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Prices For Airline Tickets Thread

Guys i hope you support this thread because this will strictly focus on airline tickets whether domestic, regional, or international. Pls indicate if these are just quoted fares or tickets bought and please indicate the airlines. Thanks!

Mnl - Dipolog (Pal - May 2008 - One Way) P2,800
Mnl- Dipolog- Mnl (5J - May 2008 ) P5,600

Mnl-Hkg-Mnl ( 5J August 2008 P4200 +1620)
CX - June 2008 USD 260 +1620
Pal June 2008 USD 240+1620

Mnl- Lax-Mnl (USD 1,300 +1,620 Dep Aug 2008 PAL & EVA AIR

The Hk CX and PR and the Lax tickets are quoted by Skynet travel but STILL subject to change if promos will arise. But at least we have an idea how much it will cost. What tickets to buy what airline etc.

Ang hirap po kasi mag tanong ng magtanong sa mga agencies about the airfares only so i do hope that you post your here para ma share naman ninyo ang mga info- so all of us could benefit, kahit saan pang destination yan basta airline tickets - pasok lang po.:)


  • ikayikay PExer
    jay, questions:

    1. How'd you get the Dipolog rates? I perfectly know how to compute domestic rates across all booking classes, but there's no way I can come up with 2,800 and 5,600.

    2. How come you compared HK flights for 5J in August vs. CX and PR in June? Apples and oranges. Dapat either June lahat or August lahat.

    Anyway, to contribute to your thread I have bookings for MNL-SIN-MNL via PAL for $221 inclusive of Phil. travel tax already.
  • Ung Dipolog fares are actual tickets bought by our company the travel period was 1st week of May and the tickets bought April 2008. Ako mismo ang nagbook at bumili ng tickets sa Pal and Cebu Pacific. Pag domestic i usually check and book on both airlines tapos pag mas mura ang Pal - i buy it. Duon naman sa HongKong rates - at the time i asked for a computation - wala pang available August Departures - lam mo naman ang HongKong upto 1 month lang advance sila mag quote - and so i opted for June na lang para lang to get an idea how much the fares are. Gusto ko nga lang sana i quote ang Pal ticket office sa hongkong kaya lang i forgot how much when i checked reservations. This thread is not really to compare the ticket prices ( pero hindi rin masama diba) it is really more to know HOW MUCH DOES THE TICKET COST. Siguro pag charge ka na ng more than 200usd ng 5J na spartan no frills service - SIGURO YOU SHOULD CHECK CX AND PAL. My tip pag nag 8k na ang 5J SA HK automatic check with PR AND CX PLEASE.

    I thought of these thread because sometimes ang hirap magtanong sa mga agencies yung parang nagsusuplada at nagsusuplado YUNG IBANG AGENTS di naman sila kagandahan o kagwapuhan.!:angry: :grrr: :rotflmao: Para dito alam na natin lahat ang rates.

    hewwwww ang haba parang KRIS AQUINO- isa lang ang tanong ANG HABA NG SAGOT:rotflmao: :bashful:
    Anyway thanks IKAY for the info *okay* share pa kayo ng ibang rates - thanks in advance;)
  • stingray1059stingray1059 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    eh hindi naman stable ang airline fare price eh.

    pag nagbook ka ng mga 3 or 4 months before your flight, mura siya. pero kung 2 or 3 weeks or less na lang ang target flight mo, doble na ang presyo.

    ex.. nagbook ako ng legazpi -mnl RT (june 2-7)- 2 months ago.
    nagbayad ako ng P2300.

    then check ko ngayon sa website kung how much na. P4500. na!
  • zero fare ang malaysia airlines.. zero fare !!! hurry

    USD 124.90 roundtrip :)
  • Share ko lang po newest fares na nakuha ko

    Manila-Ilo-Cebu-Dvo-Mnl - P7.2k 5J travel period 2nd week July
    Manila-Dvo - P2.5k 5J Travel July 2nd week
    Mnl - Iloilo - P1.6K 5J July 2nd Week

    Mnl- Hkng- Mnl - August 3rd week travel 275-375usd incluse of travel tax on Pal/ usd 375-450 for Cathay Pacific

    Manila-Lax-Ohare - One Way P40k via Pal with Code sharing US carrier

    Dublin-Manila- Dublin - via KLM roundtrip P63k travel period is July
  • Unpredictable ang mga airfares ngayon because of fuel surcharge and airline rate. Advise ko lang if you're sure to travel buy tickets na kasi every month lagi nag increase. Lalo na si PAL halos every week yan nagpapalit ng rates nila.
  • TravelBugTravelBug PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ang airline ticket prices mas madali pa magbago kesa sa weather so I'm not very sure how this thread would help? I can quote an airfare now pero give it a few minutes nagbago na yan. Airline ticket prices are only valid at the time of booking. You won't be assured you'll get it at that price unless you have already paid for it.
  • ikayikay PExer
    ^So true, but unfortunately, a lot of people find that difficult to understand.

    jay372011 wrote: »
    Manila-Dvo - P2.5k 5J Travel July 2nd week
    Mnl - Iloilo - P1.6K 5J July 2nd Week

    PAL equivalents:
    Manila-Dvo - just add 97 pesos to 5J rate. So worth the difference. Even cheaper (2,093.50) under buy 1 get 1 free promo
    Mnl - Iloilo - 700 more than 5J, but cheaper (1,438.50) if buy 1 take 1
  • ^yeah, since most airlines now offer online booking, di ba madali na lang mag check ng fares? Sa Cebupacific and PAL (at least), just fill in the travel dates and go through the process, you'll get the actual price na babayaran.

    heck, i can do that in less than a minute. i bet that's faster than waiting for someone to update this thread. ;)
  • if there are some of you who are interested in going to el nido, kindly check this site.. by the way, round trip ticket at cebupac is PHP1,998.00 ONLY.. :)

  • Hello... any idea how much na airfare MNL-LAX-MNL? thanks...
  • It depends sa airline and time of travel but more or less 1.2 to 1.5k usd Pal para straight flight
  • ikayikay PExer
    ^PAL promo fare starting today: USD708 base fare, so total including all taxes, etc. would be just over 1k.
  • Thanks po!
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