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Describe a time when you (really) had fun

Given this criterion:

You know you're having fun... When you don't want your parents to know about it... :naughty::naughty:

So, I accompanied a female buddy today at a bazaar. It's one of those fair ones where people from different corners of the city come to sell their wares, services and whatnot. It occupied a long stretch of the downtown main road. We were there because I wanted to go to the Pet store and look at some guinea pigs and hamsters I'm planning to take as pet. My friend excitedly suggested that we visit the booths there first.

We came into this booth with this hippie looking middle age lady and they do non-permanent tattoos that last for a week. I put her at around 45. She's tanned to cover her flawed caucasian skin. For her age, she has maintained her figure. She has lots of glitters and paintings on her skin. She looked like she could be in a circus. Her daughter was more of a looker (but that story is for another time :glee: ).

I was intrigued. "A tattoo huh" I thought to myself. And the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. At first, I wanted just a small one, but later on I wanted to go big. Why scrimp into doing something for the first time, right?. I might as well go big, imho.

So, I went first, and got my tattoo. I chose a tribal symbol spread across my left arm. After I'm done, I marvel at the beauty of my newly minted body decoration. And my friend asked me to move on. I was still like a kid marveling at his new toy, so I just went with the flow. As we were walking, I inquired why she didn't go for it. "My mom will freak out if she finds out," was her reply. Then the devil in me thought: "Wouldn't it be great if she does it anyway?" I remembered the quote above, and told her about it. And that despite her concerns I think she should go for it. Her face lit up and before we knew it, we were returning back. She chose an angel-of-death graphic, and it looked pretty wicked on her left shoulder blade.

Later into the day, we met some more friends and everyone was complimenting her on her tattoo. It made her day, and I noticed that it got her out of her shell. For me personally, it was pretty satisfying--that I was a catalyst in her coming out of her boundaries.

And it made me realize about how I've lived my own life. Many times, I've stopped short of having "real fun" because of pressure from my parents or/and an authority figure in my life. But now, I'm old enough. And I think it's important to get out of our shell--to do things that we wouldn't want our parents / guardians to know about. It need not be something taboo, but like my friend, an innocent act enough like getting a tattoo.

How about you? What things you did where you didn't want parents / guardians to know?


  • Slake
    Slake + his +
    @7ForAllMankind: that's an interesting day you had. i'm sure it gave a smile on your face ;)

    i think i have a few to share but i'm gonna have to recall them. mejo sabaw utak ko now for lack of sleep. :lol:

    but i do remember back when i was 14 years old, i took the family car without permission from my parents and then drove off alone with no destination. i drove somewhere for 6 hours straight, wearing pa my school uniform. it was raining hard and it took me 'til evening wandering around. i spent the whole night inside the car, parked in the middle of the city. my music was turned on quite loud, grabbed a few bites, which i bought from a drive thru and just had the time of my life alone. it was a moment of my life when i lost my sanity for a bit and just enjoyed the enormous feeling of freedom.

    i knew that my parents were worried sick about me and i was prepared for whatever they might say when i got back home. the following day, i drove home and everyone was dead worried, even mad. but i could care less.

    i broke the rules, in fact:

    1. i drove without a license BUT i drove safe. didn't drink and drive. followed the traffic and road signs.
    2. i didn't ask permission BUT i went back in one whole piece.
    3. i took the key to freedom and could have messed around with a stranger BUT i did not and it never occured to me.
    4. i could have tried smoking and drinking 'til i get sick of it BUT i opted to eat mcdonald's and enjoyed my car music instead.
    5. i drove to nowhere BUT i found my way back on my own.

    what i did might have been wrong but it felt good on my part to have proven to myself that i might be young then, but i could be on my own yet still be responsible and be back in one piece.

    it's fun to discover yourself on your own :sunnysmile:
  • infinite_trial
    infinite_trial ♥ Drayer
    time when i had my navel pierced. i know it was sumthin my mom/dad would not approve of...pero ginawa ko pa din. naisip ko lang naman, wala na silang magagawa kung pierced na sya hehe. my mom saw it, at hindi naman nagalit. nasanay na siguro cuz before i had my second ear piercing, wala na din sya nagawa...binigyan na lang nya ako ng spare earring :glee:
  • silvermug
    silvermug it's a boredom thing
    there were three of us, college friends, all girls. we went to a virgin island none of us knew.

    we just wanted to lay on the shore that night, get drunk and gaze at the stars.

    we stayed over on that island for two days.

    there are many things i did that my mother could have killed me if she knew.
    1. i had my first taste of beer when i was 15, at home, in my bedroom
    2. i had my first puff of cigarette when i was 15, at home, in my bedroom
    3. i sneaked in my parents' bedroom and tinkered with my father's gun
    4. i skipped countless days in high school
    5. i got disqualified for the honors list due to behavior, in high school

    ahhh, marami! call me bad, but those make my teenage years worth remembering :D
  • charmedjeng
    charmedjeng uR gUardiAn anGeL
    1. i got drank when i was in 4th year high school (this isn't my first time to take alcoholic beverage but the first time i got tipsy), went back to school for my CAT class but skipped it.

    2. got my 2nd ear piercing when i was in college. my parents didn't like it so i was hiding it from them but when my parents knew, they just asked but didn't get mad because they can't do anything about it. :rotflmao:

    3. hmmn, i vomited in a street where a lot of vehicles are passing by and to think, i was wearing my school uniform.. hahah!

    4. last, i went inside the motel with a guy but we didn't do anything there (believe it or not - and it's a long story):)
  • when i was working in a call center then. my bf and i would go somewhere late at night (bars, tambay etc) and my parents thought i was at work. twas fun. they didn't have a way to find out. hahaha.
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