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ILDEFONSO signs with TANDUAY for 96 to 200 Million

what a mind boggling contract

basic pay
500k per month for 16 years = 96 million
if player cap increases he also gets it

game allowances
50,000 elims quarters
60,000 semis
70,000 finals
5,000 increase every year thereafter

5 million per mvp
1 million plus car worth 3 million per bpc

team performance per conference
1 month quarters 2 months semis 4 months finals 6 months championship

stats performance per conference
top 10 in scoring rebounding shotblocking
1 million each

sportsmanship and all defense 1 million each
mvp of series 2 million plus car worth 3 million
1st team 1 million and car worth 3 million
2nd team 1 million and car worth 2 million

but he deserves it and hes young

easily could breach the 200 MILLION MARK over the 16 year period



  • PorkChop :o)PorkChop :o) PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    isipin mo na lang .. what money can buy....

    SAYANG....... nawala na pagkabilib ko kay Danny I

  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Boy, Bong Tan sure has a lot of money to throw away.
  • porkchop...danny i. is not bobo!!!! if u were offered that kind of money, wouldnt u accept it. its a once in a lifetime offer. he has to think of his future. and besides, if ur a san miguel fan, dont lose hope coz san miguel can just match the offer sheet and danny i. is still a beerman. dont blame the guy!!! that's life in the pba.
  • do you think he can still play until he is 40 yrs old?

    ..................EVIL CLOWN..................
  • Originally posted by Big Ticket
    porkchop...danny i. is not bobo!!!! if u were offered that kind of money, wouldnt u accept it. its a once in a lifetime offer. he has to think of his future. and besides, if ur a san miguel fan, dont lose hope coz san miguel can just match the offer sheet and danny i. is still a beerman. dont blame the guy!!! that's life in the pba.

    don't count on it smb won't match the offer. what will they do to ildefonso for 16 years? analyze it, the contract would last until Ildefonso is 40 yrs old, the twilight of a baskeball player's career is probably 32(barring any injuries)ron jacobs is not stupid enough to count on danny to be there for them until he's 40 and besides Danny I doesn't deserve that much, too many big fil-ams are coming in and good ones at that. in 3 yrs time that 6 foot 6 frame of him would be too small for centers in the pba. danny's style of play is easily checked, put someone like andy seigle in front of him and he probably will get lost in the offense (he doesn't even have a decent jump shot or a perimeter game to open up the inside defense of the opposing team). basketball is not all power, it's more of an intellectual game. he's a lost to smb but not really that much for they still have danny s. and with the transfer of ildefonso would free up the salary cap of the team, they could probably lure one good big man to the team through an offer sheet. don't bet your last peso on it, smb won't match the offer and uichico knows that dahil hindi siya BOBO!!!
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i'm never gonna look at danny i the same way as before....nag-pratice pa siya with the team yesterday morning, he didin't even have the courtesy to tell the team that he was gonna sign an offer sheet :mad:....he's a &#*@^ hypocrite; san miguel offered him a 5-year contract, mashado daw mahaba...ginawang 3 years, mahaba pa din....pinagbigyan na nga sa 2 years, eto't nag-sign pa ng 16 years....may sinasabi pa siyang "nung bata pako gusto ko ng maglaro sa tanduay" :angry:...ul*l mo hayup ka....sana i-match ng san miguel ang offer sheet at ilagay ka sa reserve list ng 16 years :mad:

    i hope they match the offer sheet and trade this a-hole away....probably to purefoods for andy seigle and noy castillo ;) that way, san miguel'd be sure that they won't lose danny seigle....

    pero iniisip ko din, baka yng [email protected] manager lang ni ildefonso ang nag-corrupt ng isip ni danny i eh....ildefonso's been widely regarded as one of the msot humble players in the league, kaya nakakagulat talaga yung ginawa niya....

    nevertheless, it was still his call, he signed the offer sheet, end of story....you're a #@^*$@( traitor, naka-MVP ka lang, akala mo na kung sino ka :angry: HINDI KA MAGE-MVP KUNG WALA KA SA SAN MIGUEL, UNGAS KA!! kapal ng mukha mo :mad: in the first place, kung hindi dahil kay ron jacobs, nagtatanim ka pa rin ng kamote ngayon sa MBA....inggrato ka :angry: isaksak mo sa baga mo ang pera mo :mad:

    at sa tanduay, congratulations, naka-nakaw na naman kayo....laking tawa ko lang pag naging bankrupt kayo at ikulong kayong mag-ama....
  • San Miguel is willing to trade Danny I for Eric Menk if Tanduay can produce a DoJ clearance within 5 days. Problem is, Tanduay is not making any efforts to do that.

