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GEE-ANN ABRAHAN Chapter 4: People who hurt others are the ones who are truly wounded.

peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
Gee Ann Abrahan and the GeeAnnatics (Chapter 4) The Happy Peacemakers: People who hurt others are the ones who are truly wounded.
---Gianina Maria Abrahan

The home of Gee Ann and the GeeAnnatics...

We are ONE... What wouldn't kill us will only make us STRONGER...

~Ang bumangga, GIBA!~

Gee Ann Lang, FOREVERMORE!!!


  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • peeJhayepeeJhaye Be Afraid, be very AFRAID! PExer
  • erid_erid_ Member PExer

    Pex Members

    1. pipay - i like gee-ann kasi she's beautiful inside out.
    2. claire - i looooove gee-ann!
    3. bianx - gee Tann lng!!
    4. anabelle - hmmm no big reason i just love adore like gee ann (4evah)
    5. babykim - gee-ann all the way and forevermore ;p
    6. rackizta_ko - gee-ann is the best and the most beautifuL housemate! hindi pLastik! nagpapakatotoo
    7. Faithmemory - like ko cya kc nakakarelate me sa kanya... super rami rin nambubully sken, at nakakababa talaga un ng self-confidence... GO GEE-ANN..!
    8. bernadette - i really like gee ann from the start
    9. ney - up up for gee-ann! Go gee!
    10. chep21 - she's my favorite from the start
    11. rhizzzz - i love gee-ann kc she's pretty at simple!!!!
    12. neng2 - count me in!! i lyk her 2!!
    13. dark_ang3L - super nice girl kc!!
    14. aTH3na - Go Gee! All the way to the finish line!
    15. chynnachard - want zek for g
    16. lepakz - adik kei gee-ann forevermore!
    17. jaceeness16
    18. kaka - i love gee!shes a nice girl!
    19. anne22 - super mega addicted kay gee ann
    20. sloth_128
    21. spk_0223 - very down to earth, lahat na ata nasa kanya na eh!!! lovelife na lang, ang kulang!!!! goodluck sa career
    22. Neglected - smart, pretty, kind and funny..aliw panoorin.
    23. Nicka - the best c gee-ann! pwamizzz...
    24. avabianca - though gee-ann has the riches,she stays very humble,approachable and kind.she visits CORRECTIONAL and the place for the aged that's why i love her.
    25. johnnebula - I love Gee-Ann cause she's so refreshing at hindi plastik
    26. Red_Wolf - Gee-Ann made me really sigh and smile the first time nakita ko siya on opening night. as for pairing her up with Zeke, what will Gee-Ann's boyfriend say? hehe.
    27. wish21fly - simple pero pretty
    28. jhaxz(jhackie) - npaka-simple...at napaka-totoong tao..mamahalin mo tlaga..
    29. avril25 - pretty & cute...down to earth kahit mayaman
    30. porkypine
    31. rAffiE_hEarTy
    32. hershey_here-BOWNGGA!
    33. skyprincess0116
    34. .~`bAbiguRrL`~. - SOLID GEE-ANN , GEE-ANN 4EVER!! ..
    35.dream17.. baby gee for the big win!!!!!!
    36. romlen
    37. khalai04-sobrang like ko c gee-ann coz marunong xa makisama at walang kaarte-arte sa katawan...!!!!
    38. wookiefied- day1 pa lang like ko na siya. very humble pa.
    39. stldfm_94- sobrang ganda! and mabait...gee for the big win
    40. hullabaloo_o15- i love gee.. gee-ann forever.!!
    41. keyen_dorbell17- humble at attactive kahit hindi nagpapapansin hindi tulad ng ibang girl housemates..
    43. hershey_trixie- Like ko si Gee-ann kasi Pretty and Cute...
    44. gee_craze - i luv gee-ann coz she's simply gee-ann., no more no less., truly one of a kind ? ?
    45. sara_faye_28
    46. ysayronnie-i luv gee-ann just the way she is..d na nya kailangan MAMPLASTIK na tao unlike wendy.
    47. cutie04 - ang pagpapakatotoo hindi kailangan makasakit ng ibang tao! just like GEE-ANN! hindi katulad ni wendita! GEE-ANNATICS FOREVERMORE!!
    48. push18_99
    49. jean_frances
    50. erid
    51. SandaraKim
    52. corabonara
    53. julsie_alexie (skyrish)
    54. pink_fly -sosyal na jologs(super down to earth)
    55. cooljodime
    56. lhaine04
    57. aLyssa
    58. chris_tine
    59. gen_x GEEANN
