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♥ PIOLO PASCUAL & ANGEL LOCSIN: ♥ You'll Always Be in My Heart. GELO XI



  • *okay* pinatunayan mo lang na ikaw ang tunay na HB...

    pakipost na lang mga petitions natin dito ha??? thx :kiss:

    grabe.......000000000001% nyo lang posts ko :lol:
  • huwooooooww...

    CONGRATULATIONS sa New House naten :D


    ang galing galing.. 1 week lang ang isang house..

    keep it up Gelos.. :love:

    Love yah all :love:
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    THANK'S TO YOU MARENG RAIN!!.....:love:


    I LOVE YOU GELO!!!......:love:

    I LOVE YOU GELOS!!!!.....:love:


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    CONGRATS sa new HOUSE natin !!!
    thanks mareng rain :love:

    I love GELO
  • Attention: Writers and Directors of LOBO

    by pinkbike

    OH ETO NA!!:rotflmao:


    1. Lolany03 (TRISH)- SO sad to think that LOBO is nearing it's
    oyal Lobo fanatics...Noah & Lyka BS will make history and break records...we are waiting!!!!

    7.Ophelia_Kills aka Amber. Promise is a promise! Dapat nga nauna yun bago itong fast-paced thriller.

    8. kielnico - ALL passionate relationships REQUIRE both emotional and physical consummation... and with all the trials that Lyka and Noah have gone through to prove their love, how can we deprive them of this ultimate expression of love and surrender? This NEEDS to happen!!!

    9. sambuddy_dengel (Avvie) - From the moment Lobo aired I was already waiting for at least one bed scene for Noah & Lyka. I want to feel the HEAT.. the PASSION..:naughty: PLS! BED SCENE! BED SCENE! BED SCENE!

    10. Mcat/Melissa -The passionate love story between Lyka and Noah is one of the most important theme of Lobo and it is just logical like in every passionate relationship that a sizzling Bed scene must happen!!..as in now!!!..We are clamoring for it!!

    11. pretty_eena (eena)-- lobo is nearing it's end...and how do we gelos like it to end???--- in bed!what is a great love story w/o the leads expressing their love the way it's supposed to be expressed..w/ two becoming as one.
    we've been through hell and back w/ the roller coaster ride w/ lyka and noah...it's about time we all reach heaven together and let them lead the way...in the most earth shattering way!!! and i think you know what i mean claws and all..... please do not disappoint us. we've been waiting for it.

    12. meebo - From episode 1 until now we Gelo/Lobo fans are silently waiting for a SIZZLING HOT BED SCENE(s) . We know patience is virtue pero it's almost July! Baka naman pang finale pa ang bed scene? C'mon start the cameras rolling for the much awaited bs of the year.

    13. luvie - Five weeks more to go for Lobo to end and until now we're still waiting for that LOVE SCENE!! Please give us that steamy, super HOT and passionate LOVE SCENE otherwise we're going to get crazy. We're craving for it! PLEASE!

    14. pinaybeauty - before you close the curtain for lobo, show us bedscene please. i hope you dont take this as bad request....this is to show us that the story is complete that is love conquers evrything, another thing we've seen already gelo in diffeent way of acting, so we want to see their ability in this non showed sccene or acting yet "the bedscene" their beach scene s nicely done.....maraming feedback na di malaswa tignan very professional, i'm sure if they have this scene we're asking for.....it would be the same, but we really want to see them in that area aside na bagay sila.......we want to see thair craft together

    15. tweetystar - Lobo is about to end in 5 weeks and we are still waiting for that bed scene of Noah and Lyka. please give your viewers the most requested... bed scene...bed scene.

    16. c3rtfidangelian/faina- bago pa kami malungkot lahat sa pagkawala ng LOBO..please ABSat sa Lahat ng mga staff and directors at script writer ng LOBo..we Want BED scene..eto lang ang makakapagpasaya sa mga GELO..pagbgyan nyo na kami...gusto ko makita ang GELO sa mas matured na role nila..mas exciting sya at gusto ko maging memorable and ending ng LOBO..so please..bed scene na po..SALAMAT!..both are hot and we love them both..GELO FOREVER

    17. dobii-- We've seen the other elements of the soap and as what've been said, it's also a love story. After all what the main characters have been through... the viewers have anticipated a pleasingly done erotic reconcilation to justify a unique concept of love.....

    18. issie--This is a must... the finale!! show us their sizzling chemistry!!!!... so there should be one!! Make us happy!!!!!! Kelangan namen kiligin!!! :naughty:

    19. piolo's angel - YES! YES! YES for bedscene...something more passionate and more intimate! OMG...ano ba binura ko lahat ng songs sa memory card ko para lang mairecord ang lahat as in lahat ng kissing scenes nina lyka and noah noh! At, bibili talaga ako ng memory card para lang sa bedscene na 'yan....plsssssssssssssssssssss......hindi lang spark at magic meron ang dalawa...EVERYTIME THEY KISS MAY FEELINGS TALAGA!

    keep em coming! alalahanin patapos na ang lobo, pero may time pa
    hanggang july!!

    REPOST on every page!

  • official petition list for more gelo projects...



