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    by sanctina and lookslikepj
  • [highlight]**Profile of King Piolo and Queen Angel**[/highlight]

    [highlight]Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual[/highlight]
    Piolo Pascual, born January 12, 1977, in Manila, Philippines, is a Filipino actor, singer, concert performer, host, product endorser, and model.

    He is a member of ABS-CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents collectively known as Star Magic. His earliest acting experience was in the student theatrical group "Teatro Tomasino" of the University of Santo Tomas.

    Pascual's early television credits include his stint as Kuya Miguel in ABS-CBN's educational show ATBP and as one of the many teen stars in GMA Network's musical variety show That's Entertainment. His first big break on the small screen came via a weekly primetime series entitled Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako (The Moment You Need Me), where he received an Asian TV Awards (1999) Best Drama Actor nomination for portraying the villain role of Raffy.

    Pascual appeared briefly as Jussi Leino in The Vizconde Massacre (1991) directed by Carlo J. Caparas and had a supporting part in Batang PX (1997) directed by Jose Javier Reyes. His first big cinema break was the title role in Lagarista (2000) directed by Mel Chionglo where he received his first Gawad Urian nomination (Best Actor). Lagarista was exhibited in the Toronto, Pusan and Hongkong film festivals.

    In 2002, Pascual played the pivotal role of Jules Bartolome opposite Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon, in Dekada '70, which is a film based on Lualhati Bautista's novel of the same title about a family's struggle during the Marcos regime in the Philippines. He achieved a rare grand slam feat collecting a total of eight awards from all the existing award-giving bodies during the 2003 awards season in the Best Supporting Actor category starting with the Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2002 and culminating with the Gawad Urian in May 2003.

    On July 11, 2007, Pascual signed an exclusive three-picture contract deal with Star Cinema. He is currently preparing for his November 30, 2007 solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum and busy taping for the teleserye Lobo with Angel Locsin as his newest leading lady.[1]

    Pascual has a son named Inigo from a previous non-showbiz relationship. He has publicly acknowledged dating Pops Fernandez. He was also a suitor to Toni Gonzaga and Rica Peralejo.

    Wiki Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piolo_Pascual
    PEX Thread: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=340383

    [highlight]Angelica Locsin Colmenares[/highlight]
    Angel Locs?n (born Ang?lica Locs?n Colmenares on April 23, 1985), is a popular Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer, fashion designer, and product endorser who was introduced in GMA Network's youth-oriented program, Click. Locsin rose to prominence after being cast as one of the lead stars in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after, she starred as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the popular Mars Ravelo comics hit. Locsin top-billed in several films and is known as the screen love interest of Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo. In mid-2007, Angel left her mother studio, GMA Network and signed an exclusive contract in ABS-CBN despite her booming career in GMA. She told in an interview with Boy Abunda that she is no longer happy in GMA and she is looking forward to have a better career in ABS-CBN.

    Wiki Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_Locsin
    PEX Thread: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=341824
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    It is very difficult to get close to a Capricorn guy. He is always enclosed within a strong wall, which is not too easy to breach. He is not too gregarious & outgoing, but his personality traits include determination and patience. He has fierce ambitions, which he pursues with a strong resolve. If you look at him casually, it may seem as if he prefers solitude to company. Now, look deeper, inside his heart. Though he doesn't show it, he wants admiration as much as other people. It's just that a Capricorn male is too shy to express his feeling openly.

    The characteristics profile of a Capricorn male makes him a true romantic, though you may come to know about this after the courtship days are almost coming to an end. He prefers to maintain a control over his emotions and displays composed manners, realistic actions and somber intentions. You have to remember that this is not what he is on the inside. Infact, he is very much like a coconut, which seems to be tough on the outside but is extremely soft internally. If you manage to peek inside his heart, you will see a charming person, who loves to dream, likes getting wet in the rain and seeks compliments.