    60. jhen_18........sa mga Novo Ecijano, ikaw lang ang panalo....
    61. WITKEITCH - super humble kahit mayaman..san ka pa?
    62. *lilac*
    63. chynna123- I love this girl. She's my role model.
    64. fake.killer- so simple and GOD fearing
    65. zensei023
    66. vainstorm (ayoko sa 66..hehe)
    67. pipergay26 - simple, funny and very down to earth
    68. flordeluna
    69. bubbly_mandy
    70. catherine_08
    71. fwendgee
    72. inghinyero
    73. luvfool
    74. cyberchatter
    75. 23rdofaugust
    76. EVICTED
    77. s0uth
    78. anna_cute
    79. pdaaddict
    80. peeJhaye
    81. shyarie
    82. jo_sly
    83. princesslai
    84. thetalkingdoll
    85. gege_0831
    86. micamyx
    87. McHeart ( Silverclouds )
    - Baby Gee is beyond amazing!!!!
    88. appletej
    89. jazzy29
    92. MamaLhites
    93. Ahoy143 (solid lurker, semi-poster lol) Gee-ann Lang!
    94. reih
    95. ysabelle0425
    96. Qubetha
    97. shyee (gee-annatics & geemickers)
    98. Khumbmela (solid gee-ann)
    99. babeylai
    100. purpleflag (adik ke gee ann khit lurker lang tamd mg post)
    101. may_1403 - (Gee-Kian) GEE-ANN FOREVERMORE!
    102. Pbb2watcher - Gee is the sweetest, all around performer there is...keep it up baby Gee...
    103. asawanimickey...psssttt..pasali
    104. myhope (i love looking at gee-ann. her face, her teeth, her hair, her hands, her clothes, her shoes, her smiles, her gestures - SHE'S ONE HECK OF A LADY! superb!)
    105. raq2x
    106. rein_gemini29 (catherine nido)-GOD BLESS ALWAYS
    107. geeej
    108. dream17!!! go gee ann!!
    109. ge-dhelhy (post #2441)
    110. dreamingofyou (post #2462)
    111. kNiCkS_17 (post #2463)
    112. edz31 (post #2476)
    113. beth820
    114. cralae
    115. msnightingale
    116. baileys
    117. dakoykoy
    118. mace18
    119. gallolot
    120. nicey03
    121. shanen16
    122. twentysix_k
    123. sakura-chan
    124. shariz_giann
    125. say_sam4ever
    126. hannah_jm30
    127. trallala
    128. geemarts
    129. calculusbunso
    130. shariz_giann131.czybhen_kriska-olongapo**we really love geeann*
    ~LuPet sumayaw~~
    130. expert- sali ako!!
    131. Mcar - "Gee-ann lang forever!"
    132. Justineuae
    133. musingheart
    134. ruth_urs
    135. andrea89
    136. Cyndra - ill add myself here, para kahit saang thread im on it..
    Gee Ann forever!
    137. Kitty19
    138. Ganda-ko1229 - it's about time to be a member of the group, although i'm already a member of GEEMICK...but just the same we all love her-GEE-ann.....and MICKEY....walang bibitiw....walang iwanan
    139. Mariamacho
    140. Cutie28 - pa-add ha..love ko kc gee e...though in really a geemick fanatic..bastah love ko toh 2 group
    141. Janicecebu
    142. lovelymichelle
    143. tisay ako
    144. luv say
    145. jo-ann --- i luv this girl!
    146. gee_mick
    147. annieky-- Gee-ann, forever and ever and ever,Amen!
    148. neil14 - hala d ka pa pala member..lolz!!
    149. gemma24
    150. Spazio
    151. Ejan
    152. Islandpunch23 ? wala ka pa pala sa list.
    153. Ayshetpok2
    154. Renzie (lurker)
    155. Crusheeh
    156. rae_thon
    157. Tomodachi
    158. Jonagee
    159. Dutchmilk
    160. Hiker
    161. Brenda_8811 - Gee Ann Forevermore
    162. lovelymichelle
    163. Lhyndia74
    164. Big Bladder
    165. Uensan
    166. missmyflyt

    just add yourself on the list ... (copy and paste)

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    add GEE-ANNATICS Friendster account: [email protected]

    Pex Thread 1 : Gee-Ann Abrahan Elite Lady sa Bahay ni Kuya

    Pex Thread 2 : Gee-Ann Abrahan Forevermore

    Pex Thread 3 : Gee-Ann Abrahan & the Reloaders 2008


    -=Gee Ann Lang, FOREVERMORE!!=-
  • erid_erid_ Member PExer
    Congrats sa Ating New HOuse!!!!!!!!!!

    Gee-ann Lang
  • erid_erid_ Member PExer
    Why we love Gee-ann?

    Here are a few reasons...

    by bigbladder








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