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A New Rizal Lib?

Somewhere in the super gulo pages of the sesqui website I read that a library building is being planned for future construction (within 2 years) does anyone have news on this? Is this a new lib annex, or maybe a computer center? Anyone?:confused:


  • Yup, they're building a new lib. My Philo prof (Lagliva) told us a few months ago that the new lib will be 8 floors, and will serve as the new "landmark" building for Ateneo.
  • mikio-kunmikio-kun PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hwat!?!?!? 8 floors!?!?!?! How come we're never told of these seemingly large scale developments! The Guidon should report on these things... when are they staring the project? where will they put it? are the tearing down ye Olde Rizal Lib??
  • tell me the ground-breaking day.

    i'll come. di naman siguro aabot ng 300 ang library fee
  • 8 floors? Kakayanin ba ng lupa ng Loyola yan? Besides, if that will pursue, mas mataas na yan sa Gesu.
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