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    Yo! Gloria
    Date of release: 2004 Viva Records
    Title: Yo! Gloria
    Album Sales: Gold (15,000 copies sold nationwide)

    1st Album
    Date of release: 2004 Viva Records
    Title: Rachelle Ann Go
    Album Sales: 2x Platinum (60,000 copies sold nationwide)

    Special Edition
    Date of release: 2005 Viva Records
    Title: Rachelle Ann Go (Limited Edition)
    Album Sales: Platinum (30,000 copies sold nationwide)

    2nd Album
    Date of release: 2006 Viva Records
    Title: I Care
    Album Sales: Gold (15,000 copies sold nationwide)

    Date of release: 2006 Viva Records
    Title: Sing Like A Champion -- Rachelle Ann Go

    3rd Album
    Date of release: 2007 Viva Records
    Title: Obsession
    Album Sales: Did not reach gold status yet based on Viva Records


    [highlight]4th Album/ Latest[/highlight]
    Date of release: 2008 Viva Records
    Title: Rachelle Ann ROCKS! Live

    Rachelle Ann’s Non-Stop Hits
    • Yo! Gloria with Salbakuta
    • Here I am Again
    • From the Start(OST ABS-CBN's Memories of Bali)
    • I Care
    • If You Walk Away
    • Don't Cry Out Loud
    • When You Find Your Voice
    • Love of My Life (Revival song from South Border)
    • Through the Rain (Winning piece for the SFAS)
    • Bakit (OST ABS-CBN’s Mirada de Mujer)
    • Alam ng Ating Mga Puso (topped MYX)
    • You and Me (with Christian Bautista)
    • Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita (OST ABS-CBN’s Gulong Ng Palad)
    • Don’t Say Goodbye
    • Dreaming Of You (rendition)
    • Panaginip (rendition from the Album ASAP Hotsilog)
    • Pag-ibig Na Kaya with Christian Bautista (OST Princess Hours)
    • Honestly

    Catch Rachelle Ann's Latest Single "CRYING"

    say [highlight]"NO TO PIRACY"[/highlight]
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    * Grand Champion - Search for a Star 2004
    * Special Prize - Search for A Star 2004
    * Best Female Artist - MTV Pilipinas Music Awards 2005
    * Silver Medalist - Shanghai Asia Song Festival 2005
    * Best Song for 'From The Start' - Shanghai Asia Song Festival 2005
    * Special Citation - Awit Awards 2005
    * Best Female Pop Artist - National Consumer Quality 2005
    * Most Promising Female Singer - "Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Foundation"
    * Winner - 1st ASAP Platinum Circle 2005
    * Most Outstanding Pasigue?o Awardee in 2005
    * First Prize in the Best Own Country Song (with Vehnee Saturno) - Astana Song Festival
    * Silver Medalist- Astana Song Festival
    * Favorite Female Artist - Awit Awards 2006
    * Special Citation - Awit Awards 2006
    * Favorite Mellow Video for 'From the Start' - First MYX Music Awards 2006
    * Favorite Female Artist- First MYX Music Awards 2006
    * Most Outstanding Pasigue?o Awardee in 2006
    * Favorite Pop Female Artist - 1st ASAP Pop Awards 2006
    * Favorite Pop Female Performance for 'I Care' - 1st ASAP Pop Awards 2006
    * Favorite Female Artist - MYX Music Awards 2007
    * Favorite Pop Female Artist ? ASAP Pop Awards 2007
    * Favorite Pop Kapamilya TV Themesong ?Pag-Ibig Na Kaya? (Princess Hours) ? ASAP Pop Awards 2007
    * Top Star Entertainer Of The Year ? 26th Consumer Awards 2007
    * Favorite Mellow Video for Alam ng Ating Mga Puso- MYX Music Awards 2008
    * Favorite Collaboration with Christian Bautista for Pag-ibig na Kaya- MYX Music Awards 2008

