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CALOY LOYZAGA's first choice was to ba a KNIGHT


When will RP produce another Loyzaga?
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By Manolo I?igo

MANILA, Philippines?There is no question that Carlos ?Caloy? Loyzaga is the greatest Filipino basketball player in history, but little else is known about how he started his checkered career.

Loyzaga, who marks his 77th birth anniversary on Wednesday, was born on Aug. 29. 1930 to a family with a penchant for sports in San Jose, Mindoro. There, the Loyzaga boys organized a basketball team, with the tall and gangling Caloy at the helm.

Already showing signs of greatness and towering at 6-foot-3 (a rarity among local players at that time), the young Loyzaga moved from sandlot basketball in Mindoro to the big time in Manila by joining the star-studded Sta. Mesa Aces in 1942.

Among his teammates were Pablo and Vicente Cuna, Ramon Lopez, former chair of the Letran College Sports Hall of Fame; Vicente Ayllon of Insular Life, brothers Bobby and Al Tuason and **** Taylor of radio broadcast fame. Their coach was Jose ?Pepe? Lansang, who also became famous as a topnotch referee.

After finishing his elementary education at the P. Burgos elementary school in Sta. Mesa and high school at the National University in 1948, Loyzaga wanted to enroll at Letran, but he backed out at the last minute when the coach gave him a cold shoulder. He was about to enroll at the University of Santo Thomas but this did not materialize when former Olympian Fely Fajardo, then the San Beda College coach, spotted Loyzaga and took him to Mendiola where he polished his style.

Tsk tsk sayang si Carlos. Malakas kase sa discrimination ang Letran noon. Imagine Caloy's initiative brought his feet on the Letran's Ground to be a KNIGHT tapos binale-wala lang ng ganun ? Hindi siya hinikayat ng kahit sino to play for the KNIGHTS.

Well....Nagsilbing aral na sa KNIGHTS yan. Natuto na ang LETRAN kaya naman marunong na siya tumingin ng may potential or wala.


source: http://blogs.inquirer.net/sportsaficionado/2007/08/30/when-will-rp-produce-another-loyzaga/


  • ok lang yun. We produced a lot of basketball stars already. Bigay mo na sa beda yan.
  • ^ You're right,

    LAURO "The FOX" MUMAR, a contemporary of CALOY "The Great difference" LOYZAGA in that era could very well equal if not surpass him in terms of skills and greatness.

    Another one is AVELINO LIM Jr. or simply "Samboy" to us could be ranked in that category too. Having played the Philippine colors in many international stints in the mid-80's he wowed the opposition with his daredevil moves.

    In one rare instance where we triumphed over an American Team in the Jones Cup, their coach was seen shaking his head in disgust whenever the "Skywalker" continued to score even against much taller and hefter defenders, Balian ba naman sila ng harap-harapan sa ere, kahilt wala na sa porma nakaka-shoot pa rin.!

    And many more Letran stars are now stutting their wares in the professional leaguei.

    On the Topic...Ano nga kaya kung sa Letran siya nakapag-laro!?>!
  • ^oo nga no? kung si loyzaga ay naging knight.
  • onthebluecorneronthebluecorner PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^Malaki ang nabago sa kasaysayan.
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