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Wes Craven's DRACULA 2000


this is one cool movie!

just saw it on vcd...galeng! it has everything you need in a B horror movie...cheezy special effects, kakagulat scenes, gory death scenes, sex! haha!

it actually revolves on the age old story of Dracula but they added a little twist to it...they built a story on who Dracual REALLY is...basta ok yung twist! ganda nung mga fight scenes (there are some scenes like Blade, some like Crouching Tiger)! ganda rin nung mga female vamps (Vitamin C the singer, Jennifer Esposito of Spin City, Jeri Ryan of Star Trek)...it also stars Omar Epps, Jonnie Lee Miller (Angelina Jolie's ex) and dami pa! go see it if you like cheap thrills and if your looking for a good B horror movie!

for the guys out there, you can also catch a brief glimpse of Vitamin C's breasts in her sex scene with Dracula...hehe


  • The Rock wants to watch this just to see more of Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan and the ever-hot Jennifer Esposito.:yum: Just the kind of mindless blood, gore, and sex to take our thoughts away from the national crisis we face.:(
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