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What do you think of the Rush Hour radio program?

:cool: What do you think of the RUSH HOUR radio program? I think it's the best! sweet.gif I invite everyone to join our mailing list. just go this website: rushers.listbot.com or e-mail me: [email protected]

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  • PingPing PExer
  • Ralp Waldo??? Ikaw ba yong Ralph Waldo na member ng RX Mailing list!
    Morning Trio pa rin ako!

    RX rules!
  • Road DoggRoad Dogg PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Oo! Mas gusto ko iyung Morning Rush w/ Boom Gonzales, Trish and Fran kaysa sa Rush Hour with Chico and Delamar.

    It's push, push, push all the way all the time!!!
  • I listen to rush hour around half the time on my way to work every morning. They're okay and they amuse me.

    However, I sometimes can't help but think and ant to say 'get a life' to some of those rushers. It's like their world revolves around that show
    Well what can I say? To each his own, I guess.

    PING, paano mo naman nasabing mapagmataas si Delamar? Nakausap mo na ba siya in person? :confused:

    Sa mga RX listeners, it's okay. Masasabi ko lang, for me, Chico and Delamar got more SUBSTANCE.

    And one more thing, Rushers DO have a life. But we certainly have more FUN. And that is called LIVING our lives to the fullest. angel.gif

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  • Chico and Delamar called me before for the Wake Up Message when they were still with RX... I used to listen to them all the time while driving. But honestly I haven't heard them on KCFM yet...
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ok naman sila....funny minsan, TH minsan....
  • If I'm not mistaken, Ralph Waldo, your response just about sums up my point ;)
  • They should retire! Or they should both go back to highschool at doon sila magpacute! Ang kapal ng mga mukha, nagrecording pa at pakanta-kanta pa sa tv. Kaya nga Radio Djs sila diba? Nakakawala ng respeto yung mga ganun! Okey na sana yung kaartehan at pa-cute nila sa radio, but enough on tv. Hindi naman sila cute!!! Nakakainis!!!

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  • hey ralph waldo! i'm a silent rusher.
    i love chico and delamar. they cheer me up.
  • to each his own lang yan. if you like the morning rush with the trio, suit yourself. if you life the rush hour, suit yourself also. the world of FM is big enough for all of them. kanya-kanyang taste lang.
  • PingPing PExer
    RALPH: Yes! I certainly know DELAMAR personally. Sobrang mayabang! Well, on the radio she may seem to be sweet pero off air, you can see her true colors. Been with her several times together with her and with my friends. Sorry Ralph but I guess you still don't know much of her huh?!?!?! I LIKE THE MORNING TRIO.....RX IS STILL THE BEST!!!!!
  • artart PExer
    i'm also a silent rusher... i listen to them every morning when i'm preparing myself to work... i kindda enjoy listening to them, but i never really participated in any of their contests or go to their parties or anything...
  • Be civil.
  • Mister Dean: I'll do my best...

    This morning, C&D played a cut off their new album. It was called "Friends for Life". I have to say that that was absolutely ____ing terrible. It really destroyed my morning. I thought they were playing it for their "Out of Nowhere" portion and I thought, where the hell did they dig up this swill? Then I realized it was both of them singing.
  • I don't think that anyone has better right to answer that than Mr. Garcia himself. I personally wish to end the discussion of his sexuality right here, because nothing good will come out of assumption and the only thing that will come out soiled will be his reputation.

    In light of the whole Chico-Del thing, though, I listened to them fairly regularly back in college. I didn't transfer with them to KC because I had my own show back then. Nowadays, I don't even get to listen to the radio.
  • I have to admit that I have been a rusher since 1997, changing stations in 1999 when chix and del moved to KC from RX. I love their company in the morning, actually iyong show lang ang pinakikinggan ko sa KC, after 9 am, i'd switch to JOeyFM (mas pop-jazz kasi ako eh). They have great rapport and they never fail to put a smile on my face.

    With regards to their song and their singing career, hard as it may seem, I have to admit that they are really not the best of singers. Talk albums are kinda new in the Philippines, maybe that's the reason why they have to put some songs it it to make it more saleable (who would want to buy an album where it is all 100% talk right?) But I would if they would decide to. Chico really has no singing voice, although he can carry a tune. Delamar sings better but it's really not her forte.

    I love those two. Been very much of a follower, although been silent all through out (meaning silent rusher ako).

    They have a great show in the morning. The RX trio just had to carry on what they left. The Top 10 really is very hot and out of nowhere and like a version is very cool, although I'm not too crazy on the Dear Chix and Del thing (medyo baduy). I hated it when their show was shortened to 3 hours, that mean less time for lazy and funny talk. I listen to their show not because of the music but of their comic and witty talk. Hope it get's extended again to 4 hours.

    Admit it, Chico and Delamar revolutionized morning fm radio, before all we hear from the fm bands are just music (leave the talk to the am bands), but they changed all that. They even made their profession (as radio personalities) more exciting and more professionally-viable.

    Anyway, keep up the great work you two. The Rushers are always behind you supporting you all the way.


    Ralph, got work na? Dehins na nagreply si Mitch no?
  • ok lang si chico and delamar.. kaya lang iniisip ko parin bakit kaya sila lumipat sa wkc? since then iba na rin ang name tag ng wkc.. KCFM na... one BIG question: bading ba si CHICO?
  • joeyboy76: well said

    angel_c: good question!
  • Originally posted by angel_c:
    ok lang si chico and delamar.. kaya lang iniisip ko parin bakit kaya sila lumipat sa wkc? since then iba na rin ang name tag ng wkc.. KCFM na... one BIG question: bading ba si CHICO?

    concurrent with their transfer was the reformatting of KCFM, tapos na ang panahon ni Super Mitch with Iiiittss. Joke time! and the other kabaduyans before there (nuong high school KC listener ako (around 1990-92) pero nagsawa ako at nabaduyan). They got prime time at the station, and I bet a better and bigger compensation. Well, everybody wants that right?

    Now with regards to Mr. Garcia's sexuality, i don't think it's right to talk about it, nor anybody else's kung di nila pinahihintulutan iyon.

    Try listening to their new album, "Come rain, come shine." Very funny talkies, its like you'd want to listen and listen to them again and again and tatawa ka pa rin, parang dun sa talk about love album, "I'm a shrimp!" Hehehehe...

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