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Help: Best Schools for Culinary Arts

1. Center for Culinary Arts

2. International School for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Anyone knows the Course Fee for Diploma in Culinary Arts?

Kung may alam pa kayo na best school for culinary arts

paki post na lng as a reply to my thread.:bashful:


  • hello bongskie

    i currently studying at internatinal school for culinary arts and hotel mangament (ISCAHM)

    Well for now this is the best culinary school in the philippines. no 8 in the world. search mo sa yahoo. All chefs are former execetive chefs of know hotels in the philippines and abraod, 90 percent of them are foreigners. We have 4 sections with a class of 26-28 each . Most of the students are second coursers pero madami din mga new h.s grads looking for a nice career. Currently im batch 8 kabatch ko sila marky jacquin and derek boboy. Marvin agustin, Chery Gil, and Jeff Eigenman also came from this school. Two 2 diplomas are offered one is major in culinary and the other is in pastry and bakery arts both of them are in 310k pesos; all in for 1 yr and 6 months because there is no vacation. The advantage of this school is that many employers from all over the world are recruiting new grads to work as a chef outside the country, especially canada u.s,dubai and aussie, some are in to cruise lines. Well i tell u it is very worth it after all the expenses. visit www.iscahm.com

    hi, thanks for the reply...

    310k?! :eek: sobrang mahal pala...

    pero sure na ba ang work after ng 14 mos?

    mejo matatagalan pa yata ako bago maka-enroll sa iscahm ang laking pera pala mahirap yan for me kasi i have a wife and a kid.

    try ko sa magsaysay dun naman eh kelangan may 1 year experience ka sa food industry less than a 100 thousand daw.
  • I recommend DLS-CSB ;)
  • for bongskie, ganun na talga ngayon ang mga culinray school they range about 280 to 350, mura pa nga yun compare to CCA na nasa 780 thousand for the diploma degree, Wala ng mura ngayon if u want quality education and nice career after. Kung certificate course naman does not guarantee you to work in the hotel industry, take note how many hotels lang ang meron d2 sa philippines and maraming graduates ng culinary. Maramai ng culinary schools like ISCAHM 310k , CCA 780k AICA 200k, CACS in greenhills 3100k,AIDICA program of benilde 325k ,AHA in makati 270k. and meron din sa cebu. For in later pasrts nasa skills mo pa rin yun. Sa magsasay kce 100k pero sa cruise or barko lang yun , does not guarantee u to work in a hotel and its only a certificate. Try mo rin magatanong perosnally sa schools na nabangit ko. Mahl tlga magaral ng culinary or pastry pero mababawi mo naman yun, :)

    thanks sa reply ulit...san ba ang aica?more on practical ba sila tulad sa iscahm?sa CCA daw kasi more on theories daw...mas prefer ko ang more on practical kesa sa theories.
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management
    Diploma in Pastry and Bakery Arts and Kitchen Management

    Entire course fee : Php 310,000.00

    Reservation and : Php 40,000.00
    Down payment

    Balance : Php 270,000.00

    Payment Scheme :

    Full Payment : 270,000.00 – upon enrollment

    Half payment : 135,000.00 – upon enrollment
    135,000.00 – on the 6th month

    Quarterly payment : 67,500.00 – per quarter (4 payments)

    Monthly payment : 22,500.00 – per month (12 payments)

    *For monthly payments, we require post dated checks upon enrollment

    from [email][email protected][/email] tingin ko sulit naman ang iscahm may installment din pala...hehehe
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