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    Artwork of Hampaslupa

  • yipee..!! may new house na..
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    by Hampaslupa

  • by RECK
    Whoever says that Maricel is an underachiever must be out of his mind. She doesn't have URIAN but obviously not because she's not a good actress but because they just refuse to acknowledge her. They have nominated her 8 times and will probably nominate her 8 times more and will still not give her 1 trophy because they just don't want to. And Maricel will not lose sleep over that. She's already the 3rd most awarded actress in the history of Philippine movies with or without the "prestigious" trophy from the Manunuri. For the same reason that she will not have a grandslam. And it doesn't matter to her or to us. We love her anyway and that's what her detractors can't phatom. Our admiration for her does not depend on how many trophies she has received and will continue to receive.

    And she doesn't have a lifetime achievement award yet? She'll surely have more than one in few years time. She's still young and and is definitely still peaking. Unlike her contemporaries who are long way pass their prime.

    So, hail to the Queen!
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    by bien

  • renzrenz PExer
    by bien

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    Movie Wish List for Maricel Soriano

    1. Another movie with Aga Muhlach - this time, suspense thriller naman to be directed by Chito Rono under Star Cinema.

    2. A movie with Jeffrey Jeturian. Indie movie naman na pwedeng panlaban sa mga international festivals.

    3. A movie with Edu Manzano. Na excite ako when I saw them together after a long time during her guesting sa PGKNB. Galing ng kanilang chemistry.

    4. deleted lol!

    5. A movie with John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo. A May-December love affair pero yung parang MMK nina JLC and Candy Pangilinan about a teacher-student love affair tapos ang teacher, kaklase at kalaban ng nanay ng student.

    6. An all out comedy movie na spoof ng previous movies or famous lines ni Maricel to be directed by Wenn Deramas or Jose Javier Reyes under Star Cinema.

    Kayo ano pa ang gusto niyong mangyari kay Maricel?
    Ana_09 wrote: »
    hello renz....sa wakas my nago n tayong home...:lol:

    Ana_09 wrote: »
    1. Movie na mala-Erin Brockovich ang drama.

    2. Gusto ko rin yung spoof ng mga movie nya...si wenn n lng ang director..kasi alam n alam nya ang atake nun kasi Maricelian sya diba.

    3. Any horror movie n si chito rono ang director..

    4. Comedy movie kasama sina Ai-Ai, Kris, and Kuya Roderick. yung may mga prod. number ang saya nun..lol

    5. A movie with Sarah G...about conflict ng 2ng mgkapatid.
    Ana_09 wrote: »
    gusto ko rin n mgkaroon sya ng Comedy Series s tv...yung parang Betty La fea..Super aliw yun...

    raci wrote: »
    wow, new house :D

    My wish for Maricel

    - do a movie with Jericho-Angelika dela Cruz and with either Cesar, Gabby, Richard Gomez or Edu under Regal Films

    - a regular TV show (drama, comedy, talk show, etc) basta regular :)

    gusto ko iyong movie with jericho and angelika lol! pero dapat walang api apihan dito. parehong palaban at scheming sina maricel at angelika. bangis sa bangis. pangil sa pangil. taray sa taray lol1
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    yehey congrats mike sa bago nating bahay lol!

    nakaraos din tayo lol!

    nag girl.. biglang nawala si mike.. nag rejoice yata sa pagiging thread starter niya [email protected]
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    irene saan ka na? nawala ka na bigla hehe.
  • so ito na pala ang official 9th haus natin:)
    up ko lang!!!!!
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    irene saan ka na? nawala ka na bigla hehe.
    :lol: nagbabasa lang sa kung saan saan:lol:

    oiisst, don sa inay-echo-shine movie under regal, join ako dyan sana nga magkaron nyan:bop:

    tsaka sana balik team-up si gabo at inay....kiligzzzz:love:
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    ^tingin ko magtatambal talaga sila ni gabby lol!
  • [IMG][/img]Maricel.jpg
  • "Maria" by recalling the milestones in her lifelong career, from child actress to comedian and dancer to award-winning dramatic actress.


    JOHN EN MARSHA. Maricel, who was then six years old, was first introduced as a child actress in the 1971 film titled My Heart Belongs to Daddy. Three years later, she won her first acting trophy, the Best Child Actress Award, in the 9th Manila Film Festival for the movie Alaala Mo, Daigdig Ko (1973)


    Maria became more popular when she played the role of Shirley in the longest running sitcom John En Marsha (1973). For almost 17 years, Maricel acted as the only daughter of the King of Comedy (Dolphy as John Puruntong) and the late Nida Blanca (as Marsha), both of whom she looked up to as her second parents.

    After more than a decade, ABS-CBN revived John En Marsha through the Sunday sitcom John En Shirley (2006). Here, the concept was still the same except that Shirley, still played by Maricel, already has two children with her husband Bernie Ramirez (played by Richie Macapagal).

    TARAY MEETS KULIT. Following her success as Shirley in John En Marsha, Maricel was introduced as one of the first Regal Babies, together with Snooky Serna, Dina Bonnevie, Gabby Concepcion, Albert Martinez, Alfie Anido, and Jim Melendez.


