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    "If there exists even one person alive or dead -- against whom you hold bitter feelings,it's time to forgive. Or, if you are embittered against yourself for some past mistake or shortcoming, it's finally time to forgive yourself and move on. Hatred, bitterness, and regret are not part of God's plan for your life. Forgiveness is."

    "Whenever you find yourself, whether at the top of the mountain or the depths of the valley, God is there, and because He cares for you, you can live courageously. The next time you find your courage tested to the limit, remember God is your shield and your strength; He is your protector and your deliverer. Call upon him in your hour of need and he will protect you."

    "Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exult you in due time. 1 Peter 5:6, We human beings are, by nature, impatient. We know what we want, and we know exactly when we want it: RIGHT NOW! But, God knows better. He has created a world that unfolds according to his own timetable, not ours ... Thank goodness!"

    "Sometimes, honesty is difficult; sometimes,honesty is painful; sometimes, honesty makes us feel uncomfortable. Despite these temporary feelings of discomfort, we must make honesty the hallmark of all our relationships; otherwise, we invite needless suffering into our own lives and into the lives of those we love."
  • WHAT A JOURNEY by Arnel Ramos (StarStudio Magazine)

    Through photographs and scenes from her outstanding body of work and personal life, StarStudio pays tribute to the Diamond Star.

    Our resident Maricelian, staffwriter Arnel Ramos, looks back at his idol’s triumps and trials.

    I grew up escorting my Noranian of a mother to the lone rundown theater in Marikina. Thankfully, she never swayed me into joining her tribe. When I reached 11, I felt the need to find my own “heroine” and it helped that Nanay fully understood. The next thing to do was narrow down my nominees to three – Sharon Cuneta in P.S. I LOVE YOU (My verdict: she giggled a lot!), Snooky in BATA PA SI SABEL (my mom’s verdict: beautiful but there was something disconcerting about her proboscis), and last but not the least, Maricel Soriano in OH MY MAMA (our combined judgment: Simply enchanting!)

    That was the first time a celluloid image left me astounded. And it proved to be more than just a one-movie fling.

    After that I would fall in love with Maricel Soriano many times over. GALAWGAW, PABLING, HINDI KITA MALIMOT, the list is endless. I saw them all and always I would marvel at how she could hop from comedy to drama to horror (her reluctant bloodsucker in VAMPIRA deservedly won a Best Performer award from the Young Critics’ Circle). Put her in a smorgasbord of all-star casts and she still manages to shine (TO MAMA WITH LOVE, MGA KUWENTO NI LOLA BASYANG). She made it appear so easy, like she was born to it.

    Early on, it became apparent that versatility was her one big edge. She could be a spitfire one moment and waif-like the next. And the Nora Aunors and Vilma Santoses and Sharon Cunetas of the world could, no – never – make the same claim.

    In the grand tradition of every Maricelian who came before and after me, I also went through the usual fan rituals: pasting cut-out pictures from magazines and dailies on a notebook; standing among the SRO crowd of a Maricel starrer; asking my mother to watch SCHOOLGIRLS in 1982 on its first day of showing only to find out later – hungry and tired – that the Board of Censors has banned it from exhibition; listening to Ate Luds’ radio show which relentlessly played Maricel’s first and last commercially-released single NGAYON AT HABANG PANAHON on weekday afternoons; and just simply memorizing lines from her movies. Hay, my classmates and playmates were teasing me “luka-luka” and I didn’t really mind.

    Years later, when I was already earning, I would allot a fraction of my salary for reading aterials that had her on the cover or even just in the inside pages. When our panganay sold my sizable collection (I had dreams of putting up an archive) to the junkshop without my knowledge, I considered it a serious crime agaist human decency and dignity. To this day, the animosity lingers, I had never forgiven my sister for that.