    You just have to become to be one of those few who manage to come close to him. A Capricorn man can provide you with a roof in a storm as well as keep you warm on a freezing winter night. Don't expect him to start reciting poems for you. He is a romantic at heart, but these feelings will not get displayed every now and then. As long as you know what he feels for you, it is enough for him. He doesn't need to tell the world that he loves you. You will have to slowly lure him out of his protective shell and encourage him to show his emotions.

    Initially, romance and love may look like just a part of your Capricorn man's schedule. However, as he grows older, the love will become like an old wine, richer than before. He will always provide you with an umbrella on a rainy day and remain devoted to you as long as he lives. Look beyond that tough exterior, he has a gentle and caring heart - a heart that will love you even when you start walking with a stick. For him, you will always be the girl who made him fall in love and whom he wants to protect from the rest of the world. What if he doesn't say 'I Love You' that often, he does makes you feel loved all the time!

    ----originally posted by: mel/mcat...
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    MS. TAURUS...
    This female will constantly remain attractive, retaining her "bloom" for many years and being constantly concerned about her appearance. An excellent homemaker, she knows exactly what she wants in the material sense. However, she is not always wise in the philosophic sense. The Taurus woman learns quickly and, with experience, soon becomes a valuable asset to any man who places a successful union high on his list for happiness. Nevertheless, there will be many "ups and downs" in the life of a Taurus female for although she is capable of whole-hearted love, she can also be very contrary and resentful if provoked. There is no danger of the Taurus woman ever going on a spending spree for she is by nature frugal and usually careful with money. Once committed, the Taurus woman is faithful and true, believing from an early age in the "one and only" type of love. Even later in life, should she experience disillusionment and a crushing of her ideal, she continues to hold fast to her vision of one lasting union. A romantic at heart, this female demands absolute fidelity. Not one to mince words, especially in matters of the heart, the Taurus woman detests mind games and teasing and is seldom (if ever) impulsive.

    Often described as having a sensual smile and an exotic look in her eyes, the Taurus female is nonetheless far from promiscuous and will seek security and stability in any relationship. The casual affair is not for this woman. In many ways, she is the perfect personification of the old-fashioned girl, being devoted and protective...one who loves and nurtures and gives of her strength. She is is open, affectionate and demonstrative. With a secure sense of her own judgment, she trusts her instincts and refuses to be affected by any negative comments directed toward a loved one by another party. Women governed by this Sign make the most devoted and constant mates, willing to endure the greatest privations and making the most extreme sacrifices for those they love. However, the Taurus female needs to be constantly on guard against insincere sympathy and evil-minded flattery since her kind and sympathetic nature will make her most susceptible. Unless this woman is very careful, she can easily be led far astray.

    Extremely independent, the Taurus woman has the sheer determination to succed in life, being stable, secure and loyal. Down-to-earth and normally easy-going, to say nothing of being blessed with a most fascinating and charming personality, she is not difficult to get to know and this tends to draw the opposite sex to her side. Essentially, a homebody, on the occasions when the Taurus female does go out, she is "dressed to the nines" and although appreciative of compliments every now and again, hates to be smothered with attention. Generally, the Taurus woman is graceful and often has a very attractive, well-formed figure. However, she will constantly be fighting a battle with calories due to her weakness for fattening foods.

    Lavish with affection and warm-hearted, women of Taurus are usually dearly loved by all who know them...they are indeed counted among the most amiable, magnetic and hypnotic of females. Despite her repeated attempts at domination, the Taurus woman truly wants her partner to be the boss and, if allowed to take over the relationship, is likley to lose all respect for her mate. Although she may grumble at being dominated, she secretly prefers to be ruled because it makes her feel protected. Nevertheless, a certain amount of freedom to do with what she chooses is important and it would be wise for any man involved with a Taurus female to give way on this point. As a mother, the Taurus woman is excellent. She will have a great love for her children...always seeing to their physical needs, ministering to their aches and pains, comforting them and helping them. She will also display much skill and wisdom in their management, to say nothing of winning the esteem and confidence of her children through affection and by cheerfully cajoling them into completing assigned tasks. That having been said, the Taurus mother is no pushover.

