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A `Lil Contribution to Our Democracy! ERAP RESIGN Button on your everypost

kumparekumpare Banned by Admin PExer
I would like to make a campaign to all PEXers to please include this button(bellow) everytime they post a new message. As a sign that we are part, and we are voicing out our feelings against this devil called ERAP.

I am disgusted at the Philippine judicial system. The system no longer works. The corrupt have banded together to protect themselves. It seems like they will win. They enjoy kissing the President's ****. I don't care about their reputations, convictions, affiliations, or positions. But they are playing around with the lives of millions of Filipinos, including mine. I do not want to live in a place where the corrupt and the evil thrive.

The President cannot oppress and cheat the people anymore. He says the people who revolt have their place. He says no one is above the law. He may be right, but I know for a fact that we are above him. He is nothing but our servant.

I will take my stand here. I will not take this sitting down. It may not be noticed, people may not care, but at least I'm doing, as far as I'm concerned, the only thing that will reach out to many people.

If you have the same persuasions as mine, I ask you to voice out your beliefs with a simple button on your posts.


http://loc0.ezroot.com/resign/resignbutton.gif <--- here's the URL!

Please feel free...while were still FREE!

God Bless


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