    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]1.) paoulo18 - they deserve a movie na may theme like this.. yay.. sana matuloy..
    2.) sambuddy_dengel - must-see movie for all.. pero ok lang if di kasama sina dimples and gio.. baka magmukhang lobo the movie kasi pag ganun
    3.) Kapamilyapex - tagal ko nang inaantay to
    4.) ++alemrac++ - - go go go!!! anu pang hinihintay... movie na.. paging star cinema... gawan nyo na sila ng movie...
    5.) yzel18 - perfect combination...
    6.) bitofheaven - sana may international screening...hehehe...
    7.) sanctina - THIS IS DEsTINY TALAGA ANG MAGKATAPAT SILA PIOLO AND ANGEL TO GIVE US MAXIMUM KILIGNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exciting!!!we want the lobo tandem on the huge screen,grabe talagang ang lakas ng dating ni angel ngayon.
    she has such a magnificent presence, coupled with PIOLO's superb physique and great acting. what more could we ask for.. simply perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!di ko appreciate si piolo noon,yun bang just another face, pero noong lumipat si angel, grabe parang may spotlight on him na kitang kita ko ang uber the max na HANDSOMENESS ni PAPA NOAH,,
    8.) izzzzzlaw - looking forward for this
    9.) uno_2 - sana matapos na problema ni angel sa regal, para maumpisahan na!
    10.) meebo - gusto ko parang My Sassy Girl ang story!!!
    11.) ella_frell16 - gawan na sila ng movie GO NA....
    12.) marigold2007 - I agree with you guys..sana very sooon na ang pag-gawa nila ng movie together..im sure blockbuster eto...kakainlove at sobrang kinikilig ako sa kanila. Lakas ng chemistry nila grabe.. naiinip na nga ako para sa movie nila together i hope very soooonnnn na....
    13.) koreanoveladik - wow, sama ko sa inyo. i clamor for a piolo-angel film. am sure willing mag sponsor ang timex and san mig sa premiere nite. excited din ako na pupunta sila sa abroad for intl filming, in fairness, mtagal na kong angel/chardgel fan pero ibang klase itong GELO of LOBO. ganda ng chemistry. swak na swak. lobo is angel's best project to date.
    14.) janray - count me in sa movie nila! oozing with chemistry talaga. di pilit. i think magkakaroon talaga sila ng movie.
    15.) u_rockgel - its about time...dapat makita na sa widescreen ang tindi ng chemistry ng GELO...the best loveteam talaga...sana sa Hawaii nga ang location...ms. sexy and mr. hunk....huwoooowww
    16.) newnimator-if we want an elegant pair,this is the perfect idea!lets get it on!"i want a light romantic dramedy"!!we control the movie outcomes!walang dayaan dito.SO SIMULAN NA ANG PELIKULA!
    17.) cassy_clim8 - malakas ang on screen chemistry nila.hehehehe
    18.) kharel-sama ako s petition...go GELO..,..for sure blockbuster to...
    19.) caffeinerush_24 --- sama din ako may chemistry yung 2, romantic comedy sana
    20.) Juliuserving05 - LOBO - the movie.
    21.) demolay23 - sali ako dito...
    22.) lee23
    23.) DENGELofcyndie
    24.) missgandah - like ko tlga ang tandem ng gelo! as in sobra clang kaka-inlove! lagi k n lng nakangiti kpag naki2 mo cla sa screen!!
    25.) kewl_aaron - ako i stick to our original wish ala MR. & MS. SMITH, comedy yet cool. See bagay na bagay sila doon. ala brad pete and angelina jolie
    26.) pakurao
    27.) ostrogoth
    28.) raincrystal - sali rin ako rito i want to see them together on the big screen... i cant wait. WISH ko na ang inumpisahan nilang GELO tandem on television eh mag-culminate into a GELO movie project... unahin nila ito kasi insistent public demand naman eh... kailangan pa bang i-prove??? eh everywhere you go, peeps seem to be talking about the leading primetime show LOBO... never mind the network war and the ratings scam... deep in our hearts we know na nangunguna talaga ang LOBO... im sure hindi ako nag-iisa sa WISH kong ito...
    29.) bumblebutterfly - siyempre follow-up na yung movie nila after the overwhelming success of Lobo. Count me in! I can't wait to see them in a bigger screen!
    guys pa sign up na po kayo.......dun nlng sa link ng movie thread nila.thanks.
    30.) PURK - Sana magkaroon ng LOBO THE MOVIE para sa this year na MMF di ba.
    31.) jolinaja - kahit saan pumunta ang gelo dinudumog sila kaya dapat lang simulan na ang movie nila!PAJOIN AKO DYAN!OK! dinudumog sina angel at piolo!Nakita ko sa news yung mga motorcade nila Angel and Piolo sa iba't-ibang lugar around the Philippines kasama na yung Binondo!!! Congratulations!!!
    32.) pandemoniumfan - GELO MAGANDA AT GWAPO!PERFECT!please feed us with this 2 beautiful creature of god.let the whole world see this 2 gorgeous couple
    33.) ice_maiden20 - i also support the undeniably sexy team-up of GELO!Angel would have to be one of Piolo's best onscreen match
    34.) mikomouse - SUPER KILIG! Angel & Piolo they have a great chemistry! That kiss was awwwwwwwwww!
    35.) 4ever_heaven - yay im so excited for this!
