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2008 Olympic Spree Trip ON FREE

2008 Beijing Olympic Games is closing in, ChinaAssistor, imbued by "helping you here learn about China" as the main value, starts to popularize a series of Olympic-related products and imformation. The information of all-embracing sky surprise you first. Even staying in, mass of first-hand Olympic news, plus varied moving pictures and videos will feast your eyes.

Now come the most shining point: Cheer for Beijing 2008, Sales compaign will be a focus. From now on, you all have the chance to get the Olympic Free Tickets or Free Beijing Tour by registering as our memebership.

For further details, feel free to click on www.chinaassistor.com . Here is the very gateway guiding and taking you to Beijing Olympic Games.

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You still mad and fret by lining up for limited tickets for 2008 Beijing Olympics? Here we offer you, FREE. Light-heartedly, the only you should do is to click in http://bbs.chinaassistor.com/viewforum.php?f=40 ,and answer ten questions. Five of them who get the ten points can gain free Beijing Olympics tickets, weekly.

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