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sixxxsixxx PExer

imagine yourself in one boring situation,like sitting for one hour in history class,there ur history teacher keeps talkin abt history stuff that no one cares abt...then u just sit there and stare--->thinkin abt sumthin....ano kaya dinedaydream niyo at those times??


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
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  • I usually daydream about the future.. not that far off future I daydream about whats gonna happen an hour later or so..
  • |ostsou||ostsou| ~Pazuzu~ PExer
    that i am queen elizabeth I.. how dare you follow me? why do you follow me here?? i don't need to be protected i need to be left alone!! (in a brit accent)
  • MsJoelleMsJoelle JoongBo Bubblezzang 미셸 PExer
    tinatanong pa ba yan ... syemps, i always daydream about me and my crush together ... sinong crush?!? -- hmm, marami kaya marami akong daydreams ... :lol: ... dati tuwing may boring na class, nagdaydream ako pero ngayon nde na kasi isa sa mga crushes ko nasa boring na class ko eh -- :zzz: ... :lol: ...
  • halliehallie Member PExer
    I always day dream when I'm in my Math or Physics classes.

    And syempre I always daydream about my crushee. Like i wonder what it will be like to be in his arms, to be kissed by his lips...:inluv:

    Anything goes, libre naman yun e... :lol:
  • sixxxsixxx PExer
    alangya! puro mga crush niyo pala ang mga dinedaydream sa mga guys? ano kaya dinedaydream nila? ....
  • badoochibadoochi schadenfreude PExer
  • sixxxsixxx PExer
    Originally posted by badoochi

    >wahahahahha! straight to the point ! :lol:
  • ako dinedaydream ko yung dream wedding ko... haaaaaayyy..
  • cretinous00cretinous00 The sea! The sea! PExer
    mga dates na hindi natuloy... ang dami kasing indyanera sa mundo! :grrr:
  • speedy_terrospeedy_terro Member PExer
    well, normally i sleep in class tapos i dream bout problems in life that faces me and how i try to solve them. syempre nandyan narin ang girlfriend ko.
    >add somemore to this thread, its interesting
  • sixxxsixxx PExer
    hmmm...i'll answer my own question...i usually daydream abt my crushes(pare-pareho lang po tayo..lolz)...i also think abt my future, i also think abt all those crazy stuff...well i've got 2 go ,i still have a class(i'll maybe daydream later and tell u guys what i daydreamed abt..hehe)..

    PEACE! :p
  • cmars2cmars2 Wounded but Standing ✭✭
    syempre yung crush ko..i imagine kinikiss nya ako... mga ganung type...:lol:
  • CKCK ni Dong ko :) PExer
    Syempre tungkol kay "M" :inluv:
  • spamkin101spamkin101 Member PExer
    depends on my mood i guess...

    if im hungry, i daydream about what can i eat when the break comes...or if i just finished watchin a romantic movie, i daydream about love with so many what if's...:love: but sometimes i just stare out into space...:cyclops:
  • *[NiCoLa]**[NiCoLa]* Member PExer
    I day dream...that I'm like some prince's Prince William or something. Haha... :angel:
  • sixxxsixxx PExer
    Originally posted by CK
    Syempre tungkol kay "M" :inluv:

    ----> hahahaha..parehas pala tayo...pero sa akin nga lang tungkol kay "MM" :smokin:
  • sixxxsixxx PExer
    yesterday i daydreamed about being an nba player...nasa LA Lakers daw ako...ahehe....kobe to sixxx!....hehe..kung-ano-ano talaga pumapasok sa utak ko...
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    me in a music video!!!

  • PoLa_LocaPoLa_Loca Member PExer
    ehmmm, my boyfriend :)

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