    36.) pnaystyle4life - sana may world screenign sila sa BUONG MUNDO.... at sana maraming kissing scene
    37.) ren_angel07 - i missed angel sa big screen! Gelo teamup sure a big hit...that's been proven sa Lobo...Looking forward for it...!!
    38.) jong2 - sana nga matuloy - at makapunta sila dito sa LA.. pupuntahan ko talaga sila... hehehehehe
    39.) opheliakills - Bagay rin siguro sa Gelo tandem yung medyo Annie Hall or Pretty Woman na storyline. And definitely do great tinges of comedy, people are so used to seeing them in heavy drama.
    40.) lie - oh my gulay, I love them both!!! they are soo cute together umaapaw sa chemistry talaga
    42.) NJgirl - ngayon lang talaga ako kinilig sa local stars. Grabe chemistry ng dalawa. Sana Star Cinema will give Angel the best lawyers against Regal. "Be it holding hands, a mere look, a whispered word from Noah, Noah caressing Lyka's face on the screen…These are the things that makes staying up late replaying Lobo episodes several times after watching it on Primetime Bida, really worth it!!! Thank you (ABS-CBN) for giving us Noah and Lyka! They are our respite from these troubled times."
    43.) ross2 - sana romance comedy yung tipong meg ryan at hugh in kate and leopold
    44.) ai otomo - they can do a movie like a moment to remember...
    its a korean movie, bagay s kanila, and the plot is really gud, hindi the same old movie plots...
    45.) sweet17 - we love lobo
    46.) lalune - I live and breathe... LOBO! 24/7 kahit tulog ako, napapanaginipan ko!Sobra na 'to!
    47.) crazp - parang asianobela ang lobo nila angel at piolo!
    48.) renz - sana patuloy siyang bigyan ng blessings ng ABS/Star Cinema dahil i believe, she has the making of a MOVIE QUEEN.!
    49.) tarajingpokpok - talk of the town ang lobo!!!!di lang kasi sa opis, skul at sa kapitbahay ko naririnig usapan nila...try nyo visit forum ng pex, tsinoy,femalenetwork, askmen, atbp. puro lobo topic nila at ang daming nagpopost
    50.) gryka - I was quite impressed of her acting after seeing LOBO. She has improved a lot. She can now shift her emotions from crying to making funny comments or being kikay without a blink of an eye. The acting workshops given by ABS CBN really helped a her lot. Keep up the good work Angel.
    51.) kaharian - YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH PIOLO AND ANGEL TEAM UP... BAGAY SILA (SANA ang mga PUSO rin nila).
    52.) sheekzaied - galing ng pag-iyak niya(angel)... at natural ang kaseksihan... oozing!
    55.) zeze - other actress can pull this string of acts other than Angel Locsin. And with matching the macho appeal ni Piolo Pascual.pls do a movie na!
    56.) maya - ang chemistry nina angel at piolo is larger than life, kahit magtitigan lang sila
    57.) batgirlbeyond3 - Those kisses of Noah and Lyka spells H-O-T-N-E-S-S! For me, theirs were one of the best on-screen kisses of all time! It looks good, romantic, tender yet passionate. hindi malaswa. Both angel & piolo convinced the viewers that they were really attracted to each other thru those smoldering kissing scenes. seems they're not acting at all! whew! halikan pa lang yun..what more if love scenes na! YAY! by the way, aliw yung neighbors ko. sigawan talaga sila sa kissing scenes. HAHAHA! i love Lyka's reaction after the kisses. so natural...so dreamy...as if you can also feel her heavenly feeling at that time. especially when she's on the rooftop...swaying her bare feet...while smiling to herself. cute! Also that of Piolo's. you can sense that he's controlling his passion, his feelings..the way his jaw reacted..kita mo yung tension e. and the way he looked lingerly and longingly dun sa mga pictures ni Lyka. kilig!
    58.) vindictivebrat - lets support angel and piolo everywhere!
    59.) milyaako-dapat ilakad ng ABS ang seryeng ito sa ibang bansa kasi i know na mggustuhan din nila ito.
    60.) jlt_sc - hook na ako sa lobo.very natural sina angel at piolo.
    61.) quincy - I love Lyka, she is so palaban sa halikan, Si Piolo, Ibang-iba talaga aura niya ngayon....I didnt watch any of his shows b4 kase marami akong ayaw panoorin...bagay nga cla ni Angel
    62.) lobo thread - ung kay gel and pj very sweet, passionate, full of emotions.. haay.. maganda tignan hinid malaswa.. hehe..37 ang tv ads kagabi sa commercial gaps ng lobo!ang galing!
    63.) ukiya - i love watching LOBO! and sobrang 1st time ko manuod ng teleserye ng tuloy tuloy! tsaka naeexcite ako lage manuod!
    64.) shefaith81 - awesome! thumbs up!
    65.) lobo addict - Im a convert now!Ang galing galing ni Angel, pang-best actress!!!!Basta ang cute nila excited na ako sa kiss ni Angel and Piolo! waaaaaaaaaa!!!
    66.) heyheyhey - Wow!! I can't believe how good Angel and PJ are sa Lobo. Talagang Angel exceeds my expectations. Bow ako sa kanya. Grabe! Thank you sooooo much to Abs-cbn for giving them this project. Tailor made for both of them.
