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Ok ba mag trabaho sa security bank? magkano ang pay? at kamusta naman ang social life?


  • Shemale_LoverShemale_Lover I ♥ Shemales PExer
    hey guys im interested in applying in Security Bank.

    Any comments about this bank?

    how is the pay?



    and do they have a management trainee program?


    i hope someone can answer my questions thanks :)
  • tidus1203tidus1203 star of the abes! PExer
    Isa lang masasabi ko, their TEST is one of the hardest amongst the banks I have tried to apply for....

    Salary wise I think it can be said that entry level positions in a local bank will not go beyond P10000/month...
  • FortuneFortune Banned by Admin PExer
    ingat lang
    baka bilhin ng BPI yan next year
  • tidus1203tidus1203 star of the abes! PExer
    WHat makes you say BPI will buy Security Bank?? I think its still doing pretty well..... financially of course...
  • Shemale_LoverShemale_Lover I ♥ Shemales PExer

    alright. thanks for the tips. ill keep those in mind.
  • akosikatakosikat Whooops. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'll be having my internship test for their company in a couple of weeks...Any suggestions/tips?:)
  • treefingerstreefingers laimnan PExer
    a classmate had worked for security bank for like 3 years as junior supervisor (head office). he was so depressed of the low pay and benefits. he would complain all ther time. yung line nya lagi "naku mejo ok nga title ko pero sa salary at benefits walang kwenta!"
    he resigned last november.

    there's no harm in seeing for yourself, though. :)
  • bankereconomistbankereconomist Finance Executive PExer
    tidus1203 wrote: »
    WHat makes you say BPI will buy Security Bank?? I think its still doing pretty well..... financially of course...

    part of their strategy.
  • akosikatakosikat Whooops. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    akosikat wrote: »
    I'll be having my internship test for their company in a couple of weeks...Any suggestions/tips?:)

    ...Up. up! :D
  • annchong71annchong71 Member PExer
    Gusto ko rin kamustahin to, may nakakaalam ba?
  • fernando_hierrofernando_hierro Member PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    ok dyan
    taas sweldo
    tsaka may parties
  • Bedan AdjusterBedan Adjuster Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Entry level: 10k.

    Alam ko dahil nag apply ako jan dati.
  • coffee crumblecoffee crumble Member PExer
    lahat naman yata ng banks mababa ang entry level eh... except for the multinationals.
  • annchong71annchong71 Member PExer
    Ok po ba benefits dito?
    Mabilis po ba makapasok? o mahirap?
    Scheduled po ko for exam next week. :bashful:
  • prettylicious06prettylicious06 Member PExer
    im scheduled for an exam on june 11.. any idea mhirap b? mgkano b starting nla.. mas mtaas ba offer nla kpg my experience n?
  • Bedan AdjusterBedan Adjuster Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Elimination method ang exam jan.

    4 sets ang exam. You cannot take the second unless you pass the first and so on. Tapos pag napasa mo lahat ng exam, you will be scheduled for an interview. Kahit may experience ka 10k offer.

    Whole day ang exam jan.
  • dl08dl08 Heart of a TIGER! rawr! :) PExer
    ^nakapasa ako sa exam nila last year pa yon, eh for ojt lang ako dati at ang tagal din nilang tumawag kaya nakahanap na ko tuloy ng ibang trabaho bago pa sila tumawag, anyway, elimintaion nga yung exam nila. time pressure. 80% passing kapag IT and accounting position yung aaplyan mo otherwise, 50% ata or 55%... :)
  • mishapGirlmishapGirl Member PExer
    tumatanggap ba sila ng fresh grad? for IT position?
  • annchong71annchong71 Member PExer
    Elimination method nga dito. Two qualifying exams, one personality test and a test to gauge your knowledge on financial stuffs. I think.
    There were 30 of us when I took the test.

    Starts late, 8am supposedly, but started near 9am. The HR's voice was very soft. Couldn't hear clearly when she's giving instructions.

    First test was very easy. As in di mo aakalain may matatanggal. Around 14 ang natanggal.

    The second set was very hard naman, as in madugo. They eliminated 6 people.

    End of qualifying exams.
    (Side note, they actually asked all the applicants to have their lunch break first before revealing the results. Just imagine that you would have to wait til 1:30pm just to know that you're eliminated and be asked to leave. Kaasar diba?)

    Oh and if you had noticed, ang taas ng mortality rate nila diba?

    The third test, personality test (the same personality tests in puregold, chinabank, the one with 300 questions of Yes and No choices) and another test on your knowledge on finance.

    So basically you will end the whole exam process by 3:30pm or 4pm.

    Then they will schedule your for your interview. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Well, salary is flat 10k entry level (don't quote me on that), 15 months. HR was demanding. Asked me to come by 10am, then asked if I can wait there up to 4pm for an interview in the main office when she said that she CAN schedule the interview in the district center near us, as the manager is only in the main office once a week. The two weeks later, she called 1:30pm and asked me to go to their office by 4pm, I declined as I have another interview with other company. I don't know if she's just lazy to know the schedule of the manager in the district center, or if she just really can't do it. And more than a month later of without updates. They will call again. Missed their call, never heard from them again. , but I'm already with another company.
  • ciloniecilonie Member PExer
    Elimination method **

    Ngexam ** ng July 13, mdame kme

    1st part is quite easy but time pressure, 80 items, d q ntpos pero mdme **** aqng nsagutan, den ta2wagin *** mga nkapasa s 1st part,

    2nd part is a non-qualifying exam, mga essay, mejo mdme, tpos sa2bhn s inyong bmlik ng 1:15, mglunch dw muna kme

    3rd part (Super brutal part and time pressure n sbra)
    tpos sb p ng hr 70% dw passing s IT den da rest 50% *** dw, unfair! mejo kinabahan 2loy **, taas kc ng passing
    halo2 sya, may English, series number, math and flowchart...
    s english *** mga synonyms (ka2iba *** ibng mga words)
    s series number alphanumeric sya, time pressure sya d q ntpos
    s math naku po 8mins *** ata un den 15 items ata, kelangan m png isolve lhat, d q lam kung nkapsa ** s part n 2, den
    s flowchart mejo ndalian ** **, logic *** kc, nka2lito *** *** mga numbers dpat focus k...
    4th part *** non-qualifying exam n personality tst, grabe 300 items n YES or NO, nstress ** **, ang dme...
    den tnawag n *** mga pasado, thankful to God nkapasa ** *** 70% passing ****, dme ** ntnggal...
    den pnakuha **** *** resume nmin tpos lbas n dw kme, ibbgay *** sched ng interview nmin,

    kso ** ** mejo nlungkot *** mga non-IT applicant sched n *** for interview, ** may IT exam p dis coming thursday, cnab q nga s hr nung bnibgay *** sched ng IT exam q, "exam ulet mam?" sb ng hr "Yes sir, dats for the IT exam" prang **** qng sbhn hrap *** ng exam nyo, kulang p b un? hayz... pero **** q n **, stable **** *** at banko e, hehe.... :-)

    ask q *** po, any1 hir
    "Pano po b IT exam **?"
    "Mhrap po b? Time pressure ** b?"
    "Bout san *** mga tnong? anung topic?"
    "Pagktpos b ng exam n 2 Final Interview n?"

    sna po m2lungan nyo q *** mlman q anu dpat qng pgaralan, **** q n tLgang mgkwork e, sna ** s security bank, bored n q ** s bhay, **** q nng mgkroon ng progress...

    Plz reply! Thanxs in advance and God bLess us aLL!

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