    Although never the screaming type who would troop to Broadcast City for the live airing of MARICEL…LIVE! Or chase after her to some far-flung location shoot, I followed my beloved Although never the screaming type who would troop to Broadcast City for the live airing of MARICEL…LIVE! Or chase after her to some far-flung location shoot, I followed my beloved Marya’s career moves religiously but, I’d like to believe, in a more sophisticated manner. Her screen feats were always an event. How could you not love her as Shayne Rodrigo, the jealous daughter in SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA? Who uttere that immortal line “Wala sa damit, wala sa kulay ang pagmamahal”? How could you resist her playing the triplets in MARIA WENT TO TOWN or as the college graduate-turned-yaya in THE GRADUATES (a personal favorite)?

    While her rivals were still plying the tweetums route, my dear Maricel was making brave, bold career choices. Whether telling everyone “ayoko ng masikip, ayoko ng putik” in KAYA KONG ABUTIN ANG LANGIT, chanting her national anthem ‘I Am What I Am’ in INDAY BOTE, or contemplating abortion in HINUGOT SA LANGIT, Maricel was always intense, passionate, her portrayal fraught with naked pain.

    But perhaps nothing prepared her followers, or even Maricel herself, to the heartbreak that IKAW PA LANG ANG MINAHAL would bring. She could have lost playing the mother fighting to keep her child in ABANDONADA or even as the advertising executive smarting up from marital breakup in SEPARADA. But not as Adela, the avenging heiress, in that reworking of an old Hollywood film. Maricel rose above the trite elements of the plot to embody an unforgettable character – the performance of a lifetime that curiously went unrecognized. (MC NOTE:by the four major award-giving bodies only)

    Alas, Maricel, ever a survivor, has since moved on – to equally compelling performances (DAHAS, NASAAN ANG PUSO, SOLTERA), and as of late, to spiritual maturity (she is showbiz’ official nocturnal Bible text message sender). The foibles (living in with Ronnie Ricketts at age 19, the unsuccessful marriage to Edu Manzano) and idiosyncrasies of youth now only stand as footnotes to a life that was – and is still being-lived to the fullest.

    In the age of reality TV and instant stardom-instant downfall, Maricel Soriano’s most glowing achievement is that she has prevailed. Come June or July (MC NOTE: August or September), her much-heralded return to a genre she dominated and reigned in for ten years (THE MARICEL DRAMA SPECIAL from 1987-1997) via VIETNAM ROSE promises to be the teleserye event of the year. In the role of a Vietnamese girl who flees the war and struggles to build a new life in the Philippines, expect dramatic fireworks from the Diamond Star.

    It is comforting to know, 24 years later, that I, with Nanay’s guidance, had picked the right girl after all.

    THE YOUNG MARICEL. Maricel owes her impeccable comic skills to a long association with local comedy stalwarts Dolphy and the late Nida Blanca in JOHN EN MARSHA and being part of two kiddie shows KALUSKOS MUSMOS and KUSKOS BALUNGOS, progenitor of programs like ANG TV and GOIN’ BULILIT.

    MARICEL on TV. TV BABE. From her first sitcom JOHN en MARSHA in 1974 to her most recent BIDA SI MISTER, BIDA SI MISIS, Maricel has always been a TV darling. Her MARICEL DRAMA SPECIAL holds the record as the longest-running drama anthology: 10 years. She won 3 Star Awards for TV Best Drama Actress trophies for the show (1987, 1988 and 1997). She has been cited twice in the Asian TV Awards: Best Drama Actress in 1995 and Best Comedy Actress in 1999 for KAYA NI MISTER, KAYA NI MISIS.

    MARICEL in the MOVIES 1970’S-80’S. The title role in KATORSE was first offered to Maricel not to Miss D (Dina Bonnevie). She nixed it because she felt she wasn’t ready to show some skin. Mother Lily relented and cast Maria opposite William Martinez in OH MY MAMA and their love team would go on to create box-office history.

    MARICEL in the movies 90’s to present. IKAW PA LANG ANG MINAHAL’s working title was ANG LAHAT SA BUHAY KO. Widely considered as her finest two hours on celluloid. It is also Maricel’s personal favorite among her (as of last count) 93 films. She was heavy with Tien Tien (real name: Sebastien) while attending all the awards nights for that particular award-giving season where she was a grandslam Best Actress nominee. (MC NOTE: nakapanganak na s’ya di ba? First public appearance n’ya pagkapanganak ay sa awards night ‘ata )
  • PART7-1.jpg

    IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by Adrian P. Pasos (S Magazine)

    Once there was a myth. It had a name I won't ever forget - Diamond Star.