    67.) jen-ANGEL & PIOLO grabe ang lakas tlaga ng chemistry nilang dalawa nakaka kilig..... ang ganda ng story ng LOBO....love u angel
    68.) wolfies- nakakakilig tlga sila angel at piolo.okay ang team up nila.hindi ako nabobored or what.
    69.) arcoxia - perfect pairing talaga sila ni piolo
    70.) lian_alejandro - take note, ang Cervini Residence Hall (Ateneo de Manila University) nakatutok sa Lobo! aliw na aliw sila kay Lyka!
    71.) simplyspoken - sobrang nakakakilig sila ni piolo.wildly entertaining ang lobo!
    72.) issie - kung pde ko lang hatakin ang araw para LOBO na parati, Siempre ang perfect combination, kelangan nang makita sa big screen at makita ang kakiligan ng dalawa!! waa bagay talaga sila!
    73.) 4ever_heaven - i love lobo.Siempre ang perfect combination, kelangan nang makita sa big screen at makita ang kakiligan ng dalawa!! waa bagay talaga sila!
    74.) jayrpexer14 - nabibitin ako sa lobo. omg i wnt more
    75.) kagomesi - Ang cute ni Angel, kiligin
    76.) angelteddy - angcute cute ng unang pagkikita nina Piolo at Angel
    77.) vinz - angel has the great potential to be a great actress. bagay sila ni piolo. Gelo is highly addictive.
    78.) kahari - eveytime angel meets piolo, wow natutunaw kami sa kilig...
    79.) ice_maiden20 - grabe, ang cute ng character ni Angel at super naja-justify niya! i can't help but giggle sa mga scenes niya with Papa P!
    80.) abs forumers - galing ni angel and piolo. perfect ang team up nila. kakakilig pag silng dalawa na eksena
    81.) b3stfri3nd - wooohh kilig scene with Angel and Piolo!
    82.) jex - bagay nga ang dalawa...oozing with chemistry. can't wait for their movie together im sure it will be a big hit.
    83.) kelly12 - oh my gosh!!!!! nkaka inlove tlaga cla 2 nde ko alam pag nanud me ng Lobo nag mix ung emotion ko ako na umiiyak...ang galing n Angel n d rest of d cast.we love u Gel from TFC Europe...
    84.) edsa77 - gusto ko original story at magaling ang direktor
    85.) zeze
    86.) Shiony
    87.) avatarabs
    88.) avp - been waiting for this since Angel transferred. I want to see them on big screen too! Gusto ko yung adventure na love story.. siempre yung pambato talaga match that with excellent effects.
    89.) charmaine_joyce - waahhh.. kinikilig ako!!bagay sila!
    90.) caligal - Gwapo nga ni Piolo ...bagay na bagay sila ni Angel..what a chemistry. I can't think of anyone else that can do justice to the Lyka character other than Angel...she's perfect for that role.Very good actress & gorgeous too.Angel & Piolo..they're oozing with chemistry.
    91.) susanrb - sobrang bagay sila at ang lakas ng chemistry nila.
    92.) Terie - napakaganda ng chemistry nina Angel at Papa Piolo ko..... Sana gumawa na din sila ng movie together.....GO GO GELO.....Muah muah Papa Piolo
    93.) king - walang ka effort effort ang chemistry nila anjan na !eeeeeeeeeee!nakakakilig tlga so glowing sila pag magkasama!
    94.) ren_angel07 - grabe ang ganda ni Gel........ganda ng Lobo........
    95.) maya_196 - effortless ang kilig ng gelo!!!!
    96). szhakira - AYYYYYY ang Ganda ng Lobo...nakakaloka!!!!
    97.) 88. jetsetter - even an eight year American girl loves "LOBO". She said, "the story is funny, mysterious and the characters are beautiful people". She eagerly awaits the showing of this teleserye everytime it is shown in "TFC, just like watching Hannah Montana for her
    98.) arjay_online
    99.) stephanie62293 - GUSTO KO NA PO ULIT SI ANGEL MAKITA SA MOVIE
    99.) PopsRadilla
    100.) dorian - PLEASE COUNT ME IN !!!! Napa kilig muli ako nina Piolo at Angel sa LObo..ang tagal ko ng di nakapanood na ganito kalakas ang chemistry... PERFECT COMBINATION they deserve more projects and please give them another teleserye after Lobo we love to see them everyday on tv...
    101.) DAWY - I THINK MAGANDA ANG CHEMISTRY NI NOAH and LYKA best silang dalawa MAY DATING!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY EXCITEMENT DI OA!!!!!!!!!
    102.) youchoobera - NOAH and LYKA ang chemistry ay effortless! Naniniwala talaga ako na sila si Noah and Lyka!
    103.) lovelymols - voted for noah anf lyka grabe ang chemistry ni angel at piolo, i super love them.but watching LOBO now i can say angel's acting is superb, nakakasabay na cya sa acting ni piolo (who we all know is a good actor). abs really did a great job improving angel's acting, angel's great now. and im a number 1 fan of LOBO.
    104.) Pnoy n Saudi 2K8 - Noah and Lyka on Lobo (Eto ang binoto ko)
    105.) silvergirl
    106.) mcgosling - the most kilig team-up to ever grace pinoy tv....EVER! movie soon!!!! after Lobo! i wanted them to kiss sooooooo soooooo bad!great episode, just the same!angel is, oh my god, fantabulous!!!
    107.) sophiarose - Simpleng holding hands lang kilig na .. paano pa pag kiss na may meaning
    108.) janerdelle - noah (piolo) and lyka (angel) - lakas ng appeal nilang dalawa ....parang local version nina brad and angelina, sana sa movie nila may love scene na para x2 ang kilig...hehehe!!!
