same route, but none has drawn so many people from every walk of life more as a person than as a tennis player. We feel privileged to have known you through the great game of tennis and vow to support you as a person who brought so much joy to us for so long.

    Sitting on the sidelines we have no clue what you are going through, but how we wish we could somehow become part of something or anything that can bring you back to us even in a lighter role than we have been accustomed to. We have been addicted to that unique brand of tennis, which makes everything else look so routine, mundane and boring.

    There are millions around the globe pulling and praying for you to come back to reclaim your rightful place and pick up where you left off. All that cannot happen on just the way you wield that racket. It’s more because we have come to know and admire you as person.

    It hurts to see other clowns with weaker credentials gain on you. Despite what anyone says we know you are head and shoulders above all of them both as a player and a human being. Maybe their emergence is one way for the world to appreciate your talents even more by way of contrast. After all, it’s human nature to take things for granted.

    In a way, this lull in action has made us appreciate all you do on and off the court even more, seeing the huge and stark difference.

    Here’s hoping that you will come back to us stronger and more determined than ever to force these freaking squirrels back into their burrows.
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