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Jon and Kate Plus Eight


They have one set of twins: Cara and Mady.

Cara is the nice one, while Mady is the bossy and most outspoken.

And, they also have one set of sextuplets, that's right, 6 babies: Aaden, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Collin, and Joel.

I love these kids, especially the little ones. Hannah is the little mama, and Aaden with his glasses makes my heart melt. :D

Who else watches this show?


  • Corrrect!Corrrect! PEx Rookie ⭐
    I've seen one episode of Dateline (or one of those nightly news-magazine shows) featuring them. :D Don't have cable though.
  • havent watched this in a while. the last ones i saw, Jon and Kate were doing one on one bonding with each kid.

    the sextuplets are all so cute but fav ko sa girls si Hannah (ang cute nung nagtupi sya ng damit :glee: :love: ) and sa boys si Collin (aliw pagiging stubborn nya) and Aaden (animal lover).

    si Mady parang younger version ni Kate. si Cara naman si Jon. :glee:

    minsan naaawa ako kay Jon. lagi nasisigawan ni misis. :lol:
  • I love Hannah because she folds clothes and takes care of the kids! :love:

    I love Leah because she can talk clearly and she sounds so cuteeee! :love:

    I love Alexis (aka Sassy?) because she's a crazy woman with an alligator! :love:

    I love Aaden because of his glasses and his love for animals! :love:

    I love Collin because he's lazy! :wave:

    I love Joel because in one episode, he kept saying, "what's this?" :love:

    I love Cara because she sleeps late and she can't wake up in the morning like me! :love:

    I don't really love Mady, but she says the darnest things!
  • Corrrect! wrote: »
    I've seen one episode of Dateline (or one of those nightly news-magazine shows) featuring them. :D Don't have cable though.

    They were on Oprah once.....they have some clips on youtube.
  • i'm here in canada, and we have TLC (where "J&K + 8" is shown--cable channel siya owned by the discovery channel) here...

    when i first came across the show, i immediately fell in love with it--especially with the cuteness and "kakulitan" of the sextuplets, and the totally unscripted reality of it all (lalo na 'pag nag-aaway na ang mag-asawang gosselin)...

    my fave kid is alexis, 'cause she's cute with her high-pitched voice and all, and she's reaaaaaally pretty. leah would be a close second 'cause at her age, she's really articulate--yung pautal-utal, understandably, is still there, but as her parents once said, she is the clearest speaker among the sextuplets...and she's a beautiful kid, too...*okay*

    kaya every monday night (when the new episode is shown), kinakalimutan ko muna ang network television because of the gosselin family. :lol:
  • I love Hannah the most out of the girls because she's the littla mama. I love Leah the second because I love how she talks. But I also love Alexis because she's one crazy woman!

    I just love them all! They make me want to have sextuplets! :lol:
  • they're all soooo cute! but i find it wierd that they all look very asian when their father is only 1/2 korean.
  • I don't think they look very Asian. You can tell they're half-white and half-something. I guess the Asian gene is really strong.
  • Marathon right now!
  • yung mga kids parang pinoy.. maybe it's just me.. i mean, parang pinoy mixed ang mga kids.. hehe..

    gusto ko yung naka-eyeglasses sa mga sextuplets.. ano nga name nun?
  • Aaden the professor :D
  • I just started watching this show, and i love it! Some of the scenes are waay funny, especially when the mom gets mad because something is dirty! :rotfl:
  • Watching the kids hit each other is funny too. :D
  • I love the "Time-Out Rug" :lol:
  • I love how smart the kids are! They're so funny when they go to the rug, then start bawling. :laugh:
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Wala kaming Discovery Health :( Dati may sneak preview lang ang DH sa Sky Cable... wala na ngayon...

  • oozbaooozbao PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i am hooked on this show. it's amazing how jon and kate could stay sane with 8 kids. breakfast pa lang maloloka na ako! :D

    it helps however that the kids are so adorable!

    fave ko rin si hannah and colin :)
  • palabas na rin ba ang J&K+8 sa 'pinas? :)

    anyway...just wanted to share some clips of the show straight out of youtube...halo-halong episode ito...




    and here's a fan vid, still out of youtube, made by a J&K+8 fan, for/about the gosselin girls...i swear, medyo naiyak ako dito...

    enjoy! :)
  • I'm starting to like TLC because of this. :glee:
  • mikomouse wrote: »
    I'm starting to like TLC because of this. :glee:

    me too! :D

    joel gosselin: "i don't have to go potty...i have a wee-neh (wiener)...daddy have a wee...daddys have wee-neh..." :lol:
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