    I knew the myth when I was growing up. As a child, she was my idea of perfection. I would tag my mother along to see her movies. All of them - INDAY BOTE, INDAY INDAY SA BALITAW, MARIA WENT TO TOWN, MGA KWENTO NI LOLA BASYANG, HINUGOT SA LANGIT, BATANG QUIAPO. and more to mention.

    Consequently, my mother saw most of her movies too, and she became fond of me getting fond of her. She would see her through my eyes. She liked Maria, but not as much as I liked her. I knew there were other fans like me, but I've always claimed to be Maria's biggest fan. Deep in my heart, I really was. Maricel Soriano made the child I was very happy. That I know for sure.

    For me, that was all she was. An actress. A star. A dream. An inspiration. A light in the dark. Someone I wouldn't have the chance to shake hands with and tell my stories to. Someone I wouldn't know. A legend. A stranger. A myth. She represented all things that were too distant to reach. If I was to believe only in things I could touch and see, she wasn't real. She was real to Roderick Paulate who had worked with her more than a few times. She was real to William Martinez and Randy Santiago who became her leading men in the movies, to Snooky Serna and Dina Bonnevie who were Regal Babies like her. She was real to Dolphy and Nida Blanca who became her family in TV's John & Marsha. But not in my world.

    She may not be real but she was an important part of my life when I was eight years old. Nevertheless, Maricel would only be a picture in my mind. Just an imagination. A myth.

    There was another myth surrounding her persona. Everyone used to call her "Taray Queen". I think everyone stll thinks she is. Whether that theory of most people is true or merely the perception of insecure people wanting their backs scratched by her but didn't get it, I was interested to find out.

    THE MYTH COMES TO AN END. My interview with Maricel was at two in the afternoon at Dominique James' studio in Quezon City. All psyched up, I was prepared to unravel the truth. Three days ago, I was given the assignment and I knew that job was meant for me. I knew all the cosmic forces were at work, opening the door of opporunity, giving me the chance I have been waiting for all these years.

    Three, two, one.

    Maricel Soriano, the movie star, came in. I was nearly losing it. It was surreal you wouldn't understand it. The Diamond Star was blinding me with her light. She said hi to everyone and shook my hand. I could hear the hallelujah chorus.

    In the blink of an eye, she is a sight to behold - still fresh and mesmerizing after all those years of hard work.

    The photo shoot gave me enough time to trace her movements and observe her beauty and balance, both on and off cam, how she walked and talked, how she entertained everyone on the set, how she constantly put a smile on her face and how she made us all comfortable with euphemisms that say, "I'm not a star. Come closer to me. You may hold my hand, I don't bite."

    But it was time to get down to today's task at hand - the truth.

    After four quick layouts and three outfit modifications, she was finally there, up-front and munching on her snacks.

    She would face me. And my questions. But she wasn't in a melting pot. I was. She faced me with a half-sized homemade sandwich wrapped in foil and hot coffee from a thermos.

    Sino si Maria after 34 years in showbusiness?

    "Si Maricel pa rin. Ako pa rin ako. Ako 'yung dating bata na maraming puwedeng maging interpretasyon ang tao. May perception ang bawat tao. Kung ano 'yung perception nila, nasa sa kanila 'yon. For me ako pa rin ito."

    After a few minutes, I was beginning to see through her and find my answers.

    THE REAL MARICEL. The myth was a person. It isn't true. Maricel is all-real - made of flesh and bone, pain and all. It wasn't drama. She isn't what you see on television; she guards herself when threatened; she is ruled by her defenses; she fights; she takes control; she is controlled by her emotions; she reacts when she is pricked; she gets scared; she gets fascinated; she gets irritated; she craves for little pleasures; she cares, she doesn't care; she says sorry; she agrees; she disagrees; she can give you a look with a thousand meanings. Like you and me, she is all real, flawed and human. No pretensions, no false image.