    What a staggering amount? Is it a way to launder Erap's money? By offering insane salaries?
  • PorkChop :o)PorkChop :o) PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i agree with most people here in this thread...

    sanmiguel will not in any way benifit if they match such an offer..
    biruin mo .. ang tanda na ni danny I ganon pa rin ang kikitain nya mas tumatas pa habang tumatanda sya...
    grabe talaga sya...
    parang kasakiman naman yon ..
    okay for example tinapatan ng sanmig yong offer.. sa tingin nyo ba in 5 yrs na naglalaro si danny I hindi magbabago(bababa) ang laro .. paano pa sya i-tratrade ng sanmigue if ever gusto nilang kumuha ng mas magalin at batang player eh walang kakagat sa sahod nya .. kasi adjustable pa yon sa maximum salary every year meaning kapag naging 600 a month na ang sahod ganon din mag-aadjust ang sahod nya...

    i agree with neth_row ... wala syang utang na loob... may drama pa sya na gusto nya mas maigsing taon ang pirmahan nya ..yon pala.. grrrrrrrr... mukhang pera talaga... hayop talaga ang manager nya...

    sayang ka danny .. nasilaw ka sa pera...

    big ticket im no san miguel fan .. taga-baranggay ginebra ako...

    nanghihinayang lang ako sa kanya... magandag organisasyon na ang san miguel... sayang talaga...
  • Boo Yeah...you SMB fans are so scared that's why you're bickering. When Menk gets his clearance, he, danny and dondon will be the biggest tandem in PBA. Dont worry Neth_Row, you guys still have Rob the Job Duat
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Big Ticket
    that's life in the pba.

    ...it still doesn't justify his greed...right now, santong santo ang tingin ko kay marlou aquino....kahit bobo yung si aquino, at least may natitira pa akong respeto sa kanya....

    bumalik man si ildefonso sa san miguel, i wouldn't cheer for him anymore....everytime he enters that hardcourt, i'll think that he's only in it for the money....every smile that he'll flash, i'm gonna think that he's smiling because he's gonna get lots of bonuses....and everytime he'll say "saka na yung award-award, ang importante mag-champion muna", susuka ako....

    i hope he doesn't wear another beerman jersey again for the rest of his life....he's a disgrace; he's a different person from my point of view....and he can burn in hell for all i care :mad:

    and vuarnet aka. kendo, baduy mo ha, may alter-ego ka pa....luma na yan no... :p pag nakuha ni menk yung clearance niya, wala ng space ang tanduay sa salary cap para sa kanya :p and what makes you think menk'll play for tanduay?!? traydor na organisasyon yang tanduay :rolleyes:....porke't wala na silang pakinabang sa isang tao, tinatapon na lang nila....i wouldn't be surprised if in the future, ite-trade nila yang si ildefonso....bottomline is: INYO NA YAN!!!!
  • :| Ildefonsos' mind is about his future and security, but with an organization like San Mig, he could have weighed his option first. Feeling siguro niya baka ma-injure o ma-laos kagad siya. Well, no matter what, come hell or high water, I'll stick it with San Miguel and for Danny Good Luck to you and you can stick your Millions up your *****! :grrr:

  • is it true?!?!?!?!?

    sayang naman! pero wag naman sanang magalit kay Danny I.

    dont u think u would do that rin if u were in his place? id do! hehehehe

    it's about the money. he's just being practical and thinking of his future.
  • as we have seen in the ABARRIENTOS et al trade the PBA is all about BUSINESS

    maybe its about time the PLAYERS not only DANNY I get back from the teams who are making BILLIONs

    lets just wish DANNY I well. he deserves the money. its his insurance for injuries (but sana wala) plus he is not that smart like other players that im sure basketball will be his main livelihood. at least ensured na ang future niya.

    havent you noticed that player agents have become sophisticated. dati salaries lang ngayon its like a pension plan na. kumbaga may cash build up as early as possible.

    lets just pray that DANNY I will continue to play well since we know that a lot of his relatives look for support from him. thats plenty of souls to feed.

    anyway you san miguel fans dont worry. the team will not be weakened by DANNY Is departure relative to the other teams.
    kung galit kayo sa TANDUAY, dont match the offer.

    kaming neither SAN MIGUEL nor TANDUAY fans, we just wanna PLAY BALL!!!

