All Time Highest Grossing Films in the Philippines

Ano ba talaga ang all time highest grossing film in the Philippines? Is it Titanic? or Spiderman 3?? Please..kasi wala na me tiwala ngayong sa Wikipedia.... But based on my research, I think Titanic.. Nakuha ko ito sa Manila Bulletin..

“Titanic” Broke All Records in RP; Grosses P260-M Nationwide

“Titanic”, based on the tragedy about the RMS Titanic recently broke all records in the
Philippines. The movie grosses over P260-M in just two weeks and still counting. The movie also opened at the first spot in both UK and North American Box Office.

“Titanic is my best film ever. The whole staff and production of Titanic did not expect
this kind of box office success. We’re very shocked when Paramount reported to us that
the movie opened at number one spot not only in the North American Box Office but all
over the world. I’m very happy for the success of my film.” said by James Cameron, the director and the writer of the movie.

The theaters that posted the highest receipt are SM North EDSA with P27, 602, 930 followed by Glorietta with P16, 745, 660, SM Mega Mall with P16, 004, 923, Greenhills Shopping Center with P14, 763, 025 and SM Manila with P12, 220, 967.

“The movie is a big success for us.”, said by the general manager of 20th Century Fox, the distributor of the movie. “Very soon Titanic will be the highest grossing film of all time. I’m sure with that.”

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the movie is still playing and shattering records in theaters natiowide.


  • Drahow ein EnteDrahow ein Ente PExer
    spiderman came out years after that was archived so there's a chance it broke the record already
  • quentsquents Banned by Admin PExer
    titanic sucks...
  • why naman titanic sucks? For me, magaling ang pagkakagawa.. ang galing ng mga visual effects.. diba? 1997 pa lang iyan.. di pa masyado mataas ang technology... For me maganda ang Titanic.. PEro mas gusto ko ang The Notebook and Pearl harbor.. pero gusto ko rin naman ang titanic,,
  • quentsquents Banned by Admin PExer
    you liked pearl harbor?


  • Spider-Man 3 shatters box-office records!

    (May 09, 2007)

    Columbia PictureS’ Spider-Man 3 continued its super-heroic, record-smashing ways as it obliterated every conceivable box-office record in Philippine history. Completing its six-day opening weekend (May 6), Spidey posted a nationwide gross of an incredible P236 million in 472 screens, by far the all-time biggest opening weekend in the local record-books for any movie—foreign or Filipino. This according to Victor R. Cabrera, general manager of Columbia Pictures that is responsible for the film’s distribution in the country.

    “This is history in the making,” said Cabrera of the lucrative weekend debut. “Opening weekend grosses in the P200-million mark is previously unheard of. This demonstrates how the appeal of Spider-Man crosses over the demographics. This is truly remarkable.”

    In Mega Manila, Spider-Man 3 swung to a jolting P180.87-million six-day opening weekend gross, the highest ever, and easily surpassing the previous weekend records of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 combined.

    Indeed, in just six days, the film’s nationwide gross has already beaten the final or lifetime gross of Spider-Man 1 at 194 million!

    Among the other milestones Spider-Man 3 broke are: the fastest period for any movie to reach the P200-million mark (6 days) and the biggest single-day records for any Tuesday (P58.6 million), Wednesday (P33.14 million), Thursday (P28.35 million), Friday (P29.80 million), Saturday (P42.35 million) and Sunday (P43.84 million).

    Twenty one cinemas registered sales of over P4 million each, another one for the record books. The top 5, in descending order: SM North EDSA (P12.75 million), SM Megamall (P10.13 million), SM Mall of Asia (P8.12 million), Gateway Cineplex (P6.84 million), Glorietta 4 (P6.43 million).

    Something to ponder: So who says piracy is the reason why local films are suffering at the box office? If Spider-Man 3 is also being pirated, why is it making such a big kill at the box office? Perhaps local producers should stop ranting and start making truly quality and entertaining movies so people will watch their films.
  • CorrectCorrect La La Land PExer
    quents wrote: »
    you liked pearl harbor?



    oo nga.. eew...


  • Bamboo-lokBamboo-lok Member PExer
    eto ang bansa kung saan mas kumikita ng masmalaking pera (at MAS-HINAHANGAAN) ang mga pelikula tulad ng titanic, pearl harbor, scary movie, cute ng ina mo, kesa sa mga masmatitino at di hamak na maskalidad na pelikula tulad ng maximo, kubrador, pan's labyrinth.
  • quentsquents Banned by Admin PExer
    ^ nasa marketing din yan.

    sa states ganyan din. indies dont do as well as hollywood blockbusters.
  • waterwellwaterwell summer time machine blues ✭✭✭
    LOL. nawala na sa topic. hindi ba sukob ang highest grossing film? from what i remember, it was tanging-ina before sukob

    “J and J” Team-Up Smashed RP Box Office; Grosses P54-M and Opens No.1 Nationwide

    Asian Superstars Jet Li (From the movie “Fearless” and “The One”) and
    Jackie Chan (From the movie “Rush Hour” and “New Police Story”) recently
    broke the RP Box Office with almost P54.1-M in the box office for their latest
    team-up in the movie entitled “The Forbidden Kingdom”.

    From April 18-20, “The Forbidden Kingdom” kicked the newly opened movie such as
    “Manay Po 2” and “Superhero Movie” in the Philippines which opened strongly last
    Wednesday, April 16. The success of Jackie Chan and Jet Li team-up also smashed the North American Box Office with estimated gross of $20.9-M and opened at the first spot.

    The tale of a modern American teen hurtled back in time to a kung fu adventure in ancient China, "The Forbidden Kingdom" features Asian superstars Chan and Li in multiple roles and their first big-screen duel.

    "I couldn't believe it had never been done before," said Harvey Weinstein, whose Weinstein Co. released "The Forbidden Kingdom" along with partner Lionsgate.

    As of April 20, SM North EDSA topped the highest grossing theaters in the Philippines
    with almost P3.21-M. Gateway Mall opened at the second spot with P2.53-M, Powerplant at the third spot with P2.27-M, Glorietta opened at the fourth spot with P1.90-M and TriNoma at the fifth spot with P1.80-M.

    Still playing in theaters nationwide, “The Forbidden Kingdom” is distributed by Lionsgate through Viva International.

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