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^^ gossip girl fashion ^^



  • sassy laisassy lai karl lagerfeld's muse PExer
    lizziebare wrote: »
    I always thought blair is the vintage girl dahil mas ladylike mga sinusuot niya and too stylish and more unusual; besides, headbands were already vintage. serena on the other hand holds the modern girl look in my opinion...

    I said that S style is considered vintage as she wears pieces that are rare to find..hence vintage,but then again what makes S style more appealing is that she mixes vintage with those new crop of fashion that's why I said she rock the mix and match
  • sassy laisassy lai karl lagerfeld's muse PExer
    and B's style is classic not we can see her love for all things associated with Audrey Hepburn or the Breakfast at Tiffany's

    classic never goes out of stands the test of time..headbands are not vintage, they're classic..
  • -gelay--gelay- simple kinda life PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    why don't people just let people wear what they want??? I mean, even it's a big ribbon headband..not like you're paying for their headbands right? :P If they want to look like sluts, let them be...If they want to wear uggs in the middle of summer - - let them be. :P Why get affected. LOL

    Nasabi ko lang ito dahil dami nag-cocoment na "hindi bagay" sa ganto sa ganyan or whatever tungkol sa fashion preference ng isa. Ha ha. Problema na nila if 50 years old na sila at mala-Blair and suot nila. LOL

    hahaha :lol:

    dunno why these guys are b*tching? there are bigger problems in the world than Gossip Girl fashion. :rolleyes:
  • kulayorangekulayorange Member PExer
    hehehe dami ngang naloloka sa gossip girl.

    since gossip girl book series was dubbed "SATC for the younger set", feeling ko gusto ng TV series panindigan maging icon ang GG katulad ng SATC.

    maganda ang pagkakabuo ng stylist ng series. nilagyan nila ng signature style ang bawat charcter. all except chuck bass, di masyado binigyan pansin yung mga lalake.
  • hypnotizedhypnotized a tout le monde PExer
    vinoi wrote: »
    i repeat, ONLY a hot chick like blair waldorf can pull off that head band and no one else. unless your a little girl on your first communion. everyone else, stay away from that please.

    headbands wasn't invented for blair waldorf. genius! :glee:

    vinoi wrote: »
    next time i'll capture the moment, it's just as ridiculous as the collar poppers with matching scarf man its awful! no words can describe it. imagine a chubby GRO wearing a extra fit red tanktop with jeans, and with that kind of head band. thats what i saw. huge turn off

    bwahaha! ***** pala yong nakita mong nakasuot e. what do you expect? pumunta ka kasi sa medyo classy na place, wag sa beerhouse. :lol:
  • hypnotizedhypnotized a tout le monde PExer
    vinoi wrote: »
    I've seen a lot of girls these past few days wearing a ribbon headband or whatever you call that. [email protected]@ ang sagwa! Bakit ba ang hilig nila manggaya? only Blair can pull off that kind of head band.

    who made you an arbiter of fashion? ........geniusss! :glee:

    i've actually seen some people wearing it, and it looks just fine.
  • spotlessspotless Member PExer
    First time ko makakita ng nakasuot ng B headband na yan kanina sa jeep. Isang highschool student in uniform, and correct! super sagwa. she's super thin at dark skinned yet she's wearing the blazing red color:hmm: ... at di pa siya kagandahan(sorry, I can't help it). naaawa akong naiinis sa batang yon, a young fashion victim, she had no idea at parang feel na feel pa niya yung headband. :evil_lol:

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