    With all respect and hardcore honesty to the one and only Diamond Star, that was the perception and responsibility she entrusted to me. She wouldn't care less if people who'd read this would be persuaded by it. She knows people would always have perceptions about her and she respects it.

    "As a person, everybody cares about what other people say, but up to a certain time or up to a certain age. What matters most is who you are and what you are in God's eyes. Does it really matter if they say that you're this or that? Sana bigyan natin sila ng mga salamin para makita nila ang sarili nila bagi nila ako i-judge. Isa lang ang puwedeng mag-judge sa akin", she says.

    There was but one thing superhuman about her. "I don't get bored. I love talking. If there's nobody there, I pray."

    AN ACTRESS OF THE FIRST CALIBER. For an actress her caliber, Maricel is beyond category. She may have invited us to laugh with her tomboyish humor and the sarcastic see-saw of her eyebrows (check her movies back in the 80's and her weekly ABS-CBN sitcom BIDA SI MISTER BIDA SI MISIS with Cesar Montano) but she blows us away the next moment with betrayal, grief, oppression, vengeance and rage spelled on her face.

    That's her irony, her edge, her undeniable talent - a baffling mixture of old school comedic relief (popularized by Sampaguita and LVN Pictures, as in movies TARAY AT TEROY, GORIO EN TEKLA, ANAK NI WARAY VS. ANAK NI BIDAY) and stomach-twitching grit and tearfest (SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA, KAYA KONG ABUTIN ANG LANGIT, INAGAW MO AN LAHAT SA AKIN, SEPARADA, ABANDONADA). It is for this reason others get the wrong signal.

    They may be intimidated by her intensity. But when she looks straight into your eyes, you should know it's her way of showing her sincerity.

    Doesn't she miss doing variety shows? She used to have one.

    "After a while, 'pag nakagawa ka na ng sitcom, ng variety show, ng pelikula, mapa-drama, mapa-action, mapa-comedy, isa na lang ang papasok sa isip mo - nagpapasalamat ka kasi nagawa mo na."

    STAR IN OUR MIDST. Over the years, fans like me have reconciled with her in soul and spirit. We understand Maricel like no one else does. This interview has all the more solidified whatever it was I believed about her.

    When Maricel shared her sentiments about her fans, I felt closer to her like never before. "When I was younger, I was very detached with them or siguro I was so preoccupied with my work, my life, my problems, everything. I know they were just there. They like me, probably love me. Pero hindi ko nakuha 'yun before. Hindi ko na-grasp 'yuing importance ng friendship na puwede nilang i-offer sa akin. Na 'yung unconditional love na binibigay nila sa akin, 'yun ang pinapantayan ko ngayon. What's nice about it is now I know and they know that I know."

    Life is more that the glitter of award shows and golden statuettes. This was all Maricel was trying to tell us all. There is more to it than fancy clothes and trophies, like peace in your heart and confidence to claim your Creator knows you well. "I have already achieved the peace na hinahanap ko. I'm very peaceful now. Siyempre, there is another level or stage du'n sa peace na hinahanap ko", she confides.

    "Wala namang life na madali eh. Whether you're in a castle or in a bahay kubo, it's still the same. It depends on how you're going to perceive things. Lahat tayo hindi tayo puwedeng mag-relax hangga't hindi pa natin natatapos 'yung mission natin sa life. Puwede nating sabihing happy tayo pero kasi 'yung joy, iba 'yon sa happiness. You can only hope for that. Only God can change everything. He's the only one who can make miracles. Happy tayo ngayon."

    It is for this reason that Maricel learned the value of taking her work seriously. She has worked hard enough not just to pay the bills but to be a good steward of what was given her, cultivate her gifts to make people happy. That was her job, her calling, perhaps her mission.

    "Ang treatment ko, in general, is more of, it's a job", she says. "It's my job. It's like what you do now. I don't know how dedicated you are to your job but I am.

    "Once you're earning," she continues, "you already have your responsibility. 'Pag in-embrace mo 'yung responsibility, you have to think of, first, pagpapasalamat sa Diyos dahil meron tayong trabaho. Ang hirap ng buhay at sitwasyon ng Pilipinas. Second, you have to take care of yourself, kasi if you want to help other people, you have to help yourself first."