    109.) Piolo and Angel should definitely do a movie together...a romantic comedy or something similar to a korean movie like "Hotelier" (you should watch this....this reminds me of GELO) and for another project they should do a drama....tentative movie titles that I have come up with for them...ikaw ang buhay ko; ikaw ang tanging minamahal; ikaw an binubulong ng puso ko; walanang hahanapin pa sa ibang katulad mo...filipino titles make it more original...hehehe
    110.) globalangel - lakas ng chemistry nila piolo at angel.they bring out the best in each other.
    111.) terie - Angel like na talaga kita....ganda chemistry nyo ni Piolo. Sobrang kakakilig ng mga scenes..
    112.) bug_a_bee-she is a fine actress.piolo and angel.(brad pitt and angelina of phils
    113.) jemmar - angel locsin looks like kristin kreuk while piolo pascual looks like tom welling!
    115.) jonts - grabe GELO is soooo hot!!!!!
    116.) cha5maine - Sana gumawa pa sila ng madaming quality teleserye.. Sana after ng Lobo madami pang projects si Angel and Piolo..GELO The best loveteam..
    117.) beagem - pj, noah, jj super galing mo talaga, at talagang galing galing nyo ni angel, lyka, ulay...there's something in both of you na talagang mapatalon kami sa upuan if u appear on screen....congrats!
    118.) akno28 - I totally support this fanlist. I think they are the best pair ever. If she does Maria Mercedes I hope she is paired up with Piolo again. In one interview Piolo says that he does one teleserye per year so may be it will happen. Just watched LOBO....I swear Lyka's and Noah's love story is ridiculously amazing - like Romeo and Juliet or like the movie "The Notebook" --- Piolo and Angel's character remind me so much of the notebook.....They're just breathtaking!
    119.) mar28 - I want an Angel-Piolo movie..ASAP. When I'm busy, hindi pwedeng hindi ko i-record ang Lobo sa DVR. Kahit pagod ako, I'll watch the episode before going to bed. From the series, ang ganda nilang tingnan. I'm sure lalo na sa widescreen!
    120.) bhogzphrenic - angel and piolo really compliments each other....they bring out the best in each other.
    121.) samantha_07 - Angel and Piolo are perfect love team, they are so gorgeous, awesome, enchanting, entralling and magnificient pair.
    122.) thesangel - 2 people designed for each other!go gelo!
    123.) esangcute - how nice it is to see the two of them. kakikilig.
    124.) 100percentcools - i love angel and piolo kakakilig ...
    125.) AlyssaXoX - i didn't realize how pretty Angel Locsin is not until i watched this soap.She acts very natural and she is charming and yet simple.bagay sila ni piolo!
    126.) jetsetter - She got that perfect height, face, eyes, body and most of all her hips to accentuate her total persona. Bagay sila ni PIOLO. I love you, Piolo and Angel! Sana, Angel can be with Piolo sa Heartthrobs Concert here in the US and Canada. Angel, we would love to see you in person!
    127.) silenz - Bagay talaga sila ni Piolo. I hope magka movie na itong dalawang ito, real soon.. Ganda ng LOBO sobra! galing ng story! Sana parating ganyan. Ang galing ng idol ko na si Angel at pati si Piolo! Sobrang galing nilang dalawa at bagay sila kahit sa tutoong buhay!
    128.) linkielipz - PLS ABS, telecast nyo naman po ang pagpunta ng GELO sa DUBAI... share nyo naman po sa amin! Pls pls pls!!
    129.) wildhearts - dapat movie na agad.yipee!wait natin may movie ang gelo this yr.sana pati sa totoong buhay sila na din.perfect na tlga ang loveteam nila,hindi oa and no puts ons.their chemistry is enough to boost their team up
    130.) cutieice - Ganda ng chemistry ni Piolo and Angel!! Supe kilig to the bones!!
    131.) aprildream - Finally they found each other...PERFECT ika nga........... ang sarap sarap talaga nilang tingnan sa tv screen lalo na pag naka focus ang mga shots nila
    132.) apri l- nakakalula ang presence nila Angel and Piolo sobrang bigat mga Superstars talaga sila. PERFECT COMBINATION talaga!!!!!!!
    133.) faina-nakakadala kasi sina piolo at angel..kahit magkatabi lang sila..umaapoy sa init bagay na bagay silang dalawa..wala ng babagay kay piolo kundi si angel lang..period!ang karisma ng dalwa!hehehehe..LOBO THE BEST! Wahhh! angel and Piolo Bagay na bagay!..Para silang magbf at gf sa totoong buhay!..iba ang aura nila pag magkasama! more GELO project!..Para akong nanalo sa Lotto at nakajokpot pag may mga kilig scene nila!.million thanks to ABS for making GELO love team Possible..sana tumagal pa! at sana magiging sila talaga!..waaaah! kakakilig...GELO FEVER and GELO FOREVER
