What I hate about doctors and why I hate many of them.

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What I hate about doctors? Their mercenary heart and mind.

Why I hate doctors, many of them; because they are very greedy, and are cheats when it comes to doctors who graduated from UP -- these latters because they leave their country to serve and enrich themselves in the US, Australia, Canada, etc., instead of serving the Filipino people who financed their training.

But I have come across doctors who are not greedy but good, i.e. effective in their practice, and God bless them; but they are the exiguous minority.

For the information of greedy doctors, such doctors who are not greedy and yet very good in their practice, they are also living comfortably though not luxuriously.

Next time you see a doctor, observe whether he dresses and decks himself luxuriously, very expensively and conspicuously at that: shoes, clothes, watches, necklace, and yes, cars -- or not, then you will see a greedy and not only greedy but vain doctor.

Now, doctors who are greedy will always say that their parents spent fortunes to get them to become doctors; so they have to be greedy? or their parents expect and demand that they be greedy and also thus satiate the greed of their parents aside from their own greed?

Now that is really an example of greed, that kind of thinking, that kind of mind and heart, that is greed attitude.

And mankind always hate greed and greedy people.



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    hinay hinay ka lang sa mga accusations mo sa mga UP MD's. A lot of them (a cousin included) are working with government hospitals around the country. And you can't really blame others who have left, what with a very very corrupt government (that stinks to high heavens) and a bleak future for our country. Some of them, came from poor families and can you fault them if for once they can eat decently and avail of luxuries denied of them in their childhood.

    Why single out UP? It's bad enough that UP graduates are seen as Messiahs of sorts that to not meet you and your ilks' expectations risk immediate condemnation. Are UP graduates your slaves?

    And what's wrong if they (some, at least) drive a car or sports trendy clothes? Are UP graduates destined to wear tattered jeans and commute for the rest of their lives?

    It seems that you are yourself selfish and greedy by demanding these standards of UP graduates. Wake up to the reality of our society and ask yourself if it's fair to accuse UP MD's of greediness and selfishness.
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