    There was another thing about her I truly admired - her integrity. "May focus kasi ako eh", she says. "Hindi ako pabago-bago. Hindi ako 'yung ngayon oo, mamaya hindi. 'Pag sinabi ko sa 'yong oo, oo 'yun. Puwede mong dalhin sa bangko 'yung oo ko."

    Stardom is a myth. It gives people what they want - a show, a make-believe, a circus. It has actors playing gods thay can look up to, playing clowns they can ridicule, and all sorts of disguises to entertain us. It has mabic and fireworks, lies and deception, flickering lights and color. But when the show is over and people go back to the real world, I would sit and be grateful Maricel Soriano talked to me without a mask on her face. Just her. Not a myth, not a legend. Just one of us.
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    congrats sa new house hehe.

    congrats miss_wah..

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    congrats sa new house hehe.

    congrats miss_wah..

    post lang ng post maricelians lol!

    sarap palang magbukas ng bahay...
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    sarap palang magbukas ng bahay...

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    ako nakaisang beses lang at ayaw ko ng maulit pa hehe. maganda iyong isang beses lang hehe.
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    Bahay Kubo: A Movie Review
    by TJ De Leon

    Bahay kubo, kahit munti
    Ang halaman doon, ay sari-sari
    Singkamas at talong, sigarilyas at mani
    Sitaw, bataw, patani

    We are all familiar with this traditional Tagalog folksong, Bahay Kubo. Everytime I hum this tune, it always remind me of the typical rural lifestyle. Like something so simple, as it’s enough to capture the inner peace in us.

    The essence of this song inspires the concept for the movie “Bahay Kubo”, which is the Pinoy version of Mano Po. Generally, the movie tackles Filipino values like strong family ties and values.

    The story revolves around the life of Eden Manahan (Maricel Soriano) as she constantly struggles to maintain her family together as well as her relationship with her husband Perry (Eric Santos), best friend Marang (Eugene Domingo) and with her mother Ida (Gloria Romero).

    Here, Eden has brought up a family in which most of them are adopted children, wherein all her daughters are named after flowers. Being an adopted daughter, Eden never fails to open herself to adopting children, especially when she had learned that lost children are form of God’s graces and a social luck to her business and personal life. As her children grew up acquiring individuated personalities, Eden lately realized that her maternal role is rather complicated and the only thing she needs is the assistance of her close loved ones to remind her that life remains to be happy.

    The general message that film would like to convey is that despite the troubles and conflicts that the family is encountering, the only people that they need and must hold on is one another.

    Ideally perfect for family bondings, the movie is uniquely balanced in terms of expressing laughter and tears. Soriano performed at her best in her role as an understanding mother yet I find it comfortable if she is inclined doing drama rather than comedy. With the crazy antics and funny punch lines, Domingo also did an impressive supporting character as she adds a little spice in the story. Certainly, Bahay Kubo is not that serious like the other Mano Po movies previously released.


    written by christine_, May 25, 2008

    sobra! ganda talaga.. one of the best film for the family in his generation.. MARICEL SORIANO is the best in the acting department.. MARIAN RIVERA is beautiful and she shone in her own style of acting.. great casting, story and perfect combinations of characters.. 10 stars ...

    written by rachelle anne quijano, March 19, 2008

    grbe.. thanx at nakagwa aq ng proj. dhil d2 .. ang lupit.. ...

    written by gladys jade garcia, March 13, 2008

    So!!! nice!!
    Bahay Kubo film is a very nice story. You can relate with this film. It's a story with a moral values/lessons. Bahay kubo is a sweet and sentimental family tale that is as endearing. as the children's song it is culled from. Love and family ties come together this season in a delightful comedy drama filled with laughter and tears.
    ..... ...

    written by deBoRah14, March 12, 2008

    .aStig hahh . . . ...

    written by BSEntrep. 1A, March 12, 2008

    Piz ...

    written by leicel ann, March 11, 2008

    bravo!!!!!! KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ...

    written by federico genobili, March 05, 2008

    il watch it palang e. sana it conveys alot of moral values. i hope. ...

