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David and Goliath: When the Armor Doesn't Fit


  • cretinous00cretinous00 The sea! The sea! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    man, if, before heading to battle, you suddenly encounter the burning bush, or a column of smoke 100 miles high, telling you to go to battle with only a slingshot and a staff, would you agree? (sure, i could run like hell anytime things go wrong. :lol: )

    i'll face goliath outfitted thus:

    fully covered in fluted milanese plate armor; armed with a 10-foot swiss poleaxe, a 3-pound mace on one side of my belt, a 40-inch toledo or sheffield rapier, on the other side, and a 12-inch rondell dagger. i'll have six fellow knights to back-stop my six. and my cavalry of 50 and archers/soldiers numbering 200 will be lurking in wait for my command to attack. :)
  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer

    i'd rather use a bazooka
  • JestniiJestnii Yes - nee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Flame thrower for me, thank you !

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