    134.) giisszy.xo - PIOLO PASCUAL & ANGEL LOCSIN; they are still one of the newer loveteams that abs-cbn is building up, but their CHEMISTRY is so powerful and undeniable.. it illuminates so beautifully onscreen & offscreen! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE PIOLO & ANGEL in an MMK epi, more ASAP exposure, more movies [i think a romantic comedy would be nice.. or MR. & MRS. SMITH type of thing] ( i say this since they will already be having a movie, i am already so CONFIDENT it will be A BIG SUCCESS, i want them to make more ), in a sitcom, Your Song, and basically anything.. Piolo and Angel just have that special something that really catches a viewers eye. I totally agree with what everyone in this petition has said. GO GO GO PIOLO & ANGEL... MORE POWER! I LOVE LOBO! i totally agree with you there!!!! PJ & GEL, are soozing with that special kind of chemistry no1 can explain ... hayyy.. they just have it, natural tlga ang dating.
    135.) chole - galing ng GELO ah
    136.) gorgeous_me - waaaaah. they are so hot together!!!
    137.) Peaches15 - grabeh ang gaganda nilang nilalang!
    138.) analizaballest - angel Locsin and piolo pascual Never Ceases To Surprise The Viewers when they r together!!!!!
    139.) fuzzle08 - Make sure to have ur phone ready to call the fire department *But most likely they are too busy attending to other GELO fires*
    the best ang chemistry nila!
    141.) ihedwig - napanganga talaga ako sa sobrang hoooott
    142.) analiza - Kissing Scene Is The Most Passionate Kissing I Have Ever Witnessed.......napaka Gandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    143.) jex - dapat sknila maging endorser ng close up sila ang bagay na pang guiness record ng lovapalooza!!!!!!!!!
    144.) marjemcong - ako gusto ko na si piolo, pero not as much as now na mgkapair sila ni angel, never watched his other soaps ng tutok, puro pahapyaw lang, until lumipat nga si angel sa ch 2, iba talaga chemistry nila..
    145.) duchessmultiply - yep bagay sobra!alam nyo ba un kagandahan ni angel bagay sa kagwapuhan ni pj.kaya level na level sila in terms of acting,face value,sexyness and refiness.they r so bagay tlga!they really look good together!para silang goddess and king........the best ang chemistry ni piolo pascual at angel locsin!yun iba dyan parang houseboy ni angel,yun iba naman dyan parang yaya ni pj.pero ang GELO.oh my goodness.parang brat pitt and angelina jolie of the phils!
    146.) Lolany03--The hottest, sexiest and powerful chemistry I've seen in a looooooooonnnnnnggg time! Piolo and Angel are at their best when they are together onscreen!! We hope and want to see them for more awesome projects with ABS
    147.) Pinkbike - How good are Piolo & Angel onscreen? We’re talking serious chemistry here. The sparks are flying everywhere. The two of them together on screen is fire! They physically match up; even just standing side by side generates enough heat to lasts through a winter storm. The heat generated during their scenes is palpable! I have never seen Piolo Pascual this sexy, this fascinating and Angel Locsin is just alluring, blazingly hot! May it be embracing each other, fighting, crying, verbally fencing, whatever the circumstance or scene, the pairing just works! Gripping, engaging, lingering. Their tandem is like discovering the 8th world wonder. The mystery, the magic there is more to be discovered, keep the tandem alive, keep it going! We can’t get enough!
    148.) ilovemyown - this tandem resurrect lots of people..grabeh undeniable yung chemistry nila..ako nga in my young age kinikilig na sa kanila..and take note my cousin who's even younger than me kinikilig din sa kanila....grabeh kahit bata ka man o matanda kikiligin ka talaga sa kanila..kahit kunting tawanan lang nila nagliliyab yung t.v screen namin...grabeh sila...!!!!oozing with chemistry...KAYA NGA ABS GIVE THIS PAIR MORE PROJECTS...MARAMING SUMOSUPORTA SA KANILA..HINDI SAYANG YUNG INVESTMENT NYO SA GELO..YOUR NOT RISKING ON THIS PAIR..SA TOTOO LANG YOUR EARNING...KAYA KEEP THEM ALIVE AND KICK'N...KEEP THE FIRE BURNING...GO..GO..NA KAYO...BASTA KAMI DIRI SA MINDANAO SOLID GELO..PRAWMISE.....DILI GYUD KATINGALAHAN...KUSOG KAAU ANG LOBO DIRI....BUANG KAAAU ME SA ILANG DUHA....MAO ABS....MORE MORE MORE MORE GELO PROJECTS..MORE MORE MORE KILIG MOMENTS...... ......
    149.) shelly10 - PIOLO PASCUAL and ANGEL LOCSIN.... this is a perfect tandem, a perfect couple, a perfect chemistry.. we cant wait to have them on huge screen. movie and more projects to them.it proved already that they hooked a lot of people in lobo series, so we are looking forward to hooked us again in the movie which will give them the awards and oozing happiness for their supporters. GELO ROCKS!!!!..
    150.) live4gelo - PIOLO & ANGEL - the best and awesome love team ever to hit the Primetime Bida. People are continuously discovering that GELO is indeed a PERFECT COMBINATION. ABS-CBN thank you for bringing them to us. GELO is our inspiration and has become part of our daily lives. Seeing them together makes our day complete. MORE PROJECTS FOR THEM PLEASE.....
