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Bakit parang wala atang mga zealots at panatiko sa I&P?

Pansin ko lang. Sa dinami-rami ng mga ultra-conservative na bashers dito ay bakit parang wala pa atang napapa-daan o makahirit man lang sa I&P aka Sodom and Gomorah ng Pex? :glee:

sige nga, sige nga.. hehehe :naughty:


  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer
    cant wait to see arguments from the I&P regs, specially from the ladies :naughty:
  • xyzseamanxyzseaman Loved by Adm!n ~ PExer
    haha, mga halang na kaluluwa dun sa I&P eh! :lol:
  • gadƒlygadƒly Member PExer
    panalo siguro no kung sa "kainitan" ng diskusyon biglang me magpo-post ng bible quotes ano.. nyehahahaha :naughty:
  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer
    ^wahahahah! badtrip yun, nakakapanlambot hahaha!
  • psychosonicindypsychosonicindy Banned by Admin PExer
    Can we agree to disagree, realmers?

    One I&P zealot present! :rotflmao:

    just thought I'd pop by to pick up some ideas from the "learned" denizens on this thread, what with all the talk of religious principles, history, philosophy.... I don't have any illusions about being washed clean oh no, no :lol:

    I was hoping to pick up some ideas :naughty:

    Anyone got any info (or previous threads/posts) on Pope Serguius III (who promulgated the era that would come to be known as the "pornocracy of the papacy")? and where I can download a free copy of the "History of Sacerdotal Celibacy within the Christian Church"? (Lea). doesn't pop up on the Internet Archive, where it's supposed to be

    Love all the historical trivia on the church, y'all and some biblical quotes would definitely help on the I&P threads, complete with naughty interpretations *okay*

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