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Hi I'm planning on shifting to architecture by next sem or next year. Anu-ano po ba yung mga ginagamit ng archi students (t-squares, pencils, inks, etc.)? Pede nyo po ba ilist down dito yung mga things na yun and if possible yung estimate price para mapag-ipunan ko na? hehe :D Thanks a lot!


  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Okay...if malapit ka sa UST punta ka JOLI's they have everything promise. Plus if Tomasino ka may discount ka!

    The Basics:
    Time Saver's Building Standards - tama nga ba...basta red book yan hardbound - 3,000 plus sa NBS
    American Standards
    Philippine Building Code
    Philippine Fire Code

    Sa start ayaw ng mga prof that you use disposable techpens pero...later on nakakalusot na kami...pero sa techpen pinaka gusto ko steadtler...***** till now diko parin ma-spell (.2,.5, mga important),
    I used to love electric eraser so definite ito, kasi pati ink kayang kaya nito!,
    Prang for water colors - pero later pa ito dipa ngayon.
    Stencils, haha nakalimutan ko ang correct term pero furniturees 1:100 and 1:200
    Scale Rulers 1:100, 1:200, 1:33 1/2, 1:50 Joli's have the one that has the 33 1/2
    Triangles, 45 and 30' adjustable if may extra na budget
    french curves
    **** ito pa isa pang nakalimutan ko tawag yung pang gawa ng circle...steadtler din brand and dapat may attachment for techpens
    mechanical pencil...with lead...nope not the regular .5 mech pen...steadtler din brand around P200

    Shensha na po, kumpleto ako nun sa gamit but I sold them all. As in. Hehe super bargain nga kasi I sold everything for like 10,000 including my drafting table, chair, and I had everything well, almost.

    So goodluck Hehe! Pinaka impt. computer for autocad!
  • i'm a 5th year student sa UST architecture..any tips pra sa thesis?? heheh. mejo clueless pa kc kmi..culinary school ang thesis q..thanks!! :)
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