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Sinong manonood ng SURVIVOR 2: The Australian Outback?

paganpagan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Start na sa January 29 on AXN.
Who are your bets? Which one's better: Survivor 1 or Survivor 2?


  • of course!!! i'll be watching it! i think Survivor is one of coolest shows ever to it the TV screens!

    honestly, i think the second wouldn't be as good as the first mainly becoz na-influence na siguro sila ng previous cast (alliances, back-biting)...i even saw this guy na feeling Richard Hatch! nyek! but i think this cast has more attractive people in it...pero no one will beat Colleen!!! cutie ng cast si Amber!
  • i heard that there's a girl there who was sent home coz she totally duped her personal background saying that she didn't have any kids when in truth she does... dunno if she's the same girl who was being talked about in a segment in fox news who was gettin like really high on ecstacy coz she was gettin really funky there... ah whatever... m just waitin for this afro-american guy who looks mighty fine (daw) :D
  • yah, si NICK BROWN!!!
    he's a law student i think, tapos he models part-time. sobrang cutie ever!!! Panis si gervase!!!
    who got to watch the pilot last night?? hindi ko napanooooooodddd! :angry:
  • Alliances nanaman? That's what made the 1st Survivor a bit... unfair, I guess...
  • siyempre ako! i luv survivor!
    pero di ko pa alam which survivor is best...
    bakit walang survivor sa pinas? gus2 ko sumali no! para pumayat ako :lol:
    can't w8 till the 29th! :crazy:
  • me!!!!!!!!

    i hope this one's better than the first one, i can't wait
  • i'll definitely couldn't miss it for the world!!!
    i love survivor 1!
    wonder how survivor in the outback will be like...

    and with regards to alliances and stuff... i think it's just natural for 'em to do that. that's what makes the series more intruguing right?

    2pm axn (sabay ng sa states)
    10pm replay
    jan 29th
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    syempre panonoorin ko yun!
    kaso lang hde ko mapapanood yun 2pm show, yun live!
    pano kse nasa schl pa ako nun! kakainis!
    titignan ko pa kung anong oras replay... sana meron...


  • yehey! exams kami sa monday...meaning, mapapanood ko yung 2pm telecast!!! woohoo!!! i wanna see Amber! san she's as cute on the show as she is on her profile! ngayon pa lang, naaasar na ako dun sa Richard wannabe!!! forgot his name eh...


    HEY! SASABAY NA RIN ANG STUDIO 23!!! AXN AND STUDIO 23 WILL BE SHOWING SURVIVOR 2: THE AUSTRALIAN AT ALMOST THE SAME TIME!!! EXCITING! this is the first time ata na magkaka-live telecast tayo ng US show (except for those award shows and beauty pageants) sana pati Friends at Dawson's Creek kaya nilang i-live telecast!
  • Excited na ako kasi bukas na. Mas maganda siguro yung Survivor 1 kasi wala talagang idea yung mga survivors.
  • :angel:manonood ako ng survivor 2 syempre pero mas gusto ko survivor 1 kasi mas nakakatuwa ung mga characters pero tignan natin.. wag muna tayong mag judge.. :devil:
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sana mala-colleen din si amber :inluv:
  • pero di mashado... hindi tulad nung sa 1 na talagang inaabangan ko! :lol:

    yehey wala akong pasok tomorrow ng 2pm!!!! woohooooo!!!!

    uy gusto ko si.. kel ba yun? angkyut!
  • homebuddy,

    saang website mo nakuha mga profiles and pics nga mga contestants ng survivor 2 ?
  • i got it from the offical Survivor 2: The Australian Outback website...i just searched in Yahoo!
  • survivors.jpg

    here's all of them!

    i]Edited to make the pic show.[/i

    [Edited by Yoshi on 01-29-2001 at 12:23 AM]
  • Another pic; this one is of the Ogakor tribe.

  • Hiya guys!!!
    i don't wanna ruin the surprise. survivor 2's first episode just ended and some annoying ***** got voted off. just watch it, may replay telecast later 10pm. okay enjoy you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • crazy legscrazy legs PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Debb was voted out. I think she got all the votes except her own which went to Jeff. I guess nobody liked her because she's kind of a know-it-all type.
  • kawawa naman si Debb! dapat si Jeff na-vote off! i don't like him...he's so annoying! feeling niya Rich siya! bakla din ata! Amber and Elisabeth are the cuties of this batch! sana they gave Amber more screen time!!! i think this batch is more conniving than the first pero i think nothing beats the first batch!
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