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Dilemma on shifting courses

Recently, I've already confirmed my slot in ADMU. My course is BS Mgt and I am planning to change my course to BS comtech. I'm having dilemmas because I've already asked a lot of people for infos about comtech and intially, they're first impressions on this course is that "pangit yang course, or mababa tingin sa mga comtech". I'm wondering why is this so, maybe given the fact that it's a new course(1999)? or whatever reason it may be? Please enlighten me. Thanks. :)


  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    You don't need to decide now. Comtech and Mgt curricula have many subjects in common. Enroll in your admitted course and get more information during your first year (or even two years).
  • Management and Comtech (As well as management honors and legal management) have the exact same curriculum in 1st year. so you can decide to shift after 1st year and be right on track.
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