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  • MyatMyat Pipay is d nem PExer


  • MyatMyat Pipay is d nem PExer

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    hi there! :wave:
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    Hi everyone!

    woo-hoo new thread!
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    Real name: Antoinette Cherish Flores Taus
    Nickname: Toni
    Address: 1992 Marlim Blvd., Diamond Subd. Angeles City (Shes now in CA)
    Birthday: August 30, 1981
    School: Ateneo de Manila University
    Course: Political Science (shifted to Mass Com)
    Ambition: Lawyer, businesswoman (open up my own business)
    Hobbies: watching movies, listening to music
    Music: Pop, Love songs
    Singers: Regine Velasquez, Shania Twain
    Movies: My Best Friend's Wedding, Ever After
    Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Leonardo Di Caprio
    T.V. Programs: Lois & Clark
    Cartoon Char: Tweety, The Little Mermaid
    Colors: Blue, white, black, silver
    Books: Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
    Sports: Jet skiing, swimming, volleyball
    Best Friends: Leila K., Dingdong, Anne C.
    Motto: "Golden Rule" and "Doing your best makes you a winner."
    First TV Appearance: Ang TV
    First Movie Appearance: "Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo"
    First Commercial: Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion
    First Screen Kiss: wala pa!
    First Showbiz Award: Youth Achievement
    The most "nakakalokang intriga": Matanda na daw ako (21 yrs old)

    Interesting Facts
    She is one of the original Ang TV kids, she was chosen in 1993
    Older sister of Thomas Taus Jr.
    Joined showbiz when she was 4
    Acted in the plays Les Miserables, The Wiz, and I Ought to Be in Pictures
    Also starred in Anna Karenina and T.G.I.S
    Launched her debut album entitled First Voice under Viva Records
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    ADD ME: [email protected]


    Born of an American father and a Filipino mother, she burst
    into the Philippine music/movie/ television industry at the tender age of 4. She starred in her own movies, TV shows, stage plays, musicals and released a number of albums of which her debut received a Gold Record Award. After dominating Philippine showbusiness for almost 15 years, she has ventured into the land of dreams to conquer Hollywood. As an actress, at the age of 13,
    she was the youngest to ever be nominated for best supporting actress by the Film Academy of the Philippines. She continued on to star in top rated soap operas, sitcoms and films. Her music has continued to progress through the years with varying vocal styles ranging from broadway to Pop and R&B. Tiny as she may be, her voice and stage presence are larger than life. She is now currently working on her first album geared towards the global market.
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    some good 'ol friends


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    with cheska garcia...soulmate sistah:)
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    close pals at 7
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    just a peek into my crazy world...i'm a camera freak and i take tons of pics! it's my way of documenting my life and remembering those precious moments that you can never go back to...

    i love life...the ups & downs, the drama, the laughter, the tears, the surprises (both good & bad)...u just never know what's gonna happen next...and that's what makes life worth living...

    FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE...3 words i live by...complete faith and trust in the Lord...hope for every new tomorrow & in the goodness of all people...and unconditional love...

    oh and yeah, i'm a self-proclaimed island princess! i love the tropics! i love the beach!!!! i love boracay!!!!!
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    an old excerpt from her multiply blog:

    Do not be afraid to take risks. life is all about taking risks, and learning. we may succeed or we may lose, but nothing can compare to the experience. i am here in the US right now taking a huge risk. everyone always asks me why i chose to come here. one day i just knew that this is what i wanted to do...it felt more right than wrong. deep down inside, the decision to leave felt so right and the thought of staying just felt wrong. it made me feel guilty thinking that i should stay cuz that was the "safe" choice...the easy choice. i prayed long and hard and came to the decision that this is where i should be...even if it entailed so much risk, tears and sacrifice, this is where i knew i belonged...whether i make it or not. i had the support of my family, which gave me so much confidence...but more than that, i knew that God was with me and always will be. that is why through all the trials and challenges ive been through, im still standing. of course i got a lot of negative reaction...and i still do. but in life, people will always have something to say. only 10% of them will be good. the rest will be negative. that doesnt make them bad people at all. that is just their opinion. everyone has their own goals and dreams..and so do you! so just cuz you differ in your beliefs, that doesnt make either of you wrong. what would be wrong is to not follow your heart...your dreams...your goals. what would be wrong is to think you cant because someone said you cant. anything in this world is possible...anything! and even if it doesnt turn out exactly the way you thought it would, following your heart and keeping the faith will lead you exactly where you shoud be. so keep dreaming...but not just dreaming...take action and make it happen! only you can make it happen! i have a dream, and i have always been the type of person that doesn't settle for anything less than what i really want. who knows if i will make it or not? it's a long shot i know. but what matters to me is that i'm trying. i may succeed or i may not, but i tried...i'll never have any regrets when i get older that i didn't at least try.

    when we reach for something, we take risks. not just one or two...but many. we risk a lot to achieve a goal or reach for a dream. who knows where the road will lead us. all i know is, i believe that I am here because God has led me here. i believe that this is where i'm supposed to be right now in my life. all i can do is always do my best, work hard, believe and dream. God knows what's best and everything happens for a reason. no matter how hard we try to plan our life, we can never know how it will turn out...we can never know what's best for us. things never turn out the way we plan. all we can do is go along for the ride and trust God. everything that happens is meant to be. we may not always understand it at first...but things always have a way of working out in the end :-)

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    hello kisses :wave:

    btw, im pipay:)
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