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Firefox 3 Download Day -- Set a Guinness World Record



Play nice. Help us set this record the right way.

Please do not build download bots or any kind of dishonest mechanism. We rely on and trust our community to spread the word.




  • Uy! Cool! Up!
  • :redsmile:

  • ATRATR PExer
    k i pledged already :)
  • RyanEvansRyanEvans PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    me too

  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    using it right now
  • ^ Not the "Gold" [wikipedia.org] release that's for sure.
  • JhunXJhunX PExer
    sali ako dito
  • me too :) i love firefox
  • ImpenneteriImpenneteri PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm currently using Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1. Big difference from the Firefox 2. Can't wait for the Official Firefox 3.
  • might be a good idea to start putting up badges in your blogs too. I have two in mine already :lol:
  • rinoarinoa PExer
    pledged! :)
  • *smiles at the sight of explorer crumbling*
  • my firefox is beta release 3.4

    im one of the testers so far maganda naman.

    one 2 crashes and no hang ups.
  • pledged!

    cahracters charactesr
  • Wow tignan niyo yung mapa, diyan makikita ang may class. Dapat tayo rin maging orange man lang.
  • kurokuro wrote:
    Wow tignan niyo yung mapa, diyan makikita ang may class. Dapat tayo rin maging orange man lang.

    "Class"? Or is it much like the multitude of "<insert word synonymous to 'technology'>-aware" people in a given country?
  • Whatever the case, we should all pledge. :)
  • yea, talk about anal :rolleyes:
  • Personal Technology from The Wall Street Journal
    Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Is the Best Browser For Web — For Now

    June 5, 2008
    by Walter S. Mossberg

    If you buy a new Windows Vista PC, it comes with a decent built-in Web browser, Internet Explorer 7. If you buy a new Macintosh computer, it comes with a decent built-in Web browser, Safari 3.0. So why would you want or need a different Web browser?

    That is the question that Mozilla, the nonprofit organization that makes the leading alternative browser, hopes to answer this month when it releases version 3.0 of its Firefox Web browser. In some tech-industry circles, Firefox already is preferred over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari, but it still isn’t used by most people, and Mozilla is hoping to broaden its appeal.

    The new version will be released simultaneously for Windows and the Mac’s OS X operating system, as well as for Linux. While each of the three editions will have the visual style of the operating system on which it runs, all three will have the same features.

    I’ve been using prerelease versions of Firefox 3.0 for months, and have recently been testing a near-final version and comparing it closely to IE and to Safari. I have tested it on multiple Windows PCs and Macs, on desktops and laptops, over slow connections and fast ones. I have tried it with well over 100 Web sites.

    My verdict is that Firefox 3.0 is the best Web browser out there right now, and that it tops the current versions of both IE and Safari in features, speed and security. It is easy to install and easy to use, even for a mainstream, non-technical user. It can be downloaded, free, at mozilla.com by clicking on “Firefox 3 Sneak Peek.”

    This situation may change. Microsoft is working on a new version of IE, scheduled to be unveiled later this year, with some impressive new features. And Apple is always working on new iterations of Safari, though it is secretive and hasn’t disclosed its plans. But for now, in my view, Firefox 3.0 rules on both Windows and Mac.

    I couldn’t find any significant downsides to Firefox 3.0. Every page I tried rendered properly and rapidly on both platforms. I ran into only one glitch, in a preference setting. That problem appeared on only one of my four test machines and was fixable with the help of Mozilla, albeit via a geeky method.

    <Link to full article>
  • I Have Pledged!

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