    She was introduced as the on-screen partner of another Regal Baby, William Martinez, who also became her boyfriend in real life. Their tandem, called "Taray and Kulit," became popular in the movies Galawgaw (1982), Summer Holiday (1982), To Mama With Love (1983), Teenage Marriage (1984), Anak ni Waray, Anak ni Biday (1984), and Inday Bote (1985).

    ***** QUEEN. Whenever Maricel was invited to do a dance number in a variety show, the Diamond Star would perform her most famous signature dance called "Shake Body Body Dancer."

    To tune of Magic Fire's 80s song, "Body Dancer," her fans discovered that Maricel could not only act but could also dance gracefully. She got the Filipinos dance with her with these simple steps: forward step and body shake.

    In 2007, during the birthday celebration of the Queen of Philippine Cinema, Susan Roces, who played Shirley's mother-in-law in John En Shirley, Maricel performed her unique dance moves. At 42, she showed the audience that she could keep up any time with young actor-dancer Vhong Navarro.

    Aside from "Body Dancer," Maricel also became popular with her signature dance for the song called "Rico Mambo" by Breakfast Club.

    This popular dance was revived during the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, when chosen celebrity housemates danced with inmates of the Cebu Province District Rehabilitation Center, popularly called the "Dancing Inmates." Of course, they did Maricel's dance moves. *okay*

    MARICEL DRAMA SPECIAL. The Diamond Star naturally had her own television shows. She started with the variety shows Maria! Maria! (1986) and Maricel Live! (1986), where she showcased her skills in singing, dancing, and even hosting.


    As always, Maria proved her versatility, this time in dramatic acting, through her weekly drama anthology on television, Maricel Regal Drama Special (1988-1992), which was later replaced by Maricel Soriano Drama Special (1992-1998)

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    si chickyboy.. lurker lang.. ngayon poster na..

    welcome back hehe.
  • renz wrote: »
    yehey congrats mike sa bago nating bahay lol!

    nakaraos din tayo lol!

    nag girl.. biglang nawala si mike.. nag rejoice yata sa pagiging thread starter niya [email protected]

    ai.. hehe.. saya saya nman d2.. hehe..!!:) :bashful: :)
  • From comedy films, Maricel moved to heavy drama not only on TV but in movies as well.

    While entertaining televiewers, Award-giving bodies continued to notice Maricel's exceptional acting skills ,earning nominations and bagging Best actress awards for dramatic movies.Like Julia Roberts in Hollywood, Maricel Soriano is reportedly the highest paid actress in Philippine movies today. Forty-one years in show business, and the diamond star continues to shine .


    MS. TARAY. Aside from being the Diamond Star, Maricel used to be known fondly as the Ms. Taray of Philippine showbiz.
    She was the "talakera" (nagger or non-stop talker) in her early comedy projects.
    Ms. Taray bullied her partners in movies and television with her killer look and sharp dialogues
    that often left them speechless.


    Not only with her former loveteam, William Martinez, did Maricel become the Taray Queen. In 1988, Maricel did a comedy film with former singer-actor Randy Santiago, aptly titled Taray at Teroy.

    Maricel Soriano has shed off that comic abrasive image. In an interview with entertainment columnist Ricky Lo, "The Mellowing of Maricel Soriano" (July 22, 2003), she talked about her life changes and how all these helped her as a person and as an actress.

    Ricky Lo wrote, "While before she was notorious for being the Taray Queen (roughly equivalent to *****y Empress),
    Maricel is a changed woman now, radiating peace and happiness that is almost palpable.
    Put a halo around her head and she could be, well, Santita Maricel."

    And PEP says, name all the qualities of that rare gem called diamond,—
    scintillating, precious, forever tough, and so forth—that's Maricel Soriano,
    the Diamond Star, on screen and in person


    On the lighter side, Maricel’s inner peace too is attributed to her slimmer self. One of her beliefs is that nothing is easy in this world and you have to work hard for anything. So losing weight has been an ordeal for the actress. She would really put effort on stepping on a treadmill or mounting a stationary bike and do her cardio workout for 50 minutes. At the same time she has a diet of less or no rice at all and just salads.

    "Lahat mahirap but I ask myself if I’m still enjoying what I’m doing. Everytime I put on my clothes and it fits me well, I’m happy. This is my consolation prize so everytime I work out I think of the blouse that will fit me afterwards," remarked Maricel.

    Nothing is really easy even finding and keeping one’s happiness. The secret though for Maricel is in prayers. And this for her helps her maintain her happiness and inner peace!


    MARICEL Soriano has learned to be thankful for all the blessings she has received-
    "not just the good ones, but even the not-so-good ones which we normally call blessing in disguise," she says.

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    ai.. hehe.. saya saya nman d2.. hehe..!!:) :bashful: :)

    akala ko nagpakain ka sa mga kapitbahay mo hehe.

    sina manou naman dito mamaya..

    sila ni chole na bday girl pala ngayon.. hapi bday chole lol!
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