Yugioh GX already ended at season 4

Yes it ended last march 28 at japan,
and currently there's a new yugioh series
entitled yugioh 5D

heres the 2nd to the last episode of yugioh GX

graduation match with YUGI moto part 1

part 2

part 3

EPISODE 180 finale YUGI Vs. jaden
part 1

part 2

part 3


  • animeHQanimeHQ Banned by Admin PExer
    after seeing episode 1 of yu-gi-oh gx i knew i'm gonna love this anime and this is very dead true. for me yu-gi-oh gx is the best season for the yugioh franchise.

    i thought yugi had only a cameo appearance on the pilot episode and i must commend the creatives for the decisive battle between yugi and judai at the end of the season, this is the battle that yugioh fans wanted to see for a very long time. i didn't see it coming though.


    after seeing the first two episodes of the newest franchise yugioh 5d's, i've decided not to watch the series anymore. with all the bikes, it doesn't make any sense. its a bunch of crap!!! :grrr: which means i won't upload it anymore on my blog and will just upload d.gray-man download link.

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  • zer0jehutyzer0jehuty Member PExer
    Well.. i guess dont judge 5D that fast coz in the first place
    it has only 3 episodes.. and it has only 2 subbed episode
    yugiohfans are still working on subs.. so since i understand
    what they are talking i finally appreciate it..

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