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Physicists Create Universe Smaller Than a Marble

Santo MuerteSanto Muerte King Sh?t of Turd Mountain PExer


  • nwel20nwel20 Member PExer
    may napanood akong ganito kagabi sa history channel

    ang universe daw eh nagsimula sa isang maliit na primeval atom

    tapos ung apat na forces na

    gravity , weak nuclear, strong nuclear atska electromagnet ata

    basta yun

    tapos naging unstable

    and then nangyari ang big bang
    sa loob ng wala pang kalahati ng isang segundo

    tapos ayun


    nagkaroon ng universe
  • nmnemonmnemo Member PExer
    Funny when we can CREATE a universe,
    and some of us are having a hard time with the idea that OUR UNIVERSE WAS CREATED too.

    There is a creator. God is a scientist. :bop:
  • webber512webber512 Member PExer
    nmnemo, your god must be a phyisicist. but you see, there is no need for a god or any supreme being who can be attributed to this beautiful marvels. the creation of the universe itself is a scientific question, and therefore must be verified, not just by some confident faith.
  • albert_sy2albert_sy2 Hi! PExer
    like hawking said, there is no need for a creator.
  • payterrpayterr CCNA PExer
    "whatever begins to exist has a cause"

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