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Working Life & work culture

Hi there everyone!! im Jeff fr Singapore n is currently doing a project on the working life of Filipino... therefore i hope that i will get TRUE response about the

-working life,
-the culture,
-the working environment
-office politics.

i would also like to find out how you all feel working with foreign bosses or someone of a higher position to you.

You reponse would be most appreciated. Thank You!


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    I work for an internet company so I am part of the New Economy, which is somewhat different from the traditional companies.

    The Culture
    Very "New Economy". We use flexi-time, and appraisal is performance based. We even have one officemate who works from the house, and she just goes to the office once a week. Clothes are casual, sometimes smart-casual or semi-formal whenever there are meetings.

    The Working Environment
    Our office is way cool! It seems as if it's the office of an advertising agency - appeals to the creative side of the people. The chairs are bright orange, purple, and apple green, and the table is purple. We have one table with a weird shape and all our computers are beside each other. I feel it's too cold though. Really nice to see high tech computers somewhere in the office too.

    Office Politics
    Right now, there still isn't politics in our company. This is because we started out as a hobby, and until now the environment has been very light. We're all friends, and our boss is fair.

    Working with foreign bosses
    It has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: Less office politics. These bosses tend to be fair (sometimes too much) because they do not want to deal with labor problems. Disadvantages: They do not want to get involved in office politics at all so sometimes they do not know what's going on. Everyone is treated the same way, so those who deserve recognition are not given what they deserve. Of course this isn't true with ALL of the foreign bosses.

    Working with someone with a higher position
    This is not a problem at all. I would actually want to work for someone whom I can learn from, since I still have a lot of learning to do.
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