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2008 Pasado Awards Best Actress: Judy Ann Santos..

vingovingo Banned by Admin PExer
for ouija.. congrats.. naiulat ni alfie..*okay*


  • swtnovswtnov Member PExer
    congratulations!!!!...................JUDAY....... YOU are d best talaga!...I'll support you all d way....You're the only one!.... wish u d best, happiness, peace of mind..... continue to explore anything. i know u have a lot of talent.......Good luck!!!.... God is always on your side......
  • dang71dang71 Banned by Admin PExer
    Congrats Judai!*okay*
  • itlogmo2itlogmo2 Member PExer
    Congrats Judai :)
  • kuykuy70kuykuy70 JasRyan4life ✭✭
    Congrats Judai...PASADO Best Actress for OUIJA*okay*
  • vingovingo Banned by Admin PExer
    next year lalaban naman si juday for her movie ploning.. sigurado yan..
  • lui_gcablui_gcab Member PExer
    :cheers: to juday

    daming blessings ha.
  • renzrenz Banned by Admin PExer
    congrats judy ann!
  • milky_911milky_911 Member PExer
    Congrats Ms Judy Ann Santos!
  • desaparecidodesaparecido desaparecido PExer
    Wow, good for Judy Ann. Ang kinakatakot ko next year eh magsasabay ang Ploning ni Juday at ang Caregiver ng kanyang kapatid na si Ate Sha.
  • vingovingo Banned by Admin PExer
    Wow, good for Judy Ann. Ang kinakatakot ko next year eh magsasabay ang Ploning ni Juday at ang Caregiver ng kanyang kapatid na si Ate Sha.

    ok lang kahit sino yun mananalo im sure deserving..
  • gndnldgndnld beermen fan/mega online PExer
    congrats sis judai for the award!!!

    we love you

    love, sharonians online
  • gndnldgndnld beermen fan/mega online PExer
    ^ re sa awards next year for ploning at caregiver...whoever wins sure naman tayo na happy both camps dahil more than professional ang treatment nila...:) *okay*
  • green teagreen tea Brangelina PExer

    congratulation MS.JUDY ANN SANTOS,wala ka talagang katulad ang galing,galing mo talaga.
  • emiliez_cuteemiliez_cute biDa BeSt!! PExer
    congratz..poh....ang inaapi pinagpa2la...heheheh
  • mayrs05mayrs05 Member PExer
    congrats JUDAY! you deserve it magaling kang artista. Mga family ko sa pinas will watch your movie PLONING. GOOD LUCK!
  • yorkie_justiceyorkie_justice Banned by Admin PExer
    congratz po

    pasado best actress
  • princeangeloprinceangelo 400% Thomasian PExer
    congrats!!!! u deserve it ....
  • eWwWwWwWeWwWwWwW Member PExer
    Congrats Judy Ann Santos...ibang level ka na talaga.
  • criduchatcriduchat Member PExer
    Congratulations Juday!!!! Grabe- pati sa horror kinakikitaan ng pambihirang galing!!!

    Hindi lang ganda ang panlaban mo Juday...You are a true artist!!!

    Di lang pang-commercial, pang-AWARD din...

    GO PLONING!!! The movie critics call "One of the most important movies of the DECADE!" and " Truly a masterpiece."
  • tigr5861tigr5861 Member PExer
    Congrats Juday!!!!!!!!!! GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!! PLONING.........

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