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Flash Force 5

Have you guys seen this toon short on Cartoon Network, featuring the winners of the Get Tooned promo? Guest star pa si Jolina, of all people! :crazy:


  • it's annoying...lalo na si Mr. Big (Zachary Datu ba yun?)?! ang panget nung mga drawing and i think all the kids who were chosen are special (not sure though...it's just the way they act and talk)! kakapikon yung dancing bunny (?) at si Jolina!!! why her?!?! WHY HER?!?!
  • The Rock
    The Rock Old school smackdown layer
    If the animation wasn't ugly enough, putting Jolina in there only made it worse. Hearing her trying to speak even two sentences of English was horrible! Mag-Tagalog ka na lang, at wag ka na sumali sa mga cartoons!:grrr:
  • I share your sentiments. :lol: Nakakairita! :p
  • Chickity-Chynna
    Chickity-Chynna D Chinese Chicken
    Originally posted by homeBuddy
    it's annoying...lalo na si Mr. Big (Zachary Datu ba yun?)?! ang panget nung mga drawing................................(?) at si Jolina!!! why her?!?! WHY HER?!?!


    i feel the same way you do, homebuddy.
    at bakit nga ba si jolinahhhhh?!: "thanks flash force 5. i got a thumping headache!" or whatever she was saying.
  • YoBaKs
    YoBaKs @$(&@)%(&@()%&
    Animation wasn't good. Story was soooo corny. Guest was... well... why her?! There's one part of the story which I don't understand. Why did they have to destroy the windows of the house!?!?! Ganda pa naman sana nung concept of getting kids and making them superheroes.
  • Na-last-song-syndrome nga ako sa music...
    "Step together, step, step, one-two-three-four..." Kakainis!!! (And you know what? I think that was Jolina singing it, too. :p )
  • everything about this dumb cartoon is so annoying... the crappy animation, the terrible voice acting, JOLINA, and especially that "step together, 1-2-step together..." song ARRRRGGGHHH!!! it kept ringing in my head muntik na akong ma trauma doon. :grrr:

  • Apostle
    Apostle the comeback kid
  • I do not get why Cartoon Network made a big fuss about this. I thought this was going to be a full-length cartoon series with great animation, but it turned out to be the opposite of what I expected. Jolina is a bad idea. :D
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