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Your Financial Independence Starts Here

Are you tired of working incredibly hard to get ahead? Have you ever wondered what happens to your hard earned money once you have deposited it with your bank? Is it time for you to take control of your financial destiny?

The banks & financial institutions pay you minimal interest (less than 4% p.a) & use your money to greatly expand their wealth.

Banks throughout the world are regulated & they do not participate in speculative activity that will greatly risk depositor’s funds. They operate on very strict conditions to preserve capital yet they make enormous profit in investing in one of the largest market in the world – UITF.

So our question to you is, if the banks are doing it, shouldn’t you?

We can inform you that they have had the advantage of sophisticated investment techniques & strategies for decades.

This is not a training program where you are taught ambiguous or complicated techniques & strategies. Instead, our seminars assure you received personalized understanding on the fundamentals of investments to make you financially literate.

The curriculum has been carefully designed, structured and planned from making, saving up to growing your money.

With our small class size, we are able to follow your progress in great detail.
We can offer you extra help if you require.

The central focus of the weekly & monthly review meetings is to provide experience sharing opportunities for you to learn from one another as well as clarify your doubts with your trainer & mentor so that your skills can be perfected.

Start taking advantage of exclusive training contents, concepts & revolutionary services at WFMA & SHAPE YOUR FINANCIAL DESTINY TODAY!

Attend a FREE Seminar every Tuesday 7:00 PM or Saturday at 2:00 PM


Dong Piñon
[email protected]

For FREE invites pls text or call my number at 09189349870


  • The insurance industry is growing and evolving to become more flexible and provide more choices to consumers. This includes developing products to insure against more than one kind of risk. In the past, variable annuities only protected against outliving one's income and life insurance only provided a death benefit for the insured's beneficiaries. Since then, offerings have expanded to include living benefits, money management features and long-term care riders, among others. Companies have also unbundled many of these features, allowing consumers to pick and choose the benefits they need to customize their insurance coverage.

    Be financially literate. If you have existing insurances, it's time to review it. You may not get what you expected to get.

    Attend a FREE Seminar every Tuesday 7:00 PM or Saturday at 2:00 PM


    Dong Pi?on
    [email protected]

    For FREE invites pls text or call my number at 09189349870
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