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Restaurant with the best view [Merged]



  • FUCHSIAFUCHSIA PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    A romantic dinner in seven suites siguro mga P1,150. APat kasi kami kumain, menu is potato soup, salad, steak, rice, buttered veggies, chocolate cake and iced tea. we spent P2,300 including the service charge na. see www.sevensuites.net for the prices. They have a romantic dinner promo na may rose petals pa at music, mga P4,500 ata!

    the astronomer is for free. nahiya lang me kasi solo namin siya tapos yung anak ko daming tanong (totoo ba ang UFO? bakit di kita ngayon ang venus? etc atbp), kaya nag tip kami ng P100.

    they have a free meteor shower viewing on april 22 and 23 at 8pm. contact nos are 4906407
  • Wow. Mukhang ok sa sevensuites ah, kaso malayo sa amin. Paranaque kasi kami. For those interested sa Pan Pacific, you may check their website at http://www.panpacific.com/Manila/Overview.html. You can email them for inquiries.
  • Here's another hotel that has a great view of the manila bay: Diamond Hotel ( www.diamondhotel.com )

  • danda naman... more pict pa sana dun sa ibang best resto venue..
  • rationalrational PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    FUCHSIA wrote: »
    Seven Suites Hotel and Observatory is in Antipolo, sumulong highway. It is at the back of the Old spaghetti House. You can take marcos highway then take a right sa may masinag market on to sumulong highway. Para makaset up sila ng place sa roofdeck, you can call or text beatrice 09288210085. she can email you the address and also the menu. We had dinner there last saturday evening. 4 lang kami sa buong roofdeck. very private and romantic. after dinner we asked for the in house astronomer. he showed us the moon - super close up ha. then mars and then would you believe saturn with the ring and one moon! : )

    Thanks, FUCHSIA! Layo nga lang sa amin... Has to be very special occasion if we go.
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