    With some Additionals
    -1st grand prize winner- And I am telling you
    -Ms. San Beda 2004
    -Ms. La Immaculada Conception School 2003
    -1st runner up (Ms. Guatemala )
    -Best in Talent - "Emotions" by Mariah Carey
    -Campus Choice
    -Four Seasons - Shin used to be a member of this girl group
    -Center For Pop - Cubao Branch (1996 or 1997)
    -Eat Bulaga's Birit Baby 1998 - 2nd runner up - "All By Myself" by Celine Dion
    -Ramp Model - bunny jeans 2003
    -Search For A Star Audition
    -SM Centerpoint
    -Sang "I'll Never Love This Way Again" by Regine Velasquez
    -Favorite Singers: Regine Velasquez, Lani Misalucha, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce
    -at 8 months old, Shin was already humming "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
    -Favorite Subject: Math
    -Joined the "Future Voice of the Philippines", Boy Abunda was one of the judges
    -Loves to go SHOPPING with JHAYR =)
    -"Shin-Shin" means "Bagong-Bago", her grandfather gave her that nickname.
    -She used to wear braces because she slipped in the bathroom once and her teeth ended up "sungki-sungki".
    -Was born in a clinic in Dakila St .
    -She can play the Drums and Guitar
    -She took drum lessons in Yamaha (Robinson's Galleria Branch)
    -Perfume - Lacoste & Florentina
    -Santa Rosa Pasig City - 1st place - August 22-23 1997
    (this was originally posted by myrna_brown2003 on first thread page 22 with some text stripped)

    [highlight]Rachelle Ann?s Concerts:[/highlight]
    ? Ol 4 Luv (held at the Araneta Coliseum)
    ? You & Me Valentine Concert (held at Aliw Theater)
    ? You & Me Valentine Concert (US Tour)
    ? The Ultimate Champion(Solo)
    ? Night Of The Champions (U.S. Tour 2005)
    ? Night Of The Champions (held at the Araneta Collisuem)
    ? Night Of The Champions (US, The Repeat)
    ? Night Of The Champions (U.S. Tour)
    ? Pinoy Idols (held at Araneta Colliseum)
    ? Night Of The Champions (Guam)
    ? Night Of The Champions (US & Canada Tour)
    ? Dubai Concert


    Rudy Adriatico
    Nono Palmos
    Veejay Floresca
    Jon Pagaduan
    Mix Gems Fine Jewelry
    Skechers time
    and many more..
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    [highlight]==ANIMOSITY UNRULED---WE BRING OUT THE REALITY==[/highlight]
  • [highlight]==FREQUENCY SPEAKS FAMILY==[/highlight]

    Come and join us!

    ATTENTION! Guys edit ko ang list please paki lagay ng username tapos yung name niyo para well organized tayo :D salamat

    :director: mga ADIKS! Kindly quote this and then add your name:


    1. dayee[dayee]
    2. gypsy_jade092[jade]
    3. lizet[lizette]
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    6. lexpielago[alexia]
    7. chums01[Candy]
    8. Aira*[aira]
    9. ari_na_ko[johanna/jo jo jo]
    10. dyan0712[dyan]
    11. BCBG[Joan]
    12. crun_nigel[nica]
    13. armand_shin[armand]
    14. emz0812[emz]
    15. kharel
    16. jhet_01[jhet]
    17. m1r14m_epc
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    48. luvqoehcshin[Apple]
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    [highlight]SHE'S NOT ONLY WHAT WE WANT, BUT SHE'S ALL WE NEED![/highlight]
  • HELLO SHINATICS!!! :wave: :wave:

    RACHELLANDIA!!! Congratz sa new house :D

    Thanks to dayee & lizet......... also to jade for TS :)
  • Hi Shinatics!:wave:

    'Musta naman! 'Luv the new haws:)

    Im so excited to see Shin again at ASAP this coming weekend. Cant wait!!!
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  • Sis jade salamat sa pag TS :wave:

    RACHELLANDIA is officially SIGNING ON! :cheers:

    na miss niyo ba mga adiks? :lol: kasi naman pasaway na Frank walang kuryente at intenet dito :(
  • Rachellandia! :wave:

    House 11 na! :cheers:

    :bounce: :bounce2: :bounce:
  • [highlight]RACHELLE ANN ROCKS LIVE, NOW AVAILABLE![/highlight]


    [highlight]Track List:[/highlight]
    1. The Search is Over
    2. This Aint a Love Song
    3. Someone
    4. When You Love Someone
    5. I Just Can't Let Go
    6. Crying
    7. Can't Cry Hard Enough
    8. No Rain
    9. Can't Fight This Feeling
    10. Honestly (carrier single)
    11. Missing You
    12. 2 Steps Behind
    13. That's What Love is For

    [highlight]LET'S SAY NO TO PIRACY!!
  • oh my.. haUz 11 nA??....pRang keiLan Lang ah.. :lol:

    hoLLa! sA lahAt ng mgA sHinatiCs :love:
  • brooke16 wrote: »
    oh my.. haUz 11 nA??....pRang keiLan Lang ah.. :lol:

    hoLLa! sA lahAt ng mgA sHinatiCs :love:

    hi... good morning! :wave:
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