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to all the "bad girls"

i just answered this thread in "love, courtship and marriage", seems i scored quite differently, is there anyone out there like me?

rickym wrote: »
Are you the type of guy who:

1. Doesn't find religion corny and takes pride in your relationship with the Lord?
sorry, corny for me

2. Doesn't believe in "collecting" girlfriends?
i don't like to have girlfriends, so there's nothing wrong if i collect girls

3. Goes into a relationship only when you think she's "the one"?
i wouldn't know, haven't had one for a long time

4. Doesn't fool around?
it's not fooling around if you don't have a gf.

5. Doesn't curse?
i don't curse

6. Finds virginity (yours and hers) important, even essential?
hmmmm.... i think its the other way round, i prefer experience

7. Prefers to stay home rather than go to bars or discos?
you kidding!

8. Gets along with your family?
i get along with my family

If you're the guy I just described above [and I mean you fulfill ALL the conditions I wrote], speak up. I just need to know that your species STILL exists.
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