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Save the Last Dance

just wondering if anyone had the chance to see this movie. it hit theaters jan 12th and stars julia stiles (10 things i hate about u, down to u, etc.)

story goes: julia's character moves into a town of mostly black kids. her mom just passed away and ballet was her dream. she befriends this black guy and he helps her cope with her internal turmoil. one thing they have in common is the love for dance. these two can groove! they struggle thru their interacial relationship.

here's a site to check it

i haven't had a chance to see it so if u have, tell us how it went! :)


  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    gonna watch it sometime this week!!! for a teeny bopper musical, i was surprised it went no. 1 on opening weekend.. hehe now, I gotta see what all the hype is about!!! Although, the soundtrack sounds great!
  • as a julia stiles fan and having dance as the major theme in the film, this movie is a must-see for me! kaya naman di ko pinalampas ang opportunity na mapanood ito. at isa lang masasabi ko...the movie was SLAMMIN'!!! :D so is the soundtrack!!!
  • Talk about Julia Stiles fans? Ahem..loved her ever since "The 60's"! Watched everything "10 things..","Down To You"(I still want my money back) even the indie Sundance flick "Hamlet". "State And Main"..."I Love You,I Love You Not"--kahit extra lang siya roon!:lol:

    STLD? I thought this one is a formula fish out of the water though. It could have been better. But it was pretty good compared to other teen genre films. I thought it tackled a lot of things which other teen movies do not dare show. Although I was expecting more on how they executed the inter-racial relationship. Parang minadali? How did Sara fit in so suddenlly? May mga plot holes,and unecesarry scenes...and some scenes needed for more character establishment. But I don't care. Julia was really good though. Everyone in the theatre was crying. I was a little choked up. Although little minor gliches with the editing,it was a good movie,but I epected more from it.Julia STiles...Man! She is very underrated! She is coming out with Matt Damon in "Bourne Identity" NOW THAT! I would wanna see!:):cyclops:

  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    loved this movie!!!! I'd pay to see it twice or more.. If you're really into HIPHOP dance or even the culture, this movie is SLAMMIN!!!!!

    the interracial relationship could've been more emphasized.
  • novalee
    novalee Black Velveteen
    ummm didn't enjoy it that much.
  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    yah, I think you sorta need to be able to RELATE to the themes of the movie to enjoy it..... and to enjoy the music also....
  • I adore her!!!

    She's got a very strong character.... and I just have to see Save the Last Dance!!! I've visited the site already. It was ok... [not much pic though...:(]

    Haha! Can't wait!!!
  • Ooops... we've got the same thread pala Sampaguita... pero it doesn't matter who posted first, what matters is we're both Julia Stiles fans!!!:D
  • p0werpuffgirl
    p0werpuffgirl saved by grace
    It's an okay movie.. not so good, not so bad. The soundtrack is awesome though!! :D
  • umm.. comment lang: i saw the trailer, pero di naman ako nagalingan kay julia na sumayaw. ordinary lang. marunong pero hindi magaling.
  • neth_row
    neth_row Moderator
    Save the Last Dance did have a predictable story line, but it clicked really well....they really didn't go into the total clich? thing....kudos to this film's makers for avoiding the general stereotypical ventures of other films based in the ghetto, and showing us that not everybody is addicted to crack or busting caps up people's *****....sure, problems like teenage pregnancies, deadbeat fathers and gangs exist, but this film actually handles them with a little humanity, and allows you to see some of the finer details beneath the typical exterior...the characters were portrayed with refreshing made you follow the movie and watch these set of characters grow with there situation and deal with it in a believable other than the sucky title and the generally predictable story line, this movie was actually interesting to watch, with well-developed characters (for the most part), some fun hip-hopping, a cute relationship and some tender moment....

    this was a very Hollywood topic and could have been a disaster, but Julia Stiles pulled the whole performance off and was very charming and realistic, not to mention adorable;)....she made the movie very enjoyable....Stiles has performed better before; 10 Things was Stiles' better performance, but what the hey, i still love this girl :D....the dance routines are not too shabby, and not too flashy also....the movie is not as romantic as i wanted it to be, but there are a few good laughs here and there; especially when Stiles gives her first few attempts of hip-hop :lol:....

    ultimately, the movie is not going to stir your mind, or heart, but its an easy movie to take in from start to end....not slammin', but cool nevertheless ;)

  • Xiaoyu
    Xiaoyu Courtside Princess
    Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL movie. :love:
    I can't remember the last time an on-screen couple had such a big effect on me. Kinilig ako to no end dito, I swear!!! :love: Can I just live in the ghetto?? Para all day everyday every damn day masaya ako with all the African-American hunks hanging around left and right diba. Haaayyy promise, nagpiyesta ako sa movie na yon. :love:
    Sean Patrick Thomas was an absolute GEM. I was so touched by every little thing he did! He's a great actor & I'm looking forward to seeing him in a lot of other movies. Julia Stiles was so darn cute here...I never knew she danced a mean Swan Lake.
    Let me say it was a BEAUTIFUL movie. Maybe it hit me more because I really love African-Americans and because I too am running after a dream that seems so out of reach (and that I too used to dance ballet...:lol: PROMISE!!! Pero dati pa yon ever) but it really touched my heart. The best movie I've seen in months...Best movie since Remember the Titans cguro.
    Basta it was really great...sobrang romantic. Plus, it puts hope in your heart. That, I think was the movie's greatest power.
  • it was a typical movie, medyo predictable ung storyline and there's nothing spectacular about it.

    okay ang soundtrack...2 thumbs up and ang cute ni sean patrick thomas
  • mytyragirl
    mytyragirl Live Life Simply !
    It's your typical movie where the girl eventually gets her wish of entering Juliard School. It was pretty okay, nothing really great.
  • tequilapj
    tequilapj nobody can eat 50 eggs
    for a film that i really didn't plan on seeing, it was pretty good. i'm glad i wasn't disappointed. julia stiles proved she has what it takes to carry a movie all by herself (the supporting players weren't too bad, though). and to think it debuted at No. 1 in the US box office! man, that's something!

    methinks we'll be seeing more of julia stiles in the future...:love:
  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    Bianca Lawson was absolutely HOT!!!!!!!! :D The getting to Julliard plot of the movie reminded me of FlashDance :lol:
  • cHarL!e's AngEL
    cHarL!e's AngEL couch potato :)
    i was supposed to watch last night but we were late :( kainis!
  • RaP
    RaP Member
    one word ...

    SLAMMIN' !

    hhmmm the soundtrack was just as good as the movie !!

  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    favorite scene..

    when they were both dancing at the clubs with the moves that they've already practiced!!! Dance battles are just dashet!
    DELISYUS Only 15% Lesbian's a good movie...i won't pay to see it again tho....

    but...thanx to it, i watched my first inter-racial kissing scene :) and yeah, they did look good together.....

    Julia Stiles is great....but i still have yet to see her top her performance in 10 Things....
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