    last na lang diba corporate rivals ang SAN MIGUEL and TANDUAY. so by the looks of it, TANDUAY just got 1 over SAN MIGUEL in the PUBLICITY angle
  • .....BOBO ang................Tanduay kase imagin 40 yrs old na nun si D.I. sa tingin nyo may mapapala pa ba kaya sila dun kung dadating na sya sa ganitong age.......ok sige malakas na sila kung makakabalik si Menk and with D.I. sa Tanduay.....pero ang tanong.....gusto ba talaga ng tanduay na maglaro ng basketball????...sa tingin ko bumibili na sila ng trophy eh.....nagpapalakas ng nag papalakas kase maraming pera na alam naman natin siguro kung saan galing yung mga milyones ng tanduay......and sa tingin ko hindi ganun kabobo ang SMB para tapatan ang offer sheet na iyun.....yun nga lang tiis muna sila ngayong taon.....wag muna silang umasa sa championship trophy kase mukhang mahirap ata ngayon yun......subukan na lang nila next year kung sakasakali.....at least ngayon bukas ang salary cap nila and next year sana makuha nila si andy s. para naman magkaroon ng kapalit si ildefonso.....mas mabuti na yun kesa si Danny S. ang mawala.....saka intak pa rin ang defense nila....hindi mawawala si belasco na matunog na ipapalit kay seigle if ever magkaroon ng trade.....may kasabihan tayong "you win some, you lose some".....and in this scenario TANDUAY lost and SMB wins......

    .......conform to survive.
  • the_BuGsthe_BuGs PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sa tingin ko eh nde na tataptan ng SAN MIGUEL yan andyan pa naman si DANNY S. EH!! SIYA NA LANG ANG PAGTUTUUSAN NG PANSIN NG SAN MIGUEL NEKS YEAR!!!!!! PWAHAHAHAHAHAHA GO GO SMB ok lang na mawala si Danny I. nde naman consistent laro niya eh. MASAYA NA SI KENDO Dahil nakuha na ng tanduay si Danny I. Pero oks lang SMB Pa RIN!! WALANG IWANAN!!!!!!!!
  • INFO PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
    Sure na ba to???????!!!!!!!?????
    grabeh!!!!! mukhang pera!!!!!!
  • haay, nakalulungot naman. kahit di ako smb fan, nalungkot at nagulat ako sa news na nabasa ko sa inquirer. pera nga naman
    ang laki nang nagagawa.
    u thing lalaro pa sya hanggang 40 yrs.? eh cgurado by that time wala na sya sa limelight ng career nya! tsk.. tsk.. tsk...
    biglang lumakas ang tanduay team!
  • This contract is a way around the salary cap. I don't think anyone in their right mind thinks that Ildefonso will still be an effective player more than 10 years from now. They were able to legally pay him more than the rules allow disguising it by paying it during his ineffective years.

  • vertigovertigo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    So what else is new? That is how life is in a professional basketball, it is not a matter of loyalty anymore, but of money. Players are there for their own security. It's their profession. It's their main source of income. I don't blame Danny for biting the bait dangled by Tanduay, it's plain human nature to look for ways to survive. In the same way, teams are there in the PBA to secure their viability and competitiveness in the league, unmindful of whatever loyalty their cagers may profess. This is the system that is embodied and indoctrinated in the PBA and in the NBA, and in all the professional leagues. So, don't be surprised with Danny I leaving SMB, the team which honed his skills the moment he stepped in the professional arena, for the 96 Million staggered in 16 years, or Alaska dumping Johnny Abarrientos, Jojo Lastimosa, and Poch Juinio, the architects behind their success in the 90s, in the hope of investing for the Milkmen's future. It is just a matter of wise, euphemism for unforgiving, business transaction. UTANG NA LOOB does not work here, so does LOYALTY.
    For us fans, we don't have a choice. Read it, don't have a choice. That is the bad side of the PBA, and all the other professional leagues. This incident only manifested its true nature so that we may not forget that everything is about money. We must realize that. Coz if we don't, I'm sure PBA will head down to the barracks. They expect us to accept this, and to live by it. Ultimately, with us taking it as it is, the whole league will endure and rake in bigger profits.
    But don't get me wrong. I still support the PBA. I still support San Miguel, with or without Danny, coz I've already learned to accept the business ways of the PBA. I've just been enlightened to the harsh realities. My only appeal to PBA, to the players and to all the teams, is that whatever decisions you take, please do mind the fans. You must always remember, to borrow from Bill Velasco, WE AND ONLY WE MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. SO DON'T SET US ASIDE.

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    reports say that some members of the PBA board will block the tanduay offer....and ildefonso still had the face to show in san miguel's practice yersterday....kapal talaga ng mukha :angry:

    the lenght of the contract didn't worry SMB management daw...it's the bonus scheme....his salary is pegged at 6M a year, but yung bonus can be as high as 10M a year, plus 5 cars at the most.....all san miguel players receive the same amount of bonus with won games (something like 7T for elims, 9T for semis, and 13T for finals), pero si danny ang hinihingi almost 8 times that amount....

    pero nakapagtataka nga, tanduay has hawkins, cariaso, balingit, locsin and arboleda's contracts....pano pa kaya nila napagkashayung contract ni ildefonso....

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