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Naghahanap ng Tagapagtustos | Looking for Suppliers

Does a supplier thread belong here?

Anyway, if it does, are there any packaging suppliers out there who could give a small food startup like ours low prices and low minimum orders? Thanks!


  • naghahanap po ako nagtatrucking papunta sa south and north luzon. thanks po
  • hi will this be a regular contract?
  • oo, siguro 2x o 3x per month. thanks
  • meron ba dyan loose cargo trucking to laguna, cavite, batangas, bicol and cagayan de oro?

    badly needed asap!

  • Hi,

    May alam akong forwarding company, more on domestic, pm mo na lang contact number mo sa akin and i'll give it to the people concern.
  • pretty_mai wrote: »

    May alam akong forwarding company, more on domestic, pm mo na lang contact number mo sa akin and i'll give it to the people concern.

    nag pm ako sa yo! :) thanks
  • baka may alam kayo murang forwarder papunta naman sa mindanao??

    badly needed lang, thanks!
  • mameemamee PExer
    try to look at www.sulit.com.ph ;)
  • It's always diligent to start looking for such suppliers in Binondo and Divisoria. Another tip is to go to the supermarket and look at the labels of the product packaging of the supplies you need. Most of these will have the factory address where they are manufactured. These information will likewise give you leads on where to get cheap materials for your business.

    Good luck!

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  • meron po ba d2 na may store sa divisoria na mapagkukunan if ever wholesale.. balak q kasi magopen ng online store. gs2 q muna kumuha ng pictures or catalogs ng mga items na available. thanks! contact me at 09159947768 sa details at address nio po.
  • Ako din nghahanap naghahanap, Where I can buy cheap dress in divisoria that I can wear on my friends wedding? Need Help thanks
  • i need hotdog supplier, contak me at [email protected]
  • anong hotdog po yung kelangan nyo? yung regular or yung footlong?
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    you might have some printing requirements. :)

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  • Leilani Del Rosario,

    Ako po si Marvin Del Valle Chua, kaya ko po mag supply sa inyo ng mga kailangan ninyong gamit para sa food cart business ninyo. Including the noodle cups and siomai (or sharksfin). The price of course depends on how much your business can consume and how often do you want the deliveries made and where do you want it delivered. (if you have a chest type freezer that can hold your stocks for 2weeks then we deliver less thus less expenses for us and we can adjust the price accordingly.)

    Our burger patties are made of ground beef and spices. Though its not pure beef, but we can change the ingredients to your preferences. (if your food cart caters to the middle-upper class then I'm sure they wouldn't mind a small increase in price in exchange of better quality.) Of course we can also change the weight/grams of your patties if you want to make a bigger burger. The same apply to the dimsums, the buns, the sauce, even the noodle cups, puwede po naming iprint ang logo ng business ninyo sa noodle cups or kung gusto ninyo plain lang. But all of these changes will alter our selling price, and more importantly it depends on how much you can consume because we can't afford to make a second batch of different kind of food if your orders are small.

    Ms.Leilani please paki send po yung contact information ninyo including other relevant info about your business. (address of your business? working days? 24 hours or not? how many food carts you own? average sales? foot traffic? etcetera.)

    Marvin Del Valle Chua

    PS - We also provide other services and products, to name a few- packaging, siopao, sauce for siopao, steamer, fryer, gulaman dispenser, noodles, tissues, chopsticks, other condiments, order slips and other office supply, we also make food carts (burgers, shawarma, mami or lugaw).
    Send nyo lang po sakin kung ano ang exact na kailangan nyo at mga inquiry ninyo. Salamat.
  • Mr. Chua. Bakit di mo pa i-post contact number mo para pwede ka ng tawagn ng kahit sino? pampatagal pa yang email at PM. di ba?
  • hi there apes03,

    Im in ffreight forwarding company. if you happen to import your supplies you may want to forge a partnership with us. just an option.


    Universal Merchants
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  • I'm looking for Hungarian. But if you have other kinds of hotdogs, I want to know :)
  • prettychinprettychin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    reach me at 09173396061 for details
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