    written by jE-aNn30, March 04, 2008

    .,aNef! riLy lovE dIz m0vie..thAnk u ngA pLah kxE npAsa q0h uNg pr0jEk q0h dhL d2..!! hAha, kIp up thE gUd w0rk..! aLs0 i adMire aLL of thE act0rs and aCtreSses wh0 pArticipAted dIz m0vie eSpeciaLLy mAriAn, mAriceL and eUgeNe.. ...

    written by Shyne, March 04, 2008

    kakaiyak talaga! ...

    written by rose ann, March 02, 2008

    Wow!!! Its so very nice movie!!! Perfect!!!! ...

    written by nherrie, March 01, 2008

    hai gnda aman poh ngmovie n2 nka2iyak hahai.. glng n ate marian as lily wow hnep whehehe ...

    written by eiyeN, February 24, 2008

    ang ganda ...

    written by ♥....dark angel....♥, February 24, 2008

    mgnda sya...super....mraming aral n ntututunan....kip up the good work... ...

    written by nezza, February 23, 2008

    lam nyo ba nung pinanood nmin 2 naiyak mama ko ako nga pinipigilan ko lang luha ko pro di ko pa din npigil....grabe ang ganda ng film sayang nga kc di nkapanuod ung mga kapatid ko ...

    written by 123, February 20, 2008

    nu name ni violet dyn?

    written by Earvin Tenefrancia, February 15, 2008

    very good show............. ...

    written by Earvi Tenefrancia, February 15, 2008

    Very Good Movie...............♥♥♥ ...

    written by jesybel, February 12, 2008

    hay graveh tlga nka2iyak...super ganda n2ng movie ...

    written by maureen, February 03, 2008

    super ganda,,nakakaiyak po sya,mas lalo ko naintindihan how important to have a family.. ...

    written by cathy, January 31, 2008

    just about to watch it here in Singapore... can't wait ...

    written by jhame, January 26, 2008

    super ganda ng bahay kubo

    written by erica, January 20, 2008

    it was a great movie

    written by Melody, January 20, 2008

    ...Haysz...wala akong masabi...sobrang touching ang movie na ito.....ang ganda grabe! promise.... ...

    written by jeff, January 20, 2008

    GanDa NAkAKaiyAK ...

    written by jhen, January 15, 2008

    hu is the director of this movie??? ...

    written by jaja, January 15, 2008

    so funny.......

    written by tazusa, January 15, 2008

    thank you kasi nakapasa ako ng project ko dahil sa inyo

    written by anonymous from antipolo, January 13, 2008

    mixed emotions..i like this movie..very touching and many families can relate with this kind of movie..luv it B) ...

    written by arby of U.P., January 11, 2008

    i like the movie very much. it should have won the Best Picture award. ...

    written by -=crYinG bHaby=-, January 10, 2008

    ur actresses and actors are perfectly combined in a well-prepared movie! ..i love this movie! ..congratz! ...

    written by nicholai, January 08, 2008

    ang ganda! super!!! ...

    written by Terry tesoro, January 07, 2008

    Hello. I also admire this movie. Actually I include this movie as one of my critique films in MMFF in our project in Mass Media. I would like to ask your permission if I can take some pics from this site and also some reviews. Thanks. You will be acknowledged. ...

    written by clarice, January 06, 2008

    feel the spirit of the family..
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    dami din palang nagkagusto sa bahay kubo. makabili nga ng original dvd nito lol!
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    See all ads from dorothy_red
    Bahay Kubo Movie Starring Maricel Soriano and Eric Quizon. Showing at Great World City, Feb. 3, 9,10,16,17,23,24, March 1.

    Price: $ 10

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    anyweyz..congratz s atin for the new home....
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    huhu sad tlga ko...kainis kasi ate ko eh...mang-aagaw ng turn s pc..huhu

    u missed it hehe. sa sunod nating thread.. sasabihan na kita na gumawa na agad kahit hindi pa tapos. dapat kasi kagabi n ready mo na lol!

    there will be so many next times. tig isa isa tayong thread starter hehe.

    ganda ng usapan niyo ni angel kikaypals kagabi.. nakakatuwa. naubos oras ko sa backreading hehe.
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