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Cyberspace romance - pwede ba?

Do you believe in attraction online, and do you think it's "real"? Na-experience na ba ninyo? How or why were you attracted to that person, at may na-develop ba? :bashful:

Share your stories, explanations, and whatever else here!


  • I had a former roommate (white male dude) who married a pinay from Cavite... They met through online chat... and he visited her... and the rest is history. So, I guess it's 'real'. :hmm:
  • I guess it's real. I haven't experienced it, mostly because I'd rather know people personally before I add them as friends on YM. But there are so many stories already about people hooking up after meeting online and have stayed together
  • tilmantilman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Well it happened to me as well.
    But I think love can't happen until you meet in real. Before that its just an imagination.
    There are a lot of fake people on the net (in fact pinays are almost famous for scamming foreigners online), its a big risk in some ways.
    But sometimes you can be more open and honest to someone you don't know in real and who is not part of your everyday life.
  • bicst8fembicst8fem PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ...it happened to me though we haven't met personally, but what i felt was real and way beyond imagination...i just chicken-out kaya walang nangyaring relationship and i think priority nya ang studies so ako na ang nag give-way...:depressed:
  • dee08dee08 PExer
    i haven't really experienced falling in love online. but i think it could be possible. i mean, it's definitely a whole lot different than in-person love affairs primarily because of the medium with which the individuals involved use to communicate, but when it comes down to it, relationships are mostly about feelings and commitment. and even though people don't really see each other in cyberspace the way they do in person, feelings, feelings are always real.:bashful:

    and just because the romance took place in cyberspace doesn't mean it's less real. cyberspace IS real. it is in the real world. what matters is really the commitment of the individuals involved. that's what really makes a relationship real.*okay*
  • attraction, yes. the question if it would last long :rotflmao:
  • well..i tried. it got really messy. started online, someone tried to get in between from online, ended online...and now he's messin wit me online
  • nutshellnutshell PEx Rookie ⭐
    well, it happened to me....and i guess its destiny....hehe...nakita nya username ko sa pulpcom and aun sa dinami-dami ng usernames dun, saken ung na-tripan nya...then inadd nya ako sa ym...ndi kami nging chatmate...at that time, active pa ko sa gigs...so ng-group message ako sa ym na text text na lang sa gigs para kitakits (syempre ininclude ko number ko).....then sinave nya number ko....then tinext nya ako...1st text nya ndi ko xa inentertain kasi inaantok nako that time....so aun....2 months pa ulet bago sya ngtext....ung 2nd text nya kalokohan lang...eh ako loko loko rin...so ayun na ayun ngkasundo kme sa mga kalokohan namen sa texts hnggang sa mging textmate kame for 2 months din.....(nung mgka-textmate kame wala kming pinag-uusapan na personal like lovelife...puro kalokohan lang talaga and music and other stuffs na magkasundo kme...)....so aun after 2 months ng-meet kme and then after namen mg-meet ng-ask na sya kng pwede nya ako i-court...so aun nppdalas na pgkikita namen and then after 1 month kami na!...and ngaun going 3 years na kami....and very strong pa rin ung relationship namin...hehehe ...:)
    share ko lang po...:)
  • dito pa lang sa PEX dami na :glee:
  • nutshellnutshell PEx Rookie ⭐
    sino sino ba mga nging lovers dito sa pex in real life?....:love:
  • jescythe wrote: »
    dito pa lang sa PEX dami na :glee:

    sino-sino kaya yun? hope they'll last long... :)
  • i asked my friend and he said: ....i don't believe in it...because i've never experienced it...and i never will because i'm not active in cyberspace...i simply use ym to chat...i believe that people who get "attracted" to others online are uhhh desperate and flirts...hahahahah
  • sana mga lovers sa pex maka-share dito. just wondering... which one is true regarding online attraction? do opposites attract or do birds of the feather flock together?
  • sana mga lovers sa pex maka-share dito ng experiences nila. just wondering... which one is true regarding online attraction? do opposites attract or do birds of the feather flock together?
  • It exists, my sister was a victim of attraction online, it then developed into something else like the person on the other end visiting the philippines for her. It's like a long distance relationship.
    but for me, personally it has never happened:bashful:
  • i have a friend who found her true love online and now they're engaged.. surprising isn't it? but she said that their love is real and she had finally found the perfect match..
  • well i know of someone... she has this american boyfriend online and their relationship is good... they already met in person and now her bf even visits the country from time to time just to meet her and be with her even for just once in a while... :)
  • Since it happens, then I believe it....One of my cousins met through their friendster profiles, and now he's happily married to that girl
  • ya i guess there is attraction online. no, i dont think it's real, it only becomes real when these couples meet in real life. haven't experienced it though.:rotflmao:
  • :bashful: I also have a friend who is in the US right now. I was surprised to hear the news that she was already engaged to someone. I had the time to chat with her one time and she shared to me how she met her fianc?. She said that they met online in one of the chatrooms in yahoo. I was really surprised and at first I was doubtful if their relationship would go on smoothly. She told me that she was very happy to find her ideal man. I ask her if once she ever doubted if the relationship would work. The only thing that she told me was that if your intentions are pure and real then anything can happen. The world will conspire to help you meet with that special someone that you?ve longed for. Also, she told me to be wary of the things that are happening online because there are people out there who are there just for fun.
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