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Question on International Money Wire Transfers

Hi there,

I was wondering - how long does it take for international money wire transfers to process? I have an employer in Austria and tried sending money bank-to-bank. I am using Unionbank EON (Visa Electron) and have been notified that my payment has been transferred but it has not reflected in my account yet when I checked it (and I'm pretty much emptying the last of my spare cash). Do international transfers need to have some form of 'registration' for the account or does it have extra processes in order for the transfer to take effect? Would you suggest wire over paypal payments?


  • polskypolsky c0d3 d1gg3r PExer
    I only have experience in wire transfers from the US and it takes around 3 working days and costs $40 per transaction. No need to do anything on your end. Unless, however, the amount is unusually large. The bank might put your transfer on hold until you have explained to them the nature of this transfer (source, purpose, etc). Fortunately this only happens on your first big transfer though, and there won't be any problems with the next ones as long as they're from the same source.
  • KazararetaKazarareta The X PExer
    oh, alright! natakot lang ako na baka hindi siya nag push through and all.
  • DULCE_2005DULCE_2005 Member PExer
    I would suggest wire transfer rather than paypal. Wire transfer normally takes only 1-2 days. Im not quite familiar with visa electron w/ UBP, but i guess the best thing you could do is to ask the remitting bank if they already remit the money to your bank. Ask for a swift confirmation then bring it to UBP for them to locate the funds/money.
  • PingGarciaPingGarcia PExer
    Depende kasi sa oras mo, if you time to go out and fill out forms at the bank, queue in lines, and all. Of course, depende rin sa amount. Kasi the bank charges a fixed rate, kaya kung malaki, sa bank transfer na talaga. Kaya lang minsan you need to show some docs pa sa bank, at yung receiving end ata, needs to have a local USD denominated bank account.

    Sa PayPal, mas simple, email lang ang kailangan, kaya lang, you will be charged in percentage. OF course, dapat may verified PayPal din ang pagdadalhan mo, at PHP bank account.

    OR, you can PM me, and I might be able to help. *okay*

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