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Lifeline Foundation`s Relationship Empowerment Seminars

Hey you guys, Lifeline is inviting everyone to its relationship empowerment seminar.

It features topics that are well suited for not just married couples, singles but also to parents friends and family...BASTA RELATIONSHIP!

It is conducted by Lifeline Foundation thru its key speaker Candace Schmidt, a well known and experienced counselor.

It`s a fun and learning self awareness experience and not boring. I myself get bored on dead tone speakers but this one is ..I can say, Alive..I never left the room without anything really practical that I can use in my daily life. Candace shares her life experience as a counselor and as an individual to empower us.

She also conducts seminars every tues regarding diff topics which you will see in the website.

There is an online registration in lifeline`s website it is http://www.ineedalifeline.org

I will see you there! ;)
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