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wala lang....;(



  • Wala lang? wala lang? wala lang!?! aba! e di WALA Talaga! HMPH! he he he... elo people! wala lang...
  • eio mga guys!
    i don't really mind if mejo d na me focus ng thread nato, anyways wala naman tlagang way to eh....
    in fact m happy that i was able to produce new chums here in my thread....
    sowi i was kinda busy ds fast few days kc i have toNs of paperworks to do...kya i wasn't able to check my thread! and i was so amazed to know that this thread is on progress!....m really hapi me talga!

    keep up mga guys!
    buff, ur from lasal , m from st.scho....
  • ...ako wala lang din...:D
  • ... ako addict.... kayo??? :evil: :devil:
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