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SURVIVOR 2 : The Australian Outback

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Who where was able to watch Survivor 2? What can you say about it?

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Personally, I think I could survive Survivor 1 but I think I couldn't survive Survivor 2. In Survior 2 you really have to be physically fit. After the two tribes (Ogakor and ... what's the name other one?) have been dropped of the plane they had to walk about 5 miles to their camp carrying all those heavy stuff. One tribe even got lost looking for their camp.

Ewwww! At one part, they showed one tribe eating fruits that they've found growring on a tree, and when one tribe member opened up the fruit, it was full of bugs! Ewwww! But at that time they had no fire so they couldn't cook the food/rice so they had no choice but to eat the fruits full of bugs.

The first Immunity Challenge was kinda similar in Survivor 1 where the prize is the waterproof matches. They have to bring the torch to the end of the course on top of a tower. I feel sorry for the other team that their raft flipped over and their torch went out.

The Tribal Counsel area is awsome! It's on top of a waterfall and they have a nice set :) (I wonder how much that thing costs:p).

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