    151.) mavicar1219 - i've been a kapamilya viewer eversince but never akong tumutok in any of Piolo's soap until Angel transfered to ABS and LOBO was shown, i believe Piolo finally met his match in the person of Angel, they compliment each other, oozing with undeniable chemistry, it's like a match made in heaven. Really hope that they'll be given a follow up soap after the big success of LOBO and start filming their movie too. So please, ABS management, give them more projects together, my day won't be complete without seeing this lovable pair everyday..
    152.) emruth823 - maganda at gwapo.....sobra sa appeal!! + parehong magaling!!!! two of the best actors we have in the phils. + great chemistry..... + we really love them. People support them sa LOBO, so, definitely, equal support din sa movie nila. Hope ABS-CBN will give them more projects together......HINDI SILA NAKAKASAWANG PANOORIN....promise!!!!!!
    153.) mcat - Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual are dynamite!!..they ignite our screens everytime they appear together in Lobo...such romantic/sexual chemistry!!!..so I am pleading to the management of ABS-CBN to give them more projects together,most specially movies!!..coz they will surely swept the moviegoers off their feet by their intense chemistry alone!
    154.) kerribelle - Angel Locsin at Piolo Pascual -- Swak na swak ang tandem!!! Bagay sila on and off cam. Nakakakilig to the highest level!
    155.) Kapagkasamakita - another soap after the movie pleaaseeee
    156.) jfk707 - more projects for the phenomenal tandem Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin.
    157.) kelela10 - Angel & Piolo-Loveteam of the year!!-sobrang bagay (california)
    158.) GELOLOVE - Hello from Canada! Having grown up in Canada I've only seen Filipino movies/shows from time to time... until I discovered Piolo and fell madly in love!!! However, I only recently started following him on Walang Kapalit and whatever I can find on Youtube. But when he started his tandem with Angel, there was no turning back! I have NEVER ever been so engrossed and so in LOVE with a team-up on television, EVER!!! (both in the Philippines or on American/Canadian television) My day is not complete without watching LOBO, lurking on PEX to catch up on the tsismis about these two, and watching anything and everything about GELO on Youtube. I can't take my eyes off of them and I'm sooo excited about their upcoming movie! PLEEEAAASSSE keep this tandem alive on the screen!!! If destiny won't bring them together in reality, then at least I can keep the dream alive through LOBO and hopefully more soap operas and movies to come!
    159.) dgjie04 (mitch) - they really look gud 2gther, hope magka follow ung team up nla s primetime
    please show our love and support for GELO, join us on our e-mail brigade...
    160.) Schatz_75 - Piolo & Angel are truly a great pair on screen. Their tandem is awesome! Simply by looking at them together on the screen tickles my romantic bones. Their chemistry is undeniable. They complement each other very well.. I'm for a romantic dramedy for their first movie. A feel-good movie that will hold a place in my heart.. MORE GELO PROJECTS PLEASE!!!
    161.) Draconix - more angel ang piolo projects please...please feed my addiction they look good together, may chemistry at charisma silang pareho, na kahit anong gawin mo eh nakaglue ang mata mo sakanila ang you want more more more!! romantic/comedy would be nice..also action/comedy/romance will be great!!
    162.) Mitch143 - Onscreen and offscreen, THEY ARE JUST SOOOO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! Lobo will end soon, can't get over it yet, so PLS.... make them do a movie together!!!
    163.) Haleyjames- i DEFINITELY,ABSOLUTELY agree for another GELO pproject!!this is the first time that i got so hooked by a local tandem!I can't get enough of them..kung d man mgkakatotoo na maging sila sa Tunay na Buhay..Please Please ABS don't KILL our Enthusiasm about this two beautiful nilalang!mahal na mahal namin sila and we want more of them!MORE!MORE!MORE OF GELO'S!!!!PLEASE!!!!THEY ARE THE HOTTEST LOVETEAM Kapamilya today with the Undeniable Chemistry and SOBRANG BAGAY SILA!pagbigyan nyo kami coz kasalanan nyo to!dahil sa LOBO,napaibig nila kaming lahat!sa pagiibigan ni Lyka at Noah ay kasama din kaming umibig sa kanila!thinking that LOBO will soon come to an end is a SAD fact for me but DON'T make us miserable by just giving them only a one movie after LOBO..WE WANT MORE OF THEM!!!!!WE WANT THE BEST FOR THEM!GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER TO ABSCBN MANAGEMENT!GOD BLESS OUR GELO!
    164.) herecathy6 - ANGEL LOSCIN AND PIOLO PASCUAL D hottest loveteam, is on FIRE...they deserve a whole lot more projects because they are definitely, 100% deserving!
    165.) Tweetystar - ABS -CBN please give Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin more projects together...maybe another teleserye for the Perfect Pair after lobo and movie. thanks.
