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Beijing, China

commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
Wala muna personalized trip report, pagod na ako. Bottomline is, the Philippines is hopeless.:rotflmao:

My trip from TripAdvisor:
High Points: Huge roads, high-tech traffic system, cool long buses, good weather, the tourist spots, considerably clean overall.

Low Points: Extremely Smoggy, Lots of tourists including rowdy domestic ones, Traffic on some occasions but not that bad compared to what we have here.

Day 1

Took the shuttle bus to Xidan as suggested, convenient but not extremely tourist friendly specially if you dont speak mandarin. Got off at Xidan terminal and the hunt for my hotel was on. We didn't have a map so i relied on the maps i saw on the internet. This is where i realized how important the map scale is, damn beijing is huge and a couple of centimeters in the map meant a couple of kilometers.

Grand Mercure Xidan is not yet fully finished, i'd say about 80% done, more improved than previous feedbacks. Except for the hotel umbrellas, there was no sign of Marco Polo anymore. Breakfast buffet was below average.

After Check-in and lunch at Times Square fastfood, we walked to the Xidan shopping district until around 8pm then took a taxi to Wangfujing. We only shopped in the mall across Joy City as recommended by a friend, lots of cheap stuff but also expensive ones. Clothes were trendy but may cost as much as 200RMB. Branded imitations were of very good quality. Didn't shop much in wangfujing besides buying a couple of stuff from the Olympic Store (2 of them on the same street). The APM mall was huge and very modern, lots of shops as well.

Day 2

Dropped by early morning in BLCU to see the campus, might study there in the future then met up with my friend and headed to Zhong Guan Cun by taxi. Only went to 2 of the malls there but damn were they huge... even when compared to those in Hong Kong. Prices were cheap as well, i think similar to HK. Went back to the hotel at noon, then we took a taxi to the restaurant to meet with the tour people. After lunch we headed to the Temple of Heaven. The part leading to the main attraction was indeed smelly because of the old people. Watched the legend of kung fu in red theatre afterwards, great effects and production.

Day 3

Headed to the Grand National Theatre for picture taking. Then moved on to the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. The light rain dampened the result of the photos and forced us to use umbrellas but the trip was good but fast nonetheless. Had our peking duck lunch at the QuanJuDe restaurant, the duck was great when compared to what we have here in manila. We then visited the Panda center in Beijing Zoo, good thing they were awake and eating so the trip to the zoo served its purpose. Cute 'little' creatures. We then headed to the summer palace, amazing place. We also rode the dragon boat but didnt get to see the marble dragon boat sadly. Passed by near the olympic village to take pictures again. Went back to Xidan to end the day.

Day 4

Jade Factory. Tourist Trap, Overpriced goods, period. Then we headed to Badaling Great Wall, there was some sort of commotion and we found out that the paralympics had some sort of ceremony going on so bus travel was limited, lots of police. Badaling was crowded as expected, plus it's a sunday. God the sheer number of people was staggering but the wall didnt fail to impress nonetheless. The tour brought us to Wangfujing to end the day. (Our 2nd time, their 1st).

Day 5

Flew to Shanghai Via Shanghai Airlines. The Terminal 3 is HUGE. We arrived in Terminal 2 during the 1st day.

Some patikim pictures before i leave for Baguio:








  • altairaltair PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    [QUOTE=prEttyNdisTress;40159405]not weird....

    San - 生 (which is a good word and a lucky word)
    guel - 力 (means strong in Chinese also a lucky word)

    Chinese are not like Pinas...hindi binabasta-basta lang ang name ng company or business... halos mga business name are lucky or nice characters...;)[/QUOTE]


    di ba in Putonghua
    生 -> shēng
    力 -> l?","
  • how i wish 5J flies to Beijing soon!
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
  • wow! keep it coming commoner.. =) suggest ka ng itinerary for me sa beijing.
  • misternmisismisternmisis PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Wow, can't wait to go there... will be there Aug5-24 > will be packed with tourists like me but will make sure to have a good time anyway... Thanks for sharing the photos...
  • sa mga napuntahan ko, dito sumakit ang legs at paa ko sa sobrang lakaran. buti nalang may free foot massage pagkatapos ng whole day tour.
  • i'm going to beijing for the olympics! yehey!!! makakakuha na rin ako ng pictures, yung last na punta ko, sira pala camera ko hindi ko alam.. malas
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️

    Terminal 2 "Old" Airport







  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
  • waterwellwaterwell PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    red_track wrote: »
    wow! keep it coming commoner.. =) suggest ka ng itinerary for me sa beijing.

    agree! sana meron kang 2 day itinerary suggestions kasi on days na wala kaming tickets to olympic games, plan namin mag-tour :)
  • nice pics commoner! will be in Beijing this Fall 2008 to study as well! hehe been there last 2005. grabe, ang ganda nga sa Beijing! hehe

    OT: you're using your new cam na? :D
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    yup new camera.

    2 days in beijing?

    a visit to the great wall will most probably take up 1 day.

    as for the other day, tiananmen square, forbidden city and 1 more tourist spot of your choice.

    our itinerary pretty much covered everything that needs to be seen but time is hardly enough for each spot to fully appreciate them.
  • parang bitin yung 2 days sa beijing hehe

    commoner, the place where you ate Peking Duck, was that the 1st Peking Duck place? kasi may kinainan kami nung 1005, yun daw yung 1st Peking Duck place eh. and san yung place na madaming immitations? hehe wasnt able to find it last time.
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    yup thats the original peking duck place, quanjude.

    yashow market un madaming imitations. xidan shopping complex madami din.
  • pag 3 days sulit na ba or kulang pa?
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    red_track wrote: »
    pag 3 days sulit na ba or kulang pa?

    4 to 5 days will do for beijing. but you need a car/van + driver/guide for convenience if you will not join a tour.
  • commoner wrote: »
    4 to 5 days will do for beijing. but you need a car/van + driver/guide for convenience if you will not join a tour.

    +1, mahirap kung walang van and driver kung ppunta ka sa mga tourist spots
  • nako lagot ako.. wala kaming na arrange na mga car/van +driver/guide. kelangan pala maghanap na ako nyan..
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    punta ka sa beijing forums ng tripadvisor.com, daming english-speaking guides dun.
  • ^ wow. thanks commoner
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