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now guys lemme introduce to you the GODDESS!! he he seriously i've been wanting to post this thread since infinity... i just thought that maybe no one would visit it coz she is not pang-masa or anything. i love her! i adore and i'm gonna marry her. seldom would you find a respectable, talented, intelligent actress na hindi showbiz ang dating. i truly believe she's one of the best actresses our country has ever and will ever produced. people call her baliw or weird bcoz they just can't dig in her profoundness. but personally i like her that way. what do you guys think?


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  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Originally posted by |ostsou|
    i love her! i adore and i'm gonna marry her.

    Isn't she married already? ;)

    I saw her in Struan and Tang's [Rockwell] two weeks ago. One of the mods I was with even mistook her for Patricia Javier. Ang labo mhen. :lol:

    Wasn't she in the Noli Me Tangere tele-movie years ago? I vaguely recall that she was one of the more convincing actors in that series.

    Regarding that pic you posted, is she jumping into the boldie bandwagon as well?

  • she's a really good actress . . . and pretty too . . . and yes, she was Maria Clara in the telemovie Noli Me Tangere so many years back . . . i think she started in that show too . . . i agree with you lostsoul, many find her weird because she's so deep and many cannot relate to her . . .

    why isn't she doing any movies or tv shows lately? is she into theatre?
  • hee hee hee!! i am so elated!! i thought i was the only one here who likes her!!

    Ada: just like what cherub_08 said, yes she was in eddie romero's tv series of noli me tangere with a lot of other good actors both in theater and film (joel torre, tetchie agabayani, rolando tino among others). she looks like patricia javier nga, don't you guys think so?? also jaime rivera, janna victoria, glydel mercado and my list goes on.. he he he.. the pic was taken by jimmy parades 2 years ago for the calendar issue of mega magazine. the role of mylene dizon in gatas was first offered to her ans she was all willing to show her boobs but the TF was too mababa so she didn't accept it. then it was offered to camina villaroel but she didn't want to show her boobs so she didn't accept it. and then there's mylene.

    cherub_08: she jumped into theater in 199. she did luna: an aswang romance with allan paule, jessica safra and other stage actors. also she did a play in UP entitled price of redemption with roy alvarez which was directed by anton juan. when i got the chance to talk to her after the play she told me that she'l be definitely be doing a lot of plays pa.. probably in ateneo daw. right now she's busy doing environmental projects.. but i do miss her in movies!!the last film she did was Pedrong Palad which sucked considering it was directed by a credited stage director whose name escaped me at the moment. he he she's doing, however, 2 french movies and one vietnamese. :)

    hindi ako masyado fan noh? :lol:
  • ow yess
    crush na crush ko yan
  • lostsoul, hindi ka naman masyadong fan :lol: . . . very well updated ka lang naman and you seem to know everything about her :lol:
  • Originally posted by cherub_08
    lostsoul, hindi ka naman masyadong fan :lol: . . . very well updated ka lang naman and you seem to know everything about her :lol:

    hee hee oo nga eh!! :lol: one more thing.. she graduated from miriam with a ***** laude in mass communication. :)
  • i haven't really seen much of her work kaya i can't comment on her acting talent, but she is pretty:)... hmmm graduated ***** laude huh, that's nice, it means she's not just a pretty face...
  • yeah... she is branded "wierdo", "psycho" "nuts" here in showbiz.... but it reveals, she's not a freak but a good actress and deep thingking woman, who is striving to be "lighter"......

    sabi nga ng mtv.......... i like.. heheh
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Talaga, she looks like Patricia Javier? Parang di ko kasi makita yung resemblance. I think Chin-Chin's prettier by a mile. ;)
    Originally posted by |ostsou|
    she graduated from miriam with a ***** laude in mass communication. :)

    I thought she graduated from UP. I saw her there kasi when I was still studying. I guess she was there for a different reason.
  • she looks like Patricia Javier? hmmm . . . :confused: . . . parang malayo 'ata . . . :lol:
  • yeah she's sobrang prettier pero may hawig lang ng kaunti. the thing about chin chin is she's malleable. pwedeng maging bata mukha or matanda. remember the PLDT commercial with the song NEARNESS OF YOU? from being a teenager to being a granny sya ang gumanap na papel sa commercial. galeng! that's the reason siguro na marami syang kamukha.
  • how true!!!!i couldn't agree more...she's more than a pretty face...she's a beautiful person...with so much to offer in this business...i hope she should contribute more to the industry to uplift it to it's former glory.
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    bakit weird tingin sa kanya inside showbiz?

  • Originally posted by zimdude
    bakit weird tingin sa kanya inside showbiz?


    sabi nila, nakikipag-usap daw si Chin chin sa animals...
    maybe shes just an animal lover.

    Shes really a good actress...no doubt about that.
  • well, i'll tell you guys something. Chin-chin Gutierrez lives right beside my house. as in over-the-bakod. i've known her since she was about 15 years old...always been a beauty.
    she was even my playmate for awhile. she taught me that it was bad to make bubbles with my laway. hahaha!of course i was only 5 years old.dont think she'll remember that though.

    and she is a weirdo, it's true. but i mean that in a good way. she's one of those really artistic "new-age" types. she doesnt just talk to animals, she talks to plants too :p
  • uy grabe schizo!!! i truly envy you!!! :P

    siguro kaya weird bcoz she's not the conventional type of actress. di sya mahilig sa mga gimiks and tsimis para kumita ang mga movies. hindi sya nakikiride on sa mga tsismis na ganyan. she's the type the di masyadong nakikipag-socialize. sabi nya nga she's rather read a book or plant mongo seeds than to socialize. she's one hell of a woman!
  • cediecedie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ilang taon na kaya si chinchin? :)
  • i think she's 27 or 28.
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    totoo bang tibo c chinchin????
    sabi kasi ng friend ko sila pala daw ni angel aquino
    kaya pala divorced si angel at asawa nya eh dami daw kabit na babae si angel....isa nga kaya si chinchin???

    what do you think????
  • as the president of the fan's club (yuck :lol:, joke lang di noh!!)...

    tinanong sa kanya ni rossana roces about the "lesbian issue" she simply asnwered, "NO, i am not lesbian". bu angel aquino is indeed bisexual, self admitted. ang alam kong naging ka on ni angel was barbie from barbie's cradle.
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