    166.) luvie - Piolo and Angel- What a great couple, indeed! So perfect and oozing with chemistry. The hottest couple in the land. Hope more projects for them please..
    167.) dzejla - more GELO projects, please! no regrets with this team up! undeniable chemistry both on and off camera!
    168.) swan789 - Same here from sunny California. Their love theme is so magnetic and mesmerizing. I read in a previous post (sorry, forgot who wrote) suggesting a show similar to I am KC. I like that idea -- a weekly special like MMK with the 2 of them together portraying different characters. Remember those days when they have Maricel Drama Special, Rosavilma, Ang Makalay na Daigdig ni Nora, Hilda, etc? This time, this drama anthology would showcase a perfect love theme, not a single actress. I don't think it has been done before. Of course, we want them to be on the big screen numerous times.
    169.) Fujiapple....yes, more Gelo projects pls. Movies; guestings on other ABS programs like That's My Doc where they will appear as kulit Lyka and serious Noah; MMK; make Angel a regular in Asap. Gelo really is the best team-up in primetime.
    170.) kielnico - Piolo and Angel have brought such a remarkable degree of chemistry and "kilig factor" to Lobo -- making this passionate love story radiate through the often limiting medium of television. Piolo has clearly met his match in Angel -- both in looks and talent, and overall appeal. We hope that ABS-CBN and Star Cinema will continue building up Piolo and Angel's team up through more projects -- be it teleseryes, MMK guestings, movies, etc. Theirs is a tried and tested formula!
    171.) Gerlei - Never had I seen a pair as captivating as Angel and Piolo. The way they look at each other makes me giddy all the time. More projects for them please!
    172.) Cody$ - More projects for GELO, their chemistry is so perfect that it will be a sin not to pair them back together in another teleserye. Don't loose the momentum, kailangan my follow up agad. Please ABS-CBN...be smart this time!
    173.) prettypinky - Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual are such a beautiful pair onscreen....
    174.) grmary - Piolo and Angel the best and perfect tandem ever...this is my first time that I got hooked by a local tandem...their chemistry is undeniable...after movie please give them another soap or more project that they are always together. hmmm kilig talaga ako sa dalawang eto.
    175.) izta13- Piolo and Angel deserve more projects together..
    tested na ang tandem nila and the chemistry is really there..
    176.) celestial-prince --> LOBO WALLPAPERS
    177.) pretty_eena---to abs-cbn i have this word of advise "strike while the iron is hot!!!" even better when it's burning...and the gelo team up is on fire... it has spread and still spreading like wild fire..stop experimenting you've found the perfect team up! make use of it...and keep us your viewers happy!
    178.) -missgandah- More projects for both of them! Nka2kilig when u'r watching them! Sobrang nka2kilig! :love:
    179.) pinaybeauty - abs cbn more projects for gelo on tv please.....sa lahat ng loveteam nyo ito gelo lang ang may super power na hilain kaming mga fans tumutok sa programa nyo, so while tthey are very hot team this time, grab this opportunity, prepare more shows for them, lobo is almost over hayaan nyo bang unti unti nang mawala din kaming tagasubaybay nyo.
    180.) GRAZIEH12 - PARA SA AKIN they're pefect combination. Sana naman madmi pang show silang gagawin.. sobrang PERFECT talaga ung COMBINATION nila, nakakakilig.......
    181.) kozuesan - rI'm in panic mode right now. 5 weeks na lang sila sa primetime bida. Goodness, I can't imagine not seeing them in primetime. para akong nakipagbreak sa boyfriend. goodness... iba talaga ang 2 ito e...parang destiny...swak sa lahat ng bagay...
    182.) iluvshowbees - gO gelo!! sana mas dumami pa ang projects niyo........keep on supporting gelo!!


    please show our love and support for our dear GELO, join us in our petition...
  • eeeeeeh love you babes!!!!!

    new house!!! same love!!! hahaha! buti naman wala pang nahuhulog sa ride hahaha!!!

  • anu tapusin na natin tong new house??? bwahahaha~ charing!!!!!
  • anu tapusin na natin tong new house??? bwahahaha~ charing!!!!!


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    I'm a GELO thread lurker... can't help but post lang ngayon. Nakakatunaw kasi ang first page. Nakakamiss na intimate moments ng Noah and Lyka.... haaaay..... Lalo na ngayon at papalapit ng matapos ang lobo. :mecry: :mecry:

    Congrats sa new thread :love:

    hello Joy :wave: welcome sa GELO thread :)
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    Congratulations on your new House!!!

    Keep on supporting PJ & Angel!*okay*

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