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Do your dreams mean anything?

giovannnigiovannni Selling stocks short :) PExer
Are dreams just "mental residue" of the only consciousness that 'matters'--being awake? Or do the images we see/remember when we sleep "comment on" or "reflect" elements of our waking life? Some say dreams don't really "mean" anything conclusive:

Others disagree: they say it impacts sexual, psychological, and family issues see: In essence, they are argued to be "shadows" of the soul.

What do you think? Are dreams "aftertastes" or "shadows" of rational thought or evolutionary byproducts of our cerebral evolution? Or will they be forever mired in mystery?


  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer
    it means i think too much even while sleeping
  • giovannnigiovannni Selling stocks short :) PExer
    Jonga wrote: »
    it means i think too much even while sleeping

    I've been reading Freud's INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS and it's pretty mindblowing. Not that it is actually accurate or rooted in actual hard science. But the literary value is amazing.
  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer
    actually, i have a dream problem or something like that, i cant understand why i dont have dreams of my girlfriend, dreams that you will still remember when you wake up.

    and also

    i am desperate to have sexual dreams like orgies or f*cking lesbians, maniakis naman ako, pero walang dreams talaga e. kahit manood ako ng XXX bago matulog...frustrating really...
  • giovannnigiovannni Selling stocks short :) PExer
    I noticed that dreams are easier to remember if you wake up immediately afterward.
  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer
    you might want to consider reading up on Jung about the mind and subconscious, one of Freud's best buddies, pot session buddies at times i heard :glee:
  • FenixFenix Member PExer
    I don't really think they mean anything, but they sure give me a terrible headache when I'm suddenly awoken while having one.
    I think it's being pulled back to reality so suddenly that my brain barely has time to re-adjust.
  • giovannnigiovannni Selling stocks short :) PExer
    Jonga wrote: »
    you might want to consider reading up on Jung about the mind and subconscious, one of Freud's best buddies, pot session buddies at times i heard :glee:

    I find Jung's concept of ARCHETYPES very intriguing. It is very applicable in literary criticism but there's some glimmers of applicability in real life as well.
    Jung believed that archetypes were representations of themes found in the collective unconscious, and influenced human action. In a sense, Jungian archetypes suggest that life is a story in which the characters, or archetypes, play different rolls and have differing impacts on one's life. A few examples of archetypes include:

    * The persona – outward appearance
    * The mother – motherly care
    * The father – authoritative figure
    * The hero – the potency of good in the ego
    * The shadow – the evil potency of the ego

  • Prof. JackProf. Jack The Wordsmith PExer
    My dreams force me to write it and produce a very nice story. My readers enjoy my stories that came from my dreams. Of course I add some twists and extra characters to put some spice. I love dreaming.
  • cornelskycornelsky Member PExer
    for several times, everytime i dream that some one is sick mag kaka sakit agad sya

    one time i dream na mag sakit mother ko, that am nadala sya hospital

    grabe, natatakot ako managinip na ng ganun
  • yuel0022yuel0022 Wandering Boy PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    madalas ako mamatay sa panaginip.. sabi nila pag ganon daw ibig sabihin mahaba ang buhay mo..

    di ko alam kung malas ako o swerte

    pero it's funny na maalala ko yung nightmare ko about ***** smith. hinahabol nya daw ako may hawak na palakol.

    and worst nightmare, kinasal daw ako.

    someone help me pls
  • dreams are your brain doing housekeeping (arranging bits of memory and experience so that you can retreive them better later). some scientists also think that your brain may sometimes work overtime on a problem while you are asleep.

    example: the shape of the benzene ring was figured out in a dream.
  • rayzlerayzle Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    magulo kung iisipin mo kung may meaning ba itong mga panaginip. minsan nananaginip tayo kasi ng gusto nating mapanaginipan. example, like gusto mo balikan ka ng ex mo or gusto mong manalo sa lotto. me times naman kakaisip mo masyado sa isang bagay or problema mapapanaginipan mo to. but there was this story na narinig ko na she saw sa dream nya na may kabaong, then after a week, her aunt just died of cancer and she's not aware of it. pwede nating isiping coincedence but hard to explain.
  • pinknesspinkness Member PExer
    ^^ i agree with albert_sy2's reply. Dati nung college ako, nung may accounting problem ako na tinatry ko isolve, napanaginipan ko kung pano makukuha yung tamang sagot. Nakatulog kasi ako nung sinasagutan ko yung assignment kong yun. Ayun, buti pagkagising ko natandaan ko kung pano ko nasolve yung problem and tama nga yung sagot. :D
  • bigbicepsbigbiceps Member PExer
    I guess dreams have meanings; some are just hard to interpret, some makes you remember something and maybe few are obvious.

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