    In essence, the Taurus female is a true romantic...serene, unaffected, artistic and good-natured. She is very appealing to the opposite sex but is never anything less than elegant with an impeccable sense of taste. She likes to be flattered, cajoled and teased. She also adores being told by her partner that she is loved...she may not always take it seriously, but the she does so love to hear it. It is important to thank this woman for what she does since she cannot bear to be taken for granted. Above all else, the Taurus woman craves affection.

    ---originally posted by: mel/mcat
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    Capricorn may not appear to be ambitious or even intelligent at first, but these qualities Taurus easily sees as the relationship progresses; as well as a strong dominating streak in his/her nature. Capricorn will want to share all of Taurus' worries and fears which his/her keen senses quickly notice. They are better able to understand each others feelings, depressions, and sense of humor due to a natural empathy that exists between them.

    Taurus and Capricorn both need to have stability in their home life enabling them to feel secure and loved. Capricorn does not have the ability to express the self well and this may be confusing to Taurus, who eventually realizes that actions speak louder than all the pretty speeches in the world.

    Life could run smoothly in this love match but the fly in the ointment will be when Taurus does something terribly extravagant that will disturb the cautious and wary nature of Capricorn. Capricorn being on the quiet side, "still water runs deep", makes a good companion for home loving Taurus, and if satisfaction is experienced in the domestic area these two could be inseparable.

    Capricorns sexual appetite can be either over indulgent, or he/she may abstain altogether if affected by outside pressures. Taurus will need to be sensitive to Capricorns tension and be willing to discus it and ease his burden of guilt he/she may feel because of it. This is a very good relationship as Taurus is well equipped to deal with Capricorn and vice versa. This is a match made in Heaven.

    ---originally posted by: mel/mcat
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    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]1) Both own the ultimate HUMMER

    2) Endorsers of San Mig Coffee, Timex watches, Centrum, & Smart Buddy

    3) Like street foods : fishballs (Gel) & squidballs (PJ)

    4) Both 2007 Philippines No.3 Endorsers

    5) Not afraid to show love for parent in public

    6) Humble despite stardom

    7) Big. Dorky. Wrestling Fans - Piolo is an Eddie Guererro fan and Angel is a Batista fan. Piolo's suitcase is filled with Wrestling stickers. Angel collects magazines related to wrestling.

    8) Both of them are trained by UST (Angel through swimming, Piolo went to college there)

    9) The ultimate dreamboy (PJ) & the ultimate dreamgirl (Angel)

    10) Both know of the GELO thread (Angel visited us already.. sana si PJ rin in the near future)

    11.) Both of them openly say that it's always been a dream to find themselves working together as partners on screen.

    12.) Favorite targets of the nasty press but still loved by many

    13.) Prayerful people

    14.) Both of them have a fascination with the POGI pose.

    15.) Both came from broken families but manage to keep their bond with their respected families.

    16.) Both of them struggled to get to the top. They were both unexpected stars.

    17.) Both love eating... they even consider it as a hobby.

    18.) Fans of the Beatles

    19.) Both are very active in their charities. Angel is a representative of Gabriella and has been involved in a lot of women's health campaigns. Piolo is a representative of the United Nations' Anti Poverty Goal and The Red Cross. Both of them are also known to be active in environmentalist groups.

    20.) Both of them admit to being so shy around each other.

    21.) Included in the roster of highest paid endorsers, together with Kris Aquino, Sharon Cuneta and Manny Pacquiao

    22.) Both have a history with GMA-7. Piolo when he was 14 in his That's Days. Angel was launched to stardom in this station.

    23.) They also admit to mutual crushes, although they insist it's just a harmless crush.

    24.) Angel is "Ainge" to Piolo, while "Peej" is Piolo to Angel. They like giving nick names.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    by Ophelia_Kills
  • [highlight]**GELO Destiny**[/highlight]


    life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences.
    but rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.

