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Choose the Woman that Chooses You

Choose the woman that chooses you.
That considers you the love of her life.
Don't waste your energy trying to make it work
With someone not interested in you.

Similarly, be careful of a woman who 'settled'.
For settling means she can simply deal with you.
And that you are not the love of her life.
Your partnership is all but a hollow tree.

You cannot fool yourself out of this.
It requires the deepest integrity,
the greatest courage
to not accept settling.

It takes the willingness to stand alone.
To not compromise oneself
To follow one's deepest convictions
And to be unperturbed to do what is right


  • SlakeSlake PExer
    well said. :)

    men: choose women who chose you
    women: choose men who chose you
  • Alpha_GreenAlpha_Green PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yeah that's true. Here's the bullsh|t part though, despite all those, that woman who "chooses you" would still require you to do this and that just to prove your love. Alam mong gusto ka na niya, pahihirapan ka pa. I also don't think energy wasting and compromising would stop despite being already "chosen" by the woman. Still the same.
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    yun na nga, eh! I picked a woman who've chosen me first.
    di katalo kasi parehong on the rush ang estrogen namin, noh!
    magsasabunutan kami niyan pag may sale sa victoria secret!

    buhay atcheng talga, noh!

    aihihihi!!! :lol:


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