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ROBIlievers: Robi Domingo ~ No.. I'm A Beach Boy [World 9]

adikadik PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

In a span of 6 days, we are now on our NINTH THREAD! :cheerleader:

In eight threads, we have encountered a lot of things together. meeting new friends, bonding with each other, talking and sharing thoughts about things, etc. we also stumbled upon HATERS and LURKERS who do nothing but put ROBI and the ROBILIEVERS down, but did they succeed? did they put us, and most especially Robi down? NO, they did not! Robi still is one of the BEST housemates inside. we do not step on others to be on the top. we still are a big happy family. and no one can ever break us apart. because we are one! ROBILIEVERS: Ang bumangga, GIBA!

ROBILIEVERS, POST POST POST! would-be ROBILIEVERS, join us here and you will have fun, i am sure of that! :winky:

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