    GELO: Destiny
    "It's like the whole universe existed to bring us together"


    ....have faith in DESTINY :)

    by pinkbike
  • [highlight]**HOW TO TELL IF A GUY/GIRL LIKES YOU FT. GELO**[/highlight]

    The telltale signs he wants you: (Guy's body language)..

    Men send out signals without even knowing it. His brain may be holding him back because of nerves or a recent bad breakup, but he can’t stop his body from talking.
  • It's [highlight]Gel's[/highlight] turn naman...
    Got this also from this link - http://www.wikihow.com/Know-if-a-Girl-Likes-You. share ko din.

    How to know if a girl likes a boy

    *click image
  • The King himself..
    credit as tagged

    even our Queen took time to visit our thread..

    Angel greeting Angel Republic & GELOs

    Angel greeting GELOs during her fans day last 27th April 2008

    LOBO Poster signed by GELO
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  • [highlight]**GELO Photobucket Account**[/highlight]


    art by hardkandy

    ...and fall in love :love:

  • wishlistly4.jpg

    Click for the list
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]1. successful premier of lobo, and success all throughout its running..

    2 mindblowing - hit- the- roof gelo kissing scenes that will blow-the-brains-out of those freaking ma eepal(either sa movie or soap)

    3 sana magising sila angel at piolo na bagay sila sa isat' isa at wag nang lumayo

    4 box office mega money hit for gelo

    5 acting awards for angel to prove that she's grown as an actress

    -credit sis tina

    6. many more endorsements/projects together

    -credit bumblebutterfly

    7. sana nga magkababy lobo para may part 2

    -credit kewl_aaron

    8. More acting awards for Piolo and Angel in television and movies, 10x platinum award for Piolo for his Timeless album, outstanding role model for the young and mature generation for both of them, more mega endorsements, Young Men/Women that matters list etc.....................

    -credit jetsetter

    9. more ASAP GELO moments!!! more GELO pics on mags!!!

    -credit raincrystal






    15. more hot na hot na kissing scenes that would last at least 2minutes!!!!!


    -credit newnimator

    17. Sana maglaro sila sa KDOND! (hanggang kelan pa ba DOND? )

    -credit meebo

    18. For ABS to focus on building up this TEAM UP first... meaning wag muna guluhin with others... :bop:

    -credit raincrystal

    19. Magkaroon sana ng mall tours ang GELO!

    20. Ayt wish ko bath tub scenes! kwentuhan lang naman sila dun pero ang sweeet and so hoot!

    21. (dagdag ko lang sa no.3) I so approve of this! Wish ko talaga na magising sila sa katotohanan na they are so made for each other

    22. Hmm sna magkaroon ng regular show exclusively ang GELO, parang amazing race, sila ang hosts, pero sa start sila muna ang magkapartner at sumali sa game wohoooo!

    23. On a lighter and realistic side, i wish all the wishes here come true, esp yung sinabi ng iba..

    24. More kilig moments pls.

    25. Dagdag ko sa no.18 o nga, sila lang sana lagi magkatabi at magka holding hands.. always! hahaha

    26. Dba may plan si Angel pumasok sa school? Sna mag enroll din si Piolo dun para maging mag classmate sila!!!!! Tpos lagi silang mag group study!! Waa sorry illusyonada talaga ako eh!

    27. Sna maalis na ang salot na pumapaligid sa GELO. Wish na puro good news lang ang maririnig naten at mababasa sa 2008 onward!!

    -credit Issie000

    28. sana maging topbilled yong teleseryeng lobo

    29. megabox office for gelo

    30. alot of acting awards for angel locsin

    -credit pnaystyle4life


    32. an award or two for being the HOTTEST LOVETEAM of the YEAR!!!

    -credit raincrystal


    -credit pretty_eena


